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  1. I like the idea of having to reveal exact location of objectives similar to the supply convoy mechanic. Some more 'side' objectives with small bonuses would be quite welcome. Photo recon objectives, temporary small unit cluster spawns randomly along the frontline. Stuff like this would help to use more of the map, rather than the same static objectives we have done over and over. Maybe give cities defences/objects? always seems a bit strange them being part of the global map but not really ingame.
  2. I think Red will take this one, its a very noticeable difference in the commitment of ground attackers on Red playing the objectives rather than concentrating on interception.
  3. Hopefully when we finally get marshal mode, Taw will really come into a new light. Having a commander place the forward observer unit spawns, directing airgroups, maybe choosing which airfield tanks attack will be huge.
  4. Please keep TAW shut, I have never been so productive!
  5. Possible bug with Kuban logic? Anapa defences up from no attack and Temruk not spawning/being attacked?
  6. I know there seems not much we can do about it, and probably all the tryhards are doing it forever, joining the otherside, reporting all their spawns in all chat is pretty poor sportsmanship. If you are going to ghost at least select the right chat... Might be worth a instant kick with no timer for selecting a side you dont have an account on? idk not much to be done about ghosting I guess.
  7. I still think a -/+ 50 on each signup will be the best for balance (cant join a side with +50 more registrations). We get like + 200 more registrations for blue per red every time early on. Its really about a fair split of the big clans. We are stuck with the 'never red' JG whatever guys, so the rest of us have to accommodate, even if we _want_ to switch sides each campaign. I would urge the JG X guys to think about everyone else, you are not in the Luftwaffe, you are playing a game.Your oberleutnant is just some guy. You will not instantly combust the second you select a red plane.
  8. Website Cities display is broken after restart.
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