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  1. Although I could well be reading too much into it, Jason's request for info on the MkXIV's tail wheel assembly suggests that the XIV could be one of the first of the BoN aircraft to arrive. I hope it is!
  2. I had opened a ticket with Xsolla and when I got a reply they said that the denial of the transaction was at the bank's end and that I should contact them. So I contacted the bank and they said that their system flags Xsolla as "suspicious", so that when I next try to purchase BoN I should contact them first so they could temporarily remove Xsolla from their watch list. The funny thing is I was going to do so this evening but decided to try purchasing BoN first just to see if I was still getting denied... but it worked! Weird.
  3. Am I right in assuming that your Edit is meant for me as I gave a 'Confused' emote to your post? If so, I hope this doesn't come across as confrontational however I should clarify that I did so not because the content of your post confused me (it didn't) but because I was confused by the point of your post.
  4. Ultimately only the devs can answer that, but if I had to guess I'd say it's plausible for the C wing and small rudder to be added to the modifications list. In terms of performance they'd be very close (iirc the E wing armament is a tad heavier) and handling would be pretty much the same with perhaps a bit more rudder needed on take-off. Visually, the cannon barrel swap positions) with the .50cal, the shape of the cannon fairing would change slightly and the stub would get a rounded plug. The bulge on the upper wing which covers the cannon feed motor would move inboard slightly to be inline with the cannon's new position, and the holes for the .303mgs would need to be added (on the Vb they're not part of the skin but are hard coded). Looking at the IXe template the only changes I can see needing to be made would to added the ejection chutes for the .303s, moving the shading for the cannon bulge inboard and adjusting the tip of the existing .50cal stub, which I feel could probably be handled by updating the template to have a group of layers that can be turned on/off to switch between the C and E wings. Other than that the rivets/panel lines should all stay the same and I suspect the existing pointed rudder area on the template could work with the small rudder as well.
  5. I have had the same problem today with Xsolla as I wish to pre-purchase BoN, so I created a ticket and hope it goes as well for me as it did for you!
  6. As others have stated we'll be getting the high back version, bubble top Mk.XIVs didn't appear until right at the end of the war. More interesting I think is what load out options we might get, historically the Mk.XIV only really used drop tanks on operations, but it was able to carry the same bomb loads as the IX. I'm sure they'll be fine with getting the data for Mk.XIV, there's also plenty of examples around for them to study as well. That got me curious so I had a quick look at various photos. I didn't find one that was dead side on but from what I could see the spinner wasn't droopy per se but I suspect the way the curve of the spinner blends into the curve of the upper cowling but not the lower cowling gives the impression it's droopy.
  7. What an awesome announcement to wake up to! Totally called it 😜 - Great plane set, especially for the Allies. Looking forward to flying the XIV for the fun factor but consider the Tiffie to be the most significant aircraft by a country mile. - Big map with plenty of mid-war scope as well. A question for the devs, will we be getting the C wing and small rudder for LF.IX? IIRC only 2 squadrons of the 2nd TAF and E wings at the time of the invasion and the small rudder was more numerous at the time and still quite common at war's end. Also, if Jason needs to go photograph a Mozzie FB.VI the one at Lewis Air Legends (PZ474) would be the one to see, the FB.26 (in Virginia Beach) has cockpit detail difference.
  8. I have the old Il-2 1946 running on this WinX pc with no problems, although my monitor is nothing like as big as yours. Having said that you might be able to select that size in the game options but if not you should probably be able to change the conf.ini file. Although to be fair I didn't install it off of a disk but rather just copied it across from my back-up drive. I should point out that there are two IL-2 Sturmovik flight sims (not counting Cliffs of Dover and Birds of Prey)... the old game you remember and the new game which this forum is for. They are completely different games with different game engines, development teams etc. With the old game the appropriate sub-forum would be this: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/forum/20-other-1c-game-studios-games/ However the mission4today site is still the best forum for the old game which still has an active player base. In the time you've been away it still has been worked on by a volunteer 3rd party (Team Diadalos) who received official approval to continue development of the game so you'll find it has various upgrades since you last played it such as new aircraft, maps and sfx. All the patches are available at m4t.
  9. HBPencil


    On a related note, this is the bird on the 486sqn crest:
  10. I can second all the previous suggestions. And to add two more of my own: 1) The Blue Arena by Robert Spurdle, who flew Spitfires and Tempests in the ETO and P-40s in the Solomons as well as lots of other action. He doesn't pull any punches so the book is more upfront than most... some say he had anti-American tendencies but I disagree, he only ever criticized the USAAF specifically. 2) From North Africa to the Arakan by Alan Peart, who flew Spitfires with 81sqn from Operation Torch thru to Sicily then Italy, and then in Burma. Best known for his solo dogfight with a massive gaggle of Oscars over the Broadway strip in Burma, that should have been made into an episode of the Dogfights tv series.
  11. Cheers, you're welcome. Must say I'm looking forward to playing a campaign in the Tempest with 486(NZ)sqn. At the risk of going too far off topic, the RCAF squadrons within the RAF are in the old game, you'll find them in the RAF squadron list. Same goes for the Aussie and Kiwi squadrons in the RAF. Not that it matters if you don't play the old game, but if you do that's were you'll find them
  12. Great to see we're so close to the release of BoBP, thanks devs! Out of interest, what's with the white puttees on the allied soldiers for FC? IIRC from comments made in a previous DD, yes there will be Canadian, Australian and NZ Article XV squadrons in the game. They're in the old game as well.
  13. For what it's worth I made some cockpit photos showing nudity (hosted on another site, A&A) and haven't had any issues with it. I guess the same would apply for skins with nude nose art as well.
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