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  1. This is pretty much how I feel about it as well.
  2. Given that with other aircraft in this series the devs have given a rather diverse range of 'official' skins I expect those that come with the 'stang will be from many different forces and theatres. Maybe one or two Mustang IV skins and some pretty cool looking examples from the CBI and PTO as well as the usual suspects from the ETO and MTO.
  3. R.I.P., my condolences to his family and friends.
  4. Cheers. I don't have DCS but had a look at screen shots and indeed it's incorrect, the tear drop shaped bulge over the wheel well on 'c' and 'e' type wings didn't appear until after the war. Just to avoid any possible misunderstanding, they shouldn't be confused with the kidney-dish shaped bulges found on 'a' and 'b' wings (like on the Vb we have in-game) which are correct.
  5. Just seen this thread, thanks for your work Jade. However, re the bulges over the wheel wells, they were originally on the 3d model but removed (along with some other changes) after I posted this liked thread: Cheers, HB
  6. I too hope to see something of the Tempest in the next dd. Re those phots, the second one is an original colour photo while the other three are colourised.
  7. HBPencil

    Spit XIV

    The only official word that I recall seeing was in the interviews that ShamrockOneFive did over on his Stormbirds blog. Basically the devs have some ideas on what sort of extra collector aircraft they could do for BoBP but they haven't said what those are as it is far too early, which is understandable given that BoBP is in early access with plenty more to do as well as TC and FC to come. As an aside, the Spitfire XII was the first production variant with the Griffon. https://stormbirds.blog/2019/02/12/part-2-an-interview-with-jason-williams-and-daniel-tuseev/
  8. I hadn't noticed it until seeing this screen shot, but the Spitfire IX seems to have only three prop blades when the engine is running.
  9. Spitfire Vb SK-E (serial AB986) of 165 Squadron and flown by P/O Warren 'Smokey' Schrader, RNZAF. http://www.axis-and-allies-paintworks.com/download.php?view.1040
  10. Just for the sake of comparison, here's a vid of a XIV which shows the take-off run from dead astern (note it's left rudder as the Griffon rotates the opposite way to the Merlin).
  11. Granted I'm not that interested in USAAF units however I'd go for the 80th FG, the Burma Banshees, as some time ago I did some skins for them in the old game and was impressed with the skulls they used as nose art on their P-40s... all the more striking these days as it feels like most P-40s have those shark mouths on 'em. A pity the 80th didn't continue with it when they converted to the P-47. Outside of the USAAF I'm a fan of 122 Wing, 2nd TAF, specifically once the Tempests took over.
  12. Check this thread out, it may interest you. Also, it serves as a good example of how to make a good 'suggestion' thread for anyone who is thinking of posting a thread.
  13. The Merlin 45 can be selected from the modifications list (ergo it is the 'modded' engine), so if it isn't selected then the Merlin 46 is used by default (which makes sense as historically the majority of Soviet lend/lease Vb's had the 46).
  14. You both have a funny way of spelling 'Typhoon' 😉
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