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  1. Hello guys I don't know why but everytime I get in to the game all the key mapping saved are lost, I'm using a thrustmaster warthog. The keys are there but when I get in to the plane all is lost, help please.
  2. Hello guys, every time that I play after some minutes the game freeze and I have to reboot the system, the problem is the kernel power error, I have all my drivers update but the issue still there, someone else has this problem, please help I have and assus mother board, AMD FX9, NVIDIA 970 and 16 gb RAM
  3. Hello, I wonder why I don't have all my items unlocks in BOM, I bough the game premium but after the launch of the new map I don't have my items unlocks anymore
  4. there is no alternative way to download this patch?, I can't download this patch using the launcher
  5. I can't download this patch, always stop the download at the half, I have to close the launcher and the download start again from the begin
  6. Lol, that huge ruler is the fuel gauge, I will never know
  7. Please can somebody tell me where is the fuel instrument gauge of the macchi 202?, I was looking for hours and I can find it
  8. Hello guys I was wonder if someone else have this same issue, I attached you and image of the error. This error show up in my display all the time I play Il2 specially when I close the game but also when the game crash. Part of the error message is in spanish but I guess is easy to understand for someone who know about the issue
  9. Thanks you Sir, another question, to unlocks the skins and the other stuff is only playing the campaign ?
  10. Ok guys this is my question, I bough the standard version of the game (no steam store) and I want now the full premium version, what do I need to do?
  11. Thanks guys for your help, where do I need to ask fo a DServer? and who are devs?...sorry for asking many questions and very noob with this game
  12. I mean for both, player and AI and how to download my mission to a multiplayer game to fly with a friend Also please if do you have some youtube links to learn to use the mission editor for combat role
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