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  1. Ok, I read the DD again and you are right that the Hurricane is for both East and West fronts in game. According to this page the Soviets did get the IId: http://www.airpages.ru/eng/uk/hurr2_2.shtml
  2. I disagree, a search for photos of Soviet Hurricanes show them with both the Vokes filter (as shown in the w.i.p photos) and also the normal temperate intake so I can see why the devs have included it. I hope we get both options and until the devs say otherwise we can't draw any conclusions. Also worth remembering that the Hurricane is being included for the Eastern front, not the BoN map.
  3. Excellent! Great to get confirmation that we're getting so many armament types. I see in the w.i.p pics that it has the Vokes air filter, will we get the standard temperate intake as well?
  4. Yes, you can change the photo. However you can only have one photo available per aircraft. To add a custom photo to your airplane or tank cockpit you should replace existing default DDS image by another one in: (game_folder)\data\graphics\planes\(airplane_folder)\textures\custom_photo.dds BTW I created several packs of cockpit photos:
  5. You read my mind! I'd also add the XP-40Q And Tempest VI
  6. There's one being restored in Canada as well: https://www.typhoonlegacy.com/
  7. I suspect the 109 and 190 will be first, but amongst the Allied aircraft I feel the Spit will be first for the reason =621=Samikatz stated.
  8. 'Luftwaffe Eagle: From Me109 to Me262' which is Walter Schuck's autobiography. He spent most of his time flying 109's with JG5 up beyond the arctic circle.
  9. I have the Haynes manuals for both the Spitfire and the Merlin, and I'm sorry to say they're really disappointing for the same reasons you gave for the Camel manual. I wish I hadn't wasted my money on those books.
  10. This has been discussed in other threads, but yes it would make sense for the MkIX to get the small rudder and the C wing added to the modifications list as they were the norm at the time of the invasion (iirc only 2-3 squadrons in the 2ndTAF had the IXe). Re the terms IXB and IXA, they were widespread quasi official terms for what we would now call the LF.IX and F.IX respectively. The IX never had the 'a' or 'b' wings, just the 'c' and 'e' wings.
  11. I think he's referring to how the game treats the time as more of a hard limit, rather than a guideline. Funnily enough, and I say this only as a loose example and because it's interesting, I happened to re-read the book 'Ultimate Spitfire' (which is about the Griffon engined Spits) recently and in the chapter dealing with the MkXIV's development and testing it talks about the climb rate tests carried out by one of the prototypes and explicitly states "once again the the five minute limitation for the use of combat power was ignored for test purposes" and that it was slightly over boosted as well (+18.3lb)... with the plane taking 15 minutes at combat power to reach 40k feet, with 6 climb tests being done like this. Granted, the book doesn't say if there was any problems with the engine resulting from the abuse and/or what engine maintenance was needed between each test. But it does show that engines could be run well beyond their combat power time limit without dying every single time.
  12. Good spotting @Dark_P. Until recently there was an issue with the operation of the MkIX's undercarriage lever which I believe stemmed from a misinterpretation of the pilot's notes, which may also be the case here.
  13. Although I could well be reading too much into it, Jason's request for info on the MkXIV's tail wheel assembly suggests that the XIV could be one of the first of the BoN aircraft to arrive. I hope it is!
  14. I had opened a ticket with Xsolla and when I got a reply they said that the denial of the transaction was at the bank's end and that I should contact them. So I contacted the bank and they said that their system flags Xsolla as "suspicious", so that when I next try to purchase BoN I should contact them first so they could temporarily remove Xsolla from their watch list. The funny thing is I was going to do so this evening but decided to try purchasing BoN first just to see if I was still getting denied... but it worked! Weird.
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