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  1. Excellent news that the XIV is coming soon, and great to see some of the various options modeled with the clip wings, GGS and both C and E wings... speaking of which I believe the E should have the earlier slim cannon barrel fairings (like those on the C) for 1944 and that the red bars on the canopy should be painted the same as the upper surface colour e.g Dark Green. That Hornisse looks great, both clean yet kind of vicious... 'waspish' one might say😄
  2. Certainly an interesting idea, from the OP it sounds like you want more than one map (e.g. Sedan and northern France/Belgium)? If the the devs stick with just one which should we roll with? Re the Spitfire MkI, there were no fighters based in France however there was a small number of PR variants based both in northern and southern France, unarmed but when things went sideways some were partially re-armed (4xmg) and pushed into TacR missions. The French had one Spit for evaluation and RAF Spits did visit once or twice I think. By the time the fighting started the two bladed fixed pitch p
  3. It should get an Oscar (no pun intended!) for best comedy of 2020, I literally laughed out loud at some parts
  4. That was nice, thanks for sharing I've often thought it'd be an experience to go for a ride in the Fox Moth's neat little passenger cabin.
  5. Out of curiosity, I assume you know those artworks are of the Spitfire Vb rather than the IX? Just asking in case you weren't aware. 😉
  6. I'm assume the P-51 pics are of game generated unit codes? I hope so!
  7. Some weights for the guns are: 2x20mm Hispano MkII cannon = 297.5lb 20mm ammo (120rpg) = 150lb 2x.50cal machine gun = 162.5lb .50cal ammo (250rpg) = 150lb 4x.303 machine gun = 112.5lb .303 ammo (350rpg) = 93lb
  8. Here's more of the same aircraft but from another flight... wait till you see where the camera is mounted! 😄
  9. For those who don't follow C.W. Lemoine of YouTube, he recently had a long format interview with an ex F-14 pilot who, amongst other things, was involved with the filming of The Final Countdown. Below is that particular segment which is quite interesting.
  10. This month TB252 had its first flight after being restored by AvSpecs, here's some nice onboard footage.
  11. Hi all, As I continue to create skins for the Great Battles series I've decided to gather them here in one thread rather than have them spread hither and yon in various other threads as I was before, so anytime I create something new I'll update this first post so you won't have to scroll far to find it. Note this is just for WW2 aircraft, if I ever happen to do some WWI skins they'll be in the Flying Circus sub forum. Cheers, HB Cockpit photo packs: http://www.axis-and-allies-paintworks.com/download.php?view.1055 http://www.axis-and-allies-paintworks.com/download.php?view.1054 http:
  12. Fair comment, you have a point. Also I hope the devs can give us both the C and E wing when the XIV is released.
  13. I also made a suggestion for this earlier this year. However my suggestion differs in that I feel the LF.IXe we now have should get the C wing and small rudder as modification options as the LF.IXc (with the small rudder) was the most common Mk.IX at the time of the Normandy invasion, and that an 'early' F.IXc should be a stand alone Collector's aircraft for the reasons I list below. Something I suspect many people don't appreciate is just how many differences there were between a 1944 LF.IXc and a 1942 F.IXc, so many that I'm not sure they could all be encompassed in one aircraft. Apart fr
  14. Although I haven't tried it myself (someone correct me if I'm wrong) but I believe that whole "&1" naming convention is for when you're also skinning the 40mm cannons, so the game knows which aircraft skin to match to which cannon skin. If you're not bothered with those guns then you don't need to worry about that convention, I didn't when I made my Hurricane skin pack. The 'b' wing panels for the outboard .303s are here, yellow for the upper wing and magenta for the lower:
  15. Skin pack (twelve skins) of Hurricane MkIIb flown by No. 486 (NZ) Squadron, 1942. http://www.axis-and-allies-paintworks.com/download.php?view.1146
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