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  1. Any word on the situation with bombs? Going to be a bit of a boner kill if its the same situation with larger size bombs doing little damage again.
  2. ive been cooming SOLID from the last taw and im all out of juice!!! OPEN GONDOR UP
  3. Any thoughts on integrating into taw?
  4. The ships are there, but for only a select few missions, acting as a resupply convoy.
  5. Yep big thankyou to the admins for keeping the ship running!
  6. Thanks all for a good campaign overall! I think the team balance was almost as good as we have got so far, with maybe just 1 of the higher scoring clans on blue, it would have been peak balance. Well played to all Red for the brilliant comms and teamwork. Well played to all Blue for the excellent big Airfield raids, very impressive to see ~20 planes coming in! Looking forward to the next one! You know we will start getting annoying and asking 😄 another EF or another Boden next? Cheers!
  7. My first death of this campaign was being chute killed by someone with a JG name. Since then I have felt no remorse unless we had a very fun 1v1.
  8. #odpalajkampanię I KURWA If we are going to roll another EF campaign, would again love to see something unique for U2, other than transport to make that plane a useful part of the campaign.
  9. The organisation was not there to have 2 or more planers cover back airfields constantly. I think enough people experienced getting blown up as soon as you go wheels up to not find it fun and are waiting for next campaign on red. Early spit and moving 47 to attacker making the climb to the tempest faster might have helped the balance quite a lot in the second round. I doubt even patrolling back base 24/7 would have been enough as we had a few where that was the case the last time I flew, yet airfield bounces continued. Could also think about working a % fuel into the supply mechanic, give the 262 airfield(s) a smaller fuel supply to effectively ground more and make it more a tactical decision when to fly it. Give the AF big fuel wave with the depot resupply etc. Might get a bit closer to balance and realism, as opposed to the inverse now where 262's are effectively grounding most of the allied air force with complete fuel supply. Was a fun campaign anyhow. Good flying all.
  10. Throw in 2 maps of Flying Circus first for good measure for the full Il2 content round-trip
  11. That was also going to be my question, should be interesting if the majority of the Axis team is flying 262' during the round..
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