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  1. https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/32394-api-for-export-of-flight-data/page/2/?tab=comments#comment-681321
  2. As the heading states ,any news in regard to the producers installing an API to increase the immersion, it really will change the whole dynamic with VR๐Ÿ˜œ
  3. WOW!! in IL2 you can't use a jet seat ,mate that's bad news ,I have all the modules including Bodenplatte and Flying Circus but I guess I will have to look to DCS for full immersion.Bloody shame because I really like this sim but if the developers can't be bothered to make this sim more immersive well I won't waste any more money on it.
  4. All Fixed thank you everyone,the Virpil rep spent 30 minutes sorting the problem in the ini file and reset the throttle, he was fantastic I must admit there after sales Tech service is second to none. Once again Thanks
  5. Yes that is the file I thought was for the throttle but the program will not let me change it noway!! I have spent days trying ,Have just got the Virpil support guys going to team view to see what is causing the problem, fingers crossed,thanks again for the help. Will let you know the outcome.
  6. Changed it to C:/ and double checked the path now, if someone has the same throttle what is the device pcb reading ? Thanks
  7. When I tried your method ,the update firmware comes up with "no bootloader" this is why I am trying to find the path to the files.By the way I have VPC firmware under C:/VPC ๐Ÿ˜„ ๐Ÿ˜„ Thanks for trying ,hopefully Virpil will get back to me tonight,dying to try my new "toys" ;
  8. The configuration files are all there ,these are the latest files ,unfortunately I installed the earlier files which maybe I screwed up !
  9. I think I may have made an initial mistake when I tried to install the Throttle originally ,now I cannot calibrate because it shows up as PCB VPC.CNT.V03 is there anyway to delete the file or change settings ? I cannot find where the files are installed ,have requested ticket with Virpil but still awaiting answer. TIA.
  10. Hi, I was wondering if anyone was wearing glasses as I believe they is sufficient room for them, I was considering the Samsung Odyssey while awaiting the Pimax 8.
  11. Thanks everyone for there helpful input.I decided to go for broke and order MFG Crosswind Pedals/VPC mongoose/and VPC Throttle. Now if my Pimax 8K Passes it's final tests I'll be a happy Bunny then all I have to do is spend 6 months learning to fly properly LOL
  12. G'Day,I'm Thinking of buying the above and wondered if anyone can give me that info also the height of the VPC deskmount TIA
  13. Hi, Currently I have a Thrustmaster Hotas X joystick which works okay.I would like to know if I would find a large improvement if I bought a Thrustmaster Warthog ??I do use CH pedals and am hoping the Warthog would be more immersive.TIA
  14. SUCCESS-- Gentleman, and a massive thank you to Aust3298 and everyone,deleted all mission files and have started reinstalling one by one and they appear in the missions folder and work .I have saved Jade_Monkeys files for later if they can be fixed ,Once again Thanks very much to all.
  15. WOW I'm relieved that other members are going through the same experience , I thought I was losing the plot not being able to access the missions folder , hopefully someone will come up with a solution . G'Night for now 3.11am here in Aussie and a Big Thanks to all .
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