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  1. That's a hard question to answer because it depends on what you look for in a new aircraft. The Hurricane will give you the most value for money as it will come with lots of weapon options and should be usable with BoM and BoS campaigns. On the downside its performance will be sub par compared to the other fighters in game and a lot of what it can do can also be done by other aircraft. I pre-ordered it for its historical significance, skinning opportunities and for the lols of using 12x.303 machine guns. I pre-ordered the Yak-9 as I enjoy flying the Yaks, good performance and handling. I didn't get the 9T though as I find large caliber cannons on fighters to be more annoying than fun (mainly due to the limited ammo count), one needs to be Scharfi levels of good to make them really viable.
  2. For what it's worth I too would like some more options for the MkIX to make it more representative of what was common over Normandy.
  3. One skin for Squadron Leader Colin Gray of 616 Squadron. http://www.axis-and-allies-paintworks.com/download.php?view.1114
  4. I agree in regards to the head gear and the Mae West, but the thing is it looks like a black leather jacket in-game and not the blue serge battledress you're showing. From what's visible the cut could be that of the battledress tunic but if it is they need to make it a bit more blue and less shiny.
  5. I'm just going from memory but years ago I saw a photo (online) of a Mustang being loaded up with RPs and iirc the blurb stated it was an Australian squadron in Italy so I guess it was 3 Squadron? I've spent the morning looking for it but can't find it, sorry.
  6. If you mean the Spit in the pic I linked, that's the IXe. So it definitely is a British pilot? I ask as it looks like an American jacket that he's wearing.
  7. Thanks for the DD, I'm looking forward to having pilot models of different nationalities in some aircraft. 👍 Speaking of which, in this pic that was posted it looks like a US pilot in the IXe but they never used the IXe... but they did use the Vb in the ETO so perhaps the US pilot could be added to that one?
  8. Great to see some sci-fi fans around here. Never really cared for Star Trek but enjoy plenty of others, am working my way through Star Gate SG-1 yet again and I also enjoyed Babylon 5 and Farscape. Devs is seems interesting and several years ago there was an excellent two season spy thriller called Counterpart that I really enjoyed (it's sci-fi-ish but set in the present day). I do like the occasional murder-mystery with a taste of Scandi-noir with shows like: The Bridge/Broen (Danish/Swedish) Midnight Sun (French/Swedish, but mostly in English language) Unforgotten (UK) Shetland (UK)
  9. Oh dear. When a film claims it's "inspired by actual events" one just knows it's likely to be bollocks. East pickings now we've had Nazi zombies in Norway https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1278340/
  10. I agree, and I'll go one step further and say that the Spits don't really sound like Merlins (externally that is, the cockpit sounds are fine)... same goes for the Allisons as well.
  11. I had a quick look around at the pilot's notes for most of the Spitfires (including post war models e.g. F.24) but couldn't find any reference of ammo counters being fitted. I checked Quill's autobio and he claims he pushed for them to be included but they never were, he didn't give a reason why. I'm wondering what sort of aircraft the Brits were expecting to have up to 300 rounds of 20mm per gun?! Even Beaufighters and Mossies weren't carrying that much were they?
  12. I considered it but then decided against adding it to the request. Apart from the engine there were a lot of detail differences between a '42 MkIX and the late '44 type we have in-game, so many I that think an early MkIX would have to be it's own separate aircraft... maybe that would make a good request in its own right.
  13. Hi all, Since the announcement of BoN two suggestions have occasionaly popped up in various threads which I thought I'd formalize with this thread, namely the modification options to have the 'c' wing armament and small rudder on the Spitfire IX. The C Wing In the lead up to D-Day the majority of Spitfire IXs had the standard 'c' wing armament of 2x20mm Hispano MkII cannon (120rpg) and 4x.303 Browning machine guns (350rpg). According to the book '2nd Tactical Air Force vol.4' by Shores & Thomas only 135 Wing (84 Group) was equipped with the 'e' wing armament we currently have in-game during D-Day, with the rest of 84 Group converting later on in June and July. The same book also states that 125 Wing (83 Group) converted to the 'e' wing in mid-June but the rest of the Group would not "for some time". I do not know what the story was for Spitfires within the ADGB. As an aside, it might pay to consider having the 'e' wing armament as an option for the upcoming Spitfire XIV as they were in service by the time they joined the 2nd TAF in Europe later in '44. The 'c' wing armament was lighter than that of the 'e' wing but was spread out further along the wing. The following weights are from the book 'Spitfire: The History' by Morgan and Shacklady, with the weight of the guns including "accessories". 2x20mm Hispano MkII cannon = 297.5lb 20mm ammo (120rpg) = 150lb 2x.50cal machine gun = 162.5lb .50cal ammo (250rpg) = 150lb 4x.303 machine gun = 112.5lb .303 ammo (350rpg) = 93lb Use of the 'c' wing in-game would require some changes to appearance of the wings. I won't claim to know the first thing about how to model an aircraft for this sim but I feel, for what that's worth, that it is do-able (or at least I hope so ) as the cannon and .50cal fairings and barrels are modeled separately from the wings so could be moved without buggering the modeling of the wings. - The cannon barrel and it's fairing would move inboard and forward, taking the location of the .50cal on the 'e' wing. - The cannon faring is of a slimmer shape than the 'cigar' shape we currently have on the 'e' in-game, which appeared later in the war. Note that the cannons on the 'e' wing of this time had the same slim shape fairing as that of the 'c'. - The bulge on the upper wing that covers the feed motor for the 20mm would also need to move inboard. - The spot vacated by the 20mm cannon barrel/fairing would be replaced by the stub used by the .50cal, except it would have a plug in it. - Using the modeling (and its skin components) of the interior of the .50cal fairing stub to model the muzzle appatures of the .303s, suitably scaled down in size of course. - Animations of spent cases ejecting from the bottom of the wings adjusted accordingly. - In regards to the skin template the mapping of the fairings and the panel lines can stay the same. Some layers/folders can be turned on and off to adjust the visibility of the correct ejection chutes, muzzle stains and the shading of the cannon bulge on the upper wing surface depending on whether one is skinning a 'c' or 'e' wing. In the detail pics below, note the shape of the cannon fairing and the location of the bulge on the upper wing surface. The Small Rudder The larger, pointed rudder that we currently have doesn't appeare to have become common on the Mk.IX until later on in '44, with the small rudder hanging around till war's end. I don't know of hard data explaining how the two different rudders compare to each other in performance, anecdotaly the larger rudder (which also has a larger trim tab) had more authority at low speeds (e.g. during take-off/landing) and better aerodynamic balance (I'm paraphrasing Jeffrey Quill in regards to that last part). As you can see the two rudders differ in size. The top could be cut down and perhaps the chord could be squished forward without also squishing the tab actuator? I believe the mapping of the rudder on the skin could handle that but might need to have options for the slot in which the tab actuator sits. Cheers, HB
  14. The following info is from vol 4 of the 2nd TAF by Shores and Thomas and so only covers the sqns in that TAF of course. I didn't include 486sqn as I guess their conversion away from the Tiffy in early '44 is a bit too early for your needs? These are just photos taken on my phone so some had to be cobbled together if the text was spread across two pages.
  15. Ok, I read the DD again and you are right that the Hurricane is for both East and West fronts in game. According to this page the Soviets did get the IId: http://www.airpages.ru/eng/uk/hurr2_2.shtml
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