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  1. Hello. I've just experienced a similar issue. I'm doing the Battle of Moscow Campaign, German side with the II./JG-52. I've just done a relocation mission to ''Starica'' airport. After the mission, I clicked ''Next Day'' and then the game got stuck on the ''please wait'' screen. Cursor don't move and I can't do anything. I can't close Il-2 even with CTRL+ALT+DEL. My only option is to power off my computer. Tried again after a restart of my computer, and when I click on my campaign, Il-2 crashs again and I need to restart my PC. It happened the 3.11.1941 in the career timeline just after the relocation like I said. Do I need to join files to do a proper bug report ? And do the devs are aware of those problems ? Thanks.
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