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  1. No, pushing the locked key again doesn't unlock the turn. I had already tried that. But I have found a work around. I've reassigned turn left from KBLEFT to RCTR + KBLEFT. Now turning left doesn't lock up. As to why this works I haven't a clue. I'm just happy I can finally drive normally.
  2. Just getting started in tanks and I’ve encountered a steering problem I need help sorting out. I use the cursor keys for accelerate, brake and turning. Driving forward, backwards and turning right work fine. But if I turn left, the tank sticks in the left turn and keeps turning left until I reboot. Same thing happens with either direct keyboard press or with the left cursor key assigned to a button on my controller. Any thoughts or suggestions? I’m stumped. SOLVED: Turns out there was a TrackIR 5 hotkey assigned to the "left cursor" key. Not a hotkey I set up or used. Since I have been using the same TrackIR profile for RoF and IL2 for years, I never consider the possibility of a TrackIR hotkey conflict. Turned the hotkey off and all is well. Guess Tank Crew was the first time I used the left cursor alone in IL2 so encountered the problem. Fortunately, I figured it out when I was using TrackIR in another game that I usually play in VR. I use the left cursor a lot in that title and when it suddenly started having the same issue I was finally able to isolated problem.
  3. Thanks for hosting J5. Had a great time. See you in the sky over Flanders! S!
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