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  1. For next campaign. Would it be a possibility to give the U2vs the photo recon mechanic from rise of flight? Or sapper insertion as someone else suggest? Really want to fly the badboy, but its not really viable in anyway at the moment.
  2. Would TAW admin(s) consider a second Flying Circus campaign server when it is more complete? If the numbers were there of course.
  3. Do you think we will ever get tank spawns incorporated into the campaign? With the advent of tank crew, some combined arms in TAW could really take the server to the next level in my opinion, especially for co-coordinating for assaulting defenses etc.
  4. Yeah, TAW really set the bar for il2 mp for me at least, I feel little incentive to play at all between campaigns now.
  5. Is there a paradrop equivalent for Red with U2vs? There was mention of the U2's usage before this campaign started. Cant wait to fly red again next campaign though, this one has been pretty boring being on blue.
  6. LW only having paratroops feels pretty unbalanced too. Pe2 with para functionality, even if its not visual would be nice. Does the u2 have a mechanic now also??
  7. https://taw.stg2.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=54555&name=[GCA]T1m270 Somehow a bugged flight. Flew Anap>Gele paradrop, landed back at Anapa and ended flight. Coming up on website as ejected and crashed?? very strange.
  8. Few screens from dropping paratoops last night.
  9. Is the b-25 being modeled to the same fidelity as play controlled planes? Is there any chance in the future of a cockpit being added for it down the road? Seems like it would be a useful one to have in the kitty for the pacific too
  10. If anyone has any good videos and pictures from the campaign please post them up! I would love to see some kinda of ATC plugin/app for the game, having someone in a commanding role deploying pilots and giving them objectives, being able to see what your team is doing etc. I understand its very easy to be ghosted by the other side though.
  11. I liked the current setup, it was nice to be able to use the entire planeset of the game, while keeping a decent balance even if not absolutely accurate.
  12. What happens if Red win this round, does the campaign end in a draw, or is their a 9th tie-breaker map?
  13. Hey fellas, Quick suggestion mock up here. Sometimes I miss important information for team-mates while checking dials/map, it would be nice to be able to scroll through chat history to see missed messages. Cheers!
  14. Very fun flight from a night this week, think it got up to 15 pe2's with ~5 fighter escort.
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