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  1. Thank you for the info! I just updated my ram speed from 2400 to 2633 MHz in the BIOS and it seems to be doing fine. I think I’m just going to leave at that for awhile. Every little bit helps!
  2. This is a helpful thread for me because I have almost the same exact PC specs: i7 6700k @4.6ghz and 16GB DDR4 at 2400mhz, with a GTX1080. I’m also considering getting some faster ram. @EAF_Ribbon- Let us know how much improvement you see once you get your new ram up and running. Thanks!
  3. I’ve been messing with this a bit too, trying to figure it out. I could be wrong with all of this, but I think your second screenshot ‘application resolution’ is a general setting applied to every VR app based on your video card. It will run all your apps at this resolution unless you override it in the individual app section. If you set this to auto for example, yours would run every program at 200% resolution/SS because you have a 1080ti. Mine is at 182% with a GTX 1080. So far, I’ve left mine on auto, because you can adjust each application individually (your top screenshot). If your application resolution was on auto (200%) and you left the IL-2 app on 100% it would run IL-2 at 200%.
  4. I was using the DeepCool Captain 240EX and the pump just went out recently, after only one year. I bought the MasterLiquid Pro 240 to replace it and I’m having a lot better results, lower temps during idle and load. This is with an i7-6700k in a mini-itx case btw. I’ve never used air cooling in this rig. Hopefully this helps!
  5. I just reinstalled too. I’ve only had a few minutes to test it so far, but it does seem better to me. Thank you! No more shimmering clouds at 150km draw distance.
  6. I’ve been messing around with this for a couple of hours today and it looks to me like the cloud shimmering is affected the most by the draw distance. I found that at least in VR the clouds look best when draw distance is set to the lowest level of 40. With every step up towards 150 the shimmering seems to get worse. So far, I’ve been pretty happy with the draw distance at 40 and cloud quality high. Has anyone else found this to be the case?
  7. I was worried about the keyboard controls too, but now I use the free Joy2Key program and that helps tremendously. The key mapping in the game lets certain buttons be strung together, for example, R Ctrl+Up/down on your hat switch= Radiator open/closed. I think it works this way with the shift ctrl, and alt keys, and there may be more. I have it setup so that each of my joystick buttons is aasigned to those keys. Button 1= R shift, button 2= L Shift etc. It might sound complicated, but I was able to get it working pretty quickly. Use up/down, left/right arrows on the hat switch for more options. I have the MS force feedback 2 joystick that doesn’t have many buttons and I’ve got everything I need using this method. I also downloaded the Voice Attack app which works great for your radio commands and keys that are only used rarely.
  8. My mb is ASUS ROG Maximus Impact VIII. I’m not familiar with your motherboard, but is there some way to force turbo speed, 4.2? Even 4.2ghz on that cpu was a huge difference for me.
  9. @4.0Ghz, my CPU score was 11590 and single threaded was 2312. @4.2Ghz, my CPU score was 11856 and single threaded was 2460. I didn't run the test at 4.6Ghz.
  10. So, I've fiddled around with different CPU speeds and I'm back to report my results. Again, my rig is i7 6700k, 16GB DDR4 2400mhz, GeForce 1080. Frames: 3199 - Time: 60000ms - Avg: 53.317 - Min: 43 - Max: 91 @4.0 Ghz Frames: 4097 - Time: 60000ms - Avg: 68.283 - Min: 44 - Max: 91 @4.2 Ghz Frames: 4533 - Time: 60000ms - Avg: 75.550 - Min: 45 - Max: 91 @4.6 Ghz It had been mentioned earlier that the first small overclock can make the biggest difference and I would absolutely agree based on my results! I may keep playing with it, but for now, I left it at 4.2 Ghz. My temperatures were just a little too high during one of the stress tests for me to be comfortable at 4.6. Thanks again for all the great information. I'm loving this game in VR!
  11. I have an i7 6700k (stock speed), 16GB DDR4 2400mhz, and a GeForce 1080. I thought 53 FPS average was low too. I think I need to OC my cpu... Also, putting the settings on ultra (maxed out) running the test I get an average of 45FPS which seems ok but I’m not sure my stomach can handle it!
  12. I just got the Rift last week and this thread has been very helpful! I’ve run the test at the specified settings and have gotten around 53fps average- not quite what I was hoping for, but it seems very smooth with no stutters or noticeable drops. What is the general consensus for a playable frame rate in VR? Is an average frame rate in the 50’s problematic? I have ASW off, I really don’t like the way ASW looks in this game so I want to avoid using it.
  13. Can somebody give me tips for completing mission 3: Self Assurance? I've flown it multiple times and cannot seem to find "the spotter" Is this a special recon plane I should be looking for? There is a red marking on the tactical map for the spotter, but I can't actually find anything, except of course all the BF-109's that show up and shoot down my wingman, and ultimately, me. It's usually about 5v2 with us outnumbered.
  14. A few months ago I was looking and was also having a hard time deciding. The other options may work well but in the end I went with TrackIR and the hat clip. I got a great deal on a TrackIR 4 and couldn't be happier. The other thing is that there are some TrackIR profiles on this forum that work really well. It's great to have it dialed in for this particular game.
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