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  1. Some time ago I started making a single historic Malta Spit Vb skin but then stopped, however I could take another look at it and finish it if you'd like it. Would you want a generic style skin or fully marked?
  2. March - July 1944 although the OP also feels a game campaign would work fine if it started in December 1943.
  3. Great to see that she's coming along nicely πŸ‘ I don't have VR but I imagine her cockpit will look awesome in it, and I hope we get the skin template at or soon after release as I've got a skinning project lined up.
  4. @Jason_Williamsas I type this it's 1pm on Wednesday in my neck of the woods, you can tell us what you're hinting at now! Anyhoo, my guess is it's an announcement that the C-47 will come soon or maybe the Hurri will be slightly earlier than expected.
  5. Cool, when I saw them used in the DD I wondered if they might also show up in the briefings. I see, thanks for the clarification. I have the book 'The Wild Winds' by Paul Sortehaug which is a unit history of 486sqn. I could send you a copy of the pages covering a certain period if it's not too late and if you think it'd be of use?
  6. Nice DD as always, especially nice to see the Hurri in-game. πŸ‘ As a Kiwi it's great to see that the campaign will be about No. 486 (NZ) Squadron so I have couple of points to consider before it's released: - the RAF (and by extension the Empire/Commonwealth airforces) didn't use ordinal indicators with the squadron numbers (-st, -nd, -th, rd). - I'm not sure if this will influence the name of the campaign, but the squadron's motto "Hiwa hau maka" translates as "Beware the wild winds". - the Tempest in the artwork should have a Sky coloured spinner rather than black. Just curious, is that an RAF life jacket he's wearing?
  7. House Flipper (plus the Garden Flipper expansion) on Steam is quite relaxing for a game, there's a bunch of videos of YouTube showing what it's like.
  8. Yep, there were some Caribbean, Indian, Asian and Maori pilots and aircrew within the RAF.
  9. Despite being an act of necro-threading I'm bumping this thread, partly to keep it in the communities' consciousness but also as it's a great example of how to do a suggestion thread Now that I think about it, the upcoming Hurricane MkII and a.i. C-47 are perfect fits for this campaign as well.
  10. I don't know enough about the New Guinea campaign to make a detailed 'suggestion' thread for it, if you or anyone else would do so that'd be cool. πŸ‘ Starting off a suggestion/counter proposal by swearing at me is counter productive. I thought I made it clear in my proposal that I left Guadalcanal out not because I'm not interested but because I don't think it's plausible as the game currently works. The map below shows why: - the orange box is my proposed map and is the same size as the BoBP map so we know the devs can make it that size. - the green box is how big the map would need to be in order to do what you're proposing and to do it historical justice, and as you can see that's a truly massive increase in size. Yes, I suspect the devs could increase my suggested map size due to the lack of towns/cities increasing map performance, but by that amount? It'd be a miracle if they could. But say they perform a miracle, then IJ players are faced with the prospect of flights which are many hours long even with the use of autopilot and the timescale sped up. Only later in the campaign would they have Kahili, Balalle and Munda to operate of. The Allies are faced with the same when going up the Slot. The MP crowd will also be faced with some lengthy flight times. - the yellow box is if we cut the map down to the smallest size possible for the start of a Guadalcanal campaign by having all IJ land based aircraft flying out of Buka rather than Rabaul. More reasonable but still a sizeable increase in the map area. So what full aircraft list would you propose? Should we assume from your comments about CVs that the likes of the F4F and B5N should be included from the get go in BoSol? If so then what carrier aircraft would the devs introduce if they "add carriers later"? We all have our own tastes in what we like to fly but if I'm honest the idea of flying a handicapped Zero (the Rufe) or a very slow, lumbering Catalina leaves me unmoved. I would love to see the devs create a map(s) and campaign such as you've suggested but I went with what I suggested in my first post because it's do-able.
  11. The razorbacked 'stang sure is a good looking bird, and as I enjoy sitting the razorback P-47's cockpit more than the bubble top's I suspect I'll enjoy the P-51B/C's cockpit as well
  12. For people on a budget one could get a normal g-suit and wrap it around one's head and torso to squeeze the blood out instead πŸ˜„
  13. Interesting, I stand corrected on the Oscar and Lily. If the D3A2 is included I assume the D3A1 would still be viable for inclusion in other expansions? If so then maybe, to balance it out, the P-39 could be replaced with the SBD-4 while leaving the -3 and -5 available for other expansions.
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