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  1. Hello Vaal !! I downloaded the new version 1.2.5 of the statistics I copied the files and the fix I installed the new version. But in the mission of the assignment last victory was not allocated, despite the global points indicate that the Allies won. There's more to analyze? I am attaching the mission log. I thank you for the help you want to give me. MissionLog_2016.11.24.zip
  2. Hello Vaal ! I will use the default criteria. I send you attached the log files of the mission. Thx for help Mission11172016.zip
  3. Vaal, in fact I have not set the triggers, but despite this a mission: victory is not assigned to the points. Thanks for any response.
  4. Vaal, thanks for the reply. The question that I have done to you arises from the need that the system checks the victory points, regardless of whether I enter the target counters inside the mission. If I do not enter these counters, but only objects to be destroyed without being connected to the meter, the system records the various points made by both factions, but does not assign to them the victory. Take to get this only happens if both sides do not finish the required tasks to victory. Then assign the victory to the faction with the most points. You can review the system, so I when editing the mission can do without the counters, so as to assign the victory only to those who have the most points? Thanks for any response.
  5. Hello Vaal. thank's for your job. In the control panel, the stats, I noticed that, going into the Tour section and selecting a specific tour and giving the victory to a specific faction and click on save, this change is not saved and then in the statistics not the assignment of victory appears . How do you correct?
  6. I ask for help !! My BRD 4000 Digital Flight is not recognized by Win 10 64 Bit, what can I do? Thx!!
  7. Hello Adler , Hello Sahaj, interesting project, surely we of the Italian community will participate. cheers!! alias CAM_Voss
  8. Greetings to all pilots !! As per the agreements reached by the heads of the two factions, the setting for the death penality and respawn were inserted 180 seconds. Caution!! The penalty for those who change faction is the entire mission. Always with the agreements reached, the mission was extended by 15 minutes until you can choose your own plane, so that the server is stable. The GO will be given by those responsible of the Red and Blu. Good hunting !!
  9. Hello Martefi, then with regard to the penalty of death and respawn are these. The big disadvantage is only in case of death of the pilot. To respawn we set to 10 seconds penaltyTimeout=300 // Death Penalty Timeout size, in seconds respawnTimeout=10 // Timeout between Player's spawns, in seconds Voss
  10. Ottimo!! La differenza si nota subito...
  11. Questa discussione, viene chiusa in base alle regole del forum.
  12. Hello, how many thousands of dollars is the cost of the license?
  13. Ciao Popale, vieni in TS CAM, questa sera così voli con noi, oggi il collegamento in multy è migliorato, ma molto dipende dalla quantità di clients in volo. Ciao!!
  14. Scarica nuovamente l'installer e installalo, poi lancia l'eseguibile "launcher.exe" e fai l'aggiornamento.
  15. E' gia stato ripetuto innumerevoli volte, l'accesso anticipato si ha solo nei fine settimana.
  16. Fino a quando i termini di discussione rimangono con un senso di critica costruttiva, lasceremo il topic aperto.
  17. Ciao ragazzi, i trim per adesso non funzionano saranno implementati per febbraio, sul 109 invece funziona perchè il trim in pitch è lo "stabilizer". Ciao!! Voss
  18. Do il benvenuto all'AMVI, nel forum Ufficiale Italiano di BOS. Voss
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