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  1. Actually it would be nice if we could map combinations of buttons. I already do this in Thrusmaster's TARGET software, but it would be so much easier if I could do it in game. I hate to name the nameless, but War Thunder has had this ability from the start.
  2. Bumping this up. We should be able to save all controls configuration, per-plane, as it was back in Rise of Flight. As a plus, we should only see the actions that are available on our plane, no more confusing the trim tabs with the 109 stabilizer and the 190 stabilizer etc. etc. or wondering if we should setup reticle controls for our 109E.
  3. That's not a bad idea, and it would allow me to fly the PO2 from the back seat.
  4. Wolferl_1791

    Future for VR

    Considering I already own the game, inclusion of VR would definitely make me play it, but I don't see how it would financially benefit the devs. The question is... would the presence of VR tempt new people into buying it? Africa definitely brings more to the table, so I understand the reasoning. So I wish you all the best, for my VR sake
  5. I use my favourite composer names for my German pilots. - Franz Schubert is an expert Stuka pilot, but tends to die young a lot as THERE AREN'T ENOUGH ESCORTS, EVER! - Anton Bruckner likes to switch from fighter squads to Jabo ones, sometimes he forgets which, so he usually brings bombs with him on bomber escort duty. For soviet pilots, although there are plenty of Russian composers to choose from, I went with some more important names: - Sergei Preminin, died aboard submarine K-219 after shutting down the reactor. Probably single-handedly prevented WW3. Not bad for an 18 year old cadet. - Boris Korchilov, received the highest radiation dose during the K-19 incident, if you've seen "K19 Widowmaker", you know who he was. - Aleksandr Lelechenko, a chief electrician at Chernobyl, which the HBO series completely forgot about. Absolute badass. - Anton Dragan, the forgotten legend during the Siege of Stalingrad. - Alexander Pokryshkin, no point in telling you guys who he is.
  6. YES!!!!! Does this mean I will be able to use the "bomb sight" on the Po2? Or does that need another fix for "face forward when not manning the gun"?
  7. Personally, I don't want a new theater yet. I barely have time to play the existing planes, and I'd rather the series returned to the quality over quantity philosophy. IL-2 needs to head to the Pacific, but that's gonna take some time. In the meantime, the franchise would be better served by a good deal of polish. Singleplayer needs a lot of attention, especially in regards to communication and AI. Mimicking real tactics, and the level of training would do this series a ton of good. Controls need to be split and saved per plane. VR turret controls are still quite broken. FC planes basically need a polygon increase out of the box.
  8. In career mode, is it possible to alter AI behavior so they prioritize bombs for buildings/tanks and only use guns for soft targets? This ain't War Thunder, there's no need to ping the tanks. And if the entire flight has used their bombs and there are only tanks left, can we please go home now and not wait for the innevitable enemy onslaught? Also, is it possible to implement some behavior based on air defenses present? For example, while attacking a front line position, defended by just two AAAs, my entire 109E flight got shredded while making pass after pass at tanks, but ignoring the pesky AAA completely. I was busy fighting off 3 enemy fighters which my 109E "buddies" also completely ignored. I'd say: - if area is guarded by 1-2 AAAs, target them first, once those are dead, bomb the tanks, then strafe what's left. - if there are more than 4 AAAs (as on airfields), do one bomb pass then bugger off if number doesn't drop below 4. - if there are enemy fighters in the area and you've (by you, I mean the AI) dropped your bombs, look around the cockpit and find that big label saying "109E7" and bloody act like one! Get the enemy off of me! - if there are enemy planes closing in and you're outnumbered (also low, and probably out of ammo, because reasons), bravely bugger off. You know... like I do.
  9. Sorry, I'm a bit confused. Does anyone have screenshots for comparison? In VR is it better to have Alternate Visibility on?
  10. Yes, the 3.201b hotfix fixed it (although it's not in the patch notes). Tested in both career and QMB. I consider this issue closed.
  11. Object markers are still visible through the aircraft in VR. Is there some new setting I forgot to turn on? Fixed in the 3.201b hotfix.
  12. It works on my Vive, combined with the mechanical one. It's great because you can really tweak it until it feels just right. I use an IPD of 63mm, but it seems 60mm would feel perfect in game, for me.
  13. Uhmm. Does this work for anyone? I can still see markers through my plane. Is there some setting I need to enable? This is actually awesome for the Warthog. In the future can we please get this for all "toggle" commands such as airbrakes, lights, canopy etc? And can we pleaaaaaase with sugar on top get different control schemes for individual planes?
  14. Definitely an advantage, over not just "some" but "most" pilots. Of course, it depends on the theater, nation, plane and year. Probably flying a P47 would be my personal choice for staying alive and winning medals. Yes I know the differences of real life flying (I've flown gliders myself), but you don't bomb thousands of moving trucks, shoot down thousands of planes, die thousands of times without learning anything. We learn how to kill and, more importantly, what kills us. In the sim we usually find ourselves in worst odds than real pilots had to deal with. The average multiplayer match is a slaughterhouse. And even in career mode, we're flying against Terminators which never stall, never tire and (mostly) never miss. In real life, we'd be A LOT more cautious, simply because we've been jumped from behind hundreds of times in our many sim lives.
  15. Hehe, I remember wasting at least 15 minutes taxiing inch by inch so that our propellers could touch eachother. Thanks for reminding me of that.
  16. Storch Iar80 Ta152 Hs123 ... insert 5th plane here...
  17. Your English is excellent, apart from saying "buro" instead of "studio". You sound like a comrade But you're taking criticism a bit further than I did. We don't really know what 3D skills responsibilities the team porting the planes from RoF have. And if none of them have a VR set lying around, they might not notice anything wrong. Anyway, to add to the discussion, I could be wrong, but I think the game uses different models for exterior/interior views. If so, I don't mind the current detail for exterior views, where, as Prien said, it's just rivet-counting from 100m away. But from the seat, we need better detail, not just in the cockpit area. As for "polycount", indenting an edge adds 2 edges and 2 polygons (you're taking a "." section and turn it into a "V" section). Extruding a polygon turns every edge into a polygon (so it's 1 extra polygon and 3 extra edges). Since these extrusions are tiny, redoing the UV maps is not required, although it could be done. If anyone can export a plane 3d model with texture I'd be happy to try detailing it.
  18. I've noticed this from the first Flying Circus plane release. At first I thought it was a temporary problem or limited to the Spad and the DR1. But every plane since has more or less had this issue. The planes simply look flat in VR (i.e. in 3D). Looking recently at a close-up video of the Albatross D5 (Military Aviation History's Youtube Channel), I couldn't help but notice all the small details which are completely flat in the game. Due to how bump mapping works and the fact that your camera is restricted, non VR users can't realize just how weird this looks up close and personal. This has never bothered me in WW2 content, mainly because there are so many "things" in the cockpits of those planes, so they look solid enough. But WW1 planes are more basic, so I believe that every nail counts. My suggestion is for the team to up their quality, or at the very least, make the 3D models and textures moddable. I'd do it just for fun, for free, it's not really hard to extrude a polygon here and there. I've made a few screenshots detailing the issue. I've intentionally chosen the Albastross, which I guess requires the least amount of work. But any VR user can attest that the engine section of the Spad is just.... beyond words. Don't focus on texture quality, I guess that's fine enough, but on the lack of extruded details. The gun mantlets in particular use a transparency texture instead of real 3D polygons, so they look like they're made out of paper. Of course, I didn't circle everything. For example, the small nails you see everywhere would be insanely expensive (performance wise) to bump in 3D. But the gaps between the panels (I only circled the one under the rudder) would be a simple job and they'd add a whole deal of realism as well.
  19. Same here. My 3 year old computer and 3 year old Vive can still give me wow moments. Unfortunately, by the time the proper next generation of HMDs will come out, my PC will be 3+x years old. I have no doubt that my next HMD will have at least 4 times the number of pixels, the problem is "will my future PC be able to handle that"? I sincerely doubt it.
  20. Yey! Had a rough day, this made it better. Bought BoBP in like 5 seconds! Time to destroy a few me262 engines! Many thanks gentlemen.
  21. Mighty nice of you. Please sign me up for the 25% Boden.
  22. The IAR 80/81 is long overdue. Although, with the Po2 now in the air, the Fieseler Storch would be a nice counterpart, especially on the detailed tank maps
  23. It's really unfair that we can only nominate you guys for one award. And we all know that the VR title will probably go to Skyrim. "Labor of Love" award? "Best Developer" award? "Best environment" award? “Better with Friends” award? “Most Fun with a Machine” award? And where is the "Best VR title for the past 2 years and probably next 10 years" award?
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