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  1. I was thinking the same thing. Also, the team that made the B-24D for the old game must have a whole lot of info on turrets, I remember one of them chewing the fat with our bomber expert over at A&A long ago and I seem to recall a lot of highly technical and interesting info going to and fro.
  2. HBPencil

    PTO/Korea/ETO... next il2 expansion thread?

    I'd like to see more of the western front covered before we move to another theater, both for their own sake and also so one can fight through several campaigns in career mode like what we can do on the eastern front (BoM-BoS-BoK) as well as a number of other factors which would work in it's favour. I'd start with Normandy then do something post BoBP like north Germany. If you haven't already seen it you might like this thread:
  3. HBPencil

    Ah shes a beauty

    First engine run today.
  4. HBPencil


    I'm a fan of the SBD and it would be the aircraft I would most look forward to in a PTO expansion... but considering the number of BoBOP aircraft (both planned and potential collector models) as well as the map and other features that are still to come (as well as FC and TC) isn't this all rather premature? I can't help but think it'll be quite some time before they could work on anything else.
  5. HBPencil

    Another Mossie flying

    Nice, that's the one being restored to taxing condition I believe? Some time ago there was an announcement that AvSpecs would team up with the Biggin Hill Heritage Hanger to get a Mossie flying in the UK, I haven't heard any more about that but more recently there was this vid from the Mosquito Pathfinder Trust so hopefully it won't be too long before you guys get a Mossie back in the British skies.
  6. HBPencil

    Ah shes a beauty

    Although it's mainly about his Kingfisher, there's some stuff about that P-39 in this vid:
  7. HBPencil

    Another Mossie flying

    Today AvSpecs' third Mossie had its first flight. Yet to find any vids on YouTube but the NZ Warbirds Association has several on their Facebook page:
  8. HBPencil

    What is your creative outlet?

    Funnily enough it's a nickname I was sometimes called when I was a child, HB being my initials 😃. Thanks! I do sometimes, although very rarely.
  9. HBPencil

    What is your creative outlet?

    Cheers, most of my work can be found on a facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/color.praeterita/?eid=ARCGTWhYVmirsARpSH5eCY6tXzc1hCz015-u8Rq-v9SIQerjDAHJSittXs2pxO6zsmjRV4Dyz_JyBdZn But if you aren't on facebook a few of my earliest pieces are here (no Hollywood shots though): http://www.axis-and-allies-paintworks.com/e107_plugins/forum/forum_viewtopic.php?13591 As Uufflakke pointed out she's Tala Birell.
  10. HBPencil

    What is your creative outlet?

    My job entails using Photoshop for 99% of my working day, so it wasn't that much of stretch to get into colourising ol' black 'n' white photos, mostly of warbirds and golden age Hollywood actresses. Haven't done it for some months now (apart from some WWI centenary related photos for a magazine). From my Facebook page:
  11. HBPencil

    Developer Diary 213 - Discussion

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Devs, thanks for the DD A small thing that caught my attention was the Hurricane is noted on the D-9's gun sight... did the LW really expect to run into those so late in the war?
  12. HBPencil

    Any info on this P-47D unit please?

    Looks rather like a practice bomb dispenser, like this:
  13. HBPencil

    Armored glass vs. Bubble canopy

    Yes, most of them did but they didn't have to worry about aiming any guns either
  14. HBPencil

    Armored glass vs. Bubble canopy

    OP, rather than a bubble canopy do you mean why didn't fighters have a curved front windscreen rather than the flat armored glass? When Vickers-Supermarine were working on a the bubble canopy for the Spitfire they also experimented with a curved/low-drag windscreen but they found that it caused image distortion which effected aiming accuracy.
  15. HBPencil


    Cool, glad you like it As an aside, a good book for Tempest mission/campaign builders is 'The Wild Winds' by Paul Sortehaug which is a history of 486sqn. Used in conjunction with pilot autobios it could provide a lot of detail for a good campaign builder *cough* ShamrockOneFive *cough* Stormclouds 3.0 *cough* , also the appendices has all sorts of stuff like victories, losses, aircraft serials, pilot's poems, line shoots etc.