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  1. Hello. Lovable, thanks a lot! The stencils are made from a serif face font, but the originals were sans serif as far as I know. I will redo the layer and then post it here for your consideration/update. Have fun!
  2. Hello. Lovely skin. I've noticed the stencils are written in sarif face font. Shouldn't they be.. stencils.. like the ones attached? Have a lovely day!
  3. Nobody questioned the graph, because everybody knew it's not reliable due to the way it was created (Tacview, 50% fuel, etc.). Stop accusing everyone of being biassed.
  4. Same here. Spent a few hours trying to figure out the issue. DF missions works fine in this regard. Same here. :)
  5. Any chance to get an official answer, please? Nevermind, it has been fixed and it is possible to buy the Spitfire without owning the BoK.
  6. I appreciate you are trying to help, but you are confused.
  7. It actually has been released as a collectors plane today.
  8. I can't fly (nor buy) the Spitfire if I only have the Early access IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad (Premium Edition)?
  9. Stretching the spring is actually going to make things worse. It is the spring (red), that is pushing the actual electronic button (gray), not the plastic button (blue). So if you stretch the spring, it will still be blocked by the plastic button from the right (as it can't go any further right due to it resting on its rim) and since the spring is longer now, the only way it can extend/push is to the left, where the electronic button is. That results in the electronic button being pressed permanently. Been there, done that. I personally hate the trigger, it's extremely light. I'm going to try to replace the electronic button with something stiffer (like the shift button).
  10. I suggest to make it possible to add prefixes and suffixes to a name.
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