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  1. Would very much like to see a new Boden campaign for Taw even if it takes a longer time to setup.
  2. Anyone else feel killing of tanks as a victory condition should come back? Those maps tend to drag on forever and ending in a draw, even if one team kills a lot more tanks first is quite unsatisfactory imo.
  3. GG for the campaign, think last map should be a walk for Blue, red havent been able to match numbers it seems.
  4. And now when Axis tanks run out its another draw?
  5. God damn this map is going to be close, well fought so far by both sides!!
  6. Im on no clothes strike until TAW starts again. Join me brothers.
  7. Would this new campaign be intended to just be mostly fighter vs fighter action? Feel like having both teams actually have to balance ground attack and interception is one of the things that makes TAW so dynamic. Just having one team trying to intercept you in fighters all the time feels like a axis wet dream and very boring for the other side.
  8. Hey fellas, I was wondering if this was going that was going to be on the table at any point? I understand the viewpoint of wanting aircraft to be be dlc. I was just wondering if mod support in this fashion is ever going to be on the cards? Cheers.
  9. Would love this! I would totally grab Flying circus for this too!
  10. At least to start with, I think this is the best idea.
  11. Thank you for another great campaign. If we go again before boddenplatte is out I only have one request. Please consider a mechanic for the U2vs aircraft. Currently it has no place expect for the lolz. Photo recon sites for some bonus or simulating dropping a spy/sapper to mimic paratroop mechanic would be awesome! Thank you to the people running TAW keeping it going
  12. '' for instance, it allows bomber pilots to spot their targets significantly sooner.'' YES!
  13. Bugged mission, https://taw.stg2.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=68223&name=[GCA]T1m270 I came back and landed at active base, Karpovka, landed fine 0 damage. Yet im ditched, and counted as shot down??? wat.
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