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  1. If anyone has any good videos and pictures from the campaign please post them up!


    I would love to see some kinda of ATC plugin/app for the game, having someone in a commanding role deploying pilots and giving them objectives, being able to see what your team is doing etc. I understand its very easy to be ghosted by the other side though. 

  2. PLEASE all on Red. Type in team chat when you are attacking objs or big flights, it makes the gameplay amazing going in 15 man flights! 


    Not everyone is on the Ts or some small discord, Just type in chat at the least to improve the teamwork.


    TAW has had some real highlights in the gameplay for me, Red flight and friends missions in big wings!!! Just need the rest of the team to keep it up and call out objectives, so we can group up more! it improves the game so much.

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  3. What are peoples thoughts on AA strength? Finding coming in as a flight of 2-3 aircraft, the first plane in will die _Every_ Time on a defense or front line unit. Making ground attacks very frustrating unless you are in a 5+ ground every time. Its always a hit at wing root from AAA in the first pass on lead aircraft when evading. 


    Thoughts? seems to me if it was less predictable it would be better. 

  4. Sorry is this is the wrong place to post, but Its not a bug. 


    Just asking as this is more a gameplay problem. For example on higher level bombing, you cannot see buildings like large hangers until you are final approach and usually quite hard to make corrections to adjust your run as the buildings draw in. I understand especially for small crates/boxes you dont want to be drawing a ton of small objects far out, but the big ones really should be visible from this distance. 





    What I am asking is if we can get the final LOD to draw 1-2k further out? Even a proxy lod of just a box. I understand its extra draws, but it cant be that expensive with very low cost material as you wont be able to see any detail of it at that distance. 



    Cheers! Love the game!

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  5. Enjoying this campaign so far!


    Could anyone enlighten me on some of the mechanics I dont quite understand yet?


    Supplies - On the ingame mission briefing, is 0% full or empty for a airfield's supplies? I only ask as most of the rear ones had 10-15% supplies while some of the damaged front line ones had ~80%.  Does this mean they have 80% of supplies left, or they have used 80% of supplies? 


    Paratroopers - Not seeing any paratrooper Pe2 variants on VVS?


    Objective hit points - Things like train cars I am finding VERY tough to hurt with cannons, has the HP on small vehicles/statics been doubled?