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  1. The IAR 80/81 is long overdue. Although, with the Po2 now in the air, the Fieseler Storch would be a nice counterpart, especially on the detailed tank maps
  2. It's really unfair that we can only nominate you guys for one award. And we all know that the VR title will probably go to Skyrim. "Labor of Love" award? "Best Developer" award? "Best environment" award? “Better with Friends” award? “Most Fun with a Machine” award? And where is the "Best VR title for the past 2 years and probably next 10 years" award?
  3. The modelling looks spot on for the WW2 birds, but it seems a bit flat for the WW1 planes. The textures do look lovely, but unless you guys ramp up the bump maps, they will still feel 2009ish. To see what I mean, take a look at this movie, then compare it to the Camel engine screenshots. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j6PnKUEFX8g These are spartan planes, with maybe a bolt here, maybe a raised panel there, 0.5 cm of overlapping here, a slight bend in the metal there. Then there's the multitude of textures everywhere, with metal, wood and fabric. If it looks flat in 2D image, can you imagine how flat it looks in VR? WW2 planes have a lot more going for them, with weathering textures, chipped paint, buttons and dials galore, they look fantastic. But please, can we get the same attention to detail on the WW1 planes as well? More time is spent on making flat textures that mimic detail than it is to add a few more simple polygons here and there. At the very least, can we have moddable 3D models on game release? Maybe we can fix the details ourselves. I'd be more than pleased to brush up on my Maya and 3dsmax skills.
  4. I'm talking about the new wood effects on the WW1 birds. The debris is great, but the puffs of dust are simply too big. And as they disperse, they get even bigger. Especially in VR, with all the effects at minimum (the pic below is with max settings), it's particularly noticeable. Edit: I've updated the pic. In the right corner you can see the original effect on the lower wing, but the exact same effect at 50% size and 60% opacity on the middle wing. IMHO it looks much more realistic for a single bullet hitting a wood/canvas wing.
  5. Is it just me, or are the WW1 hit effects a bit overdone, at least in VR? They sort of look like puffs of smoke and they're either twice as big as I'd expect, or twice as opaque. Other than that, me gusta. Can't wait to check the 1.8 ton bomb drop in more detail.
  6. A quick glance around the forum would tell you that the AI in this game has lots of room for improvement. But I suggest that you don't rob yourself of the best sim on the market purely for that reason. The Multiplayer is second to none. And there are lots of career missions that can leave you with a huge smile on your face, regardless of AI slip-ups. For best "immersion" in single player, I suggest you start with a russian Battle of Moscow career, either in the I16 or Mig3. The odds are against you and you are fighting a desperate battle. Also, you can start the career as a squadron leader so you can always fly as wing-leader and babysit your team-mates.
  7. I am using VR, so that makes a ton of difference. It's quite difficult to describe, it's more of a gut feeling, although it's much easier than shallow diving in other planes. And there are multiple techniques. - One is to count how many seconds it takes for the target to go through the bomb window. That gives you a good hint of when to roll over. - The other is to change direction about 20-30 degrees off-target. Then, from time to time, you roll over almost inverted to check where it is. When it's in the "comfy zone", you do a final barrel roll and drop right on top of it.
  8. The first method requires practice, but it provides consistent results. The pilots are not subjected to high negative Gs. You can keep eyes on target at all times. It's near impossible to undershoot the target. You are already on an opposite course so you can egress immediately instead of flying over the enemy AAA AGAIN. You drop in a "pass through" manner, not a "wait for it" one. I like this method so much that I tend to use it in fighter bombers as well.
  9. For VR... Single-player career : MIG 3. Multi-player: PE 2. Or, if you prefer German planes: Single-player career : MiG Drei. Multi-player: Pe Zwei. As for the other issue, learn how to use TARGET, it will be time well spent. You have a Warthog, so you have a responsibility to achieve that which us mortals i.e. 16000M FCS users barely dare to dream about.
  10. Yes but they were used in the South. I could be wrong but I don't think they ever came close to Moscow. Anyway, if you read the records, the IAR is a very weird bird. It was clearly underpowered, but it had sublime wing loading. And with the wings so far in front, it probably had superb elevator authority. The armament is double the one found on a Bf-109 (no idea about the ammo count though) and it had a bubble canopy. But the biggest surprise is the K/D ratio which is absurdly high for such a low-production plane.
  11. I've read about your issue, from what I understand, you bought BoS, BoM and BoK from Steam (I assume you didn't get the actual keys from some weird place so this warning doesn't apply to you?). Now you want to buy Tank Crew from the website but you are not sure if you will be able to access it through Steam. Short answer, NO, you can't without linking the accounts. Just be patient, it will be solved. Either there's an issue with their authentication server not accepting new clients, or you're doing something wrong yourself. They have a very small team and they've just been on a vacation so it will take a few more days for them to reach you. Tank Crew is quite alpha, with just 2 tanks released so far, so you're not loosing much. You can play with the T34 and Pz3 in the meantime as they come with the base game.
  12. Each plane has a "best climb speed" usually around 270kph. If you pull up too much and drop below that speed, you'll actually climb slower, or stall. For turning, the biggest issue is Angle of Attack. If you pull too hard on the joystick during a turn, you'll transform your wings into barn doors and your speed will decrease needlessly. Stall speed is also higher in a turn than it is in level flight. Also, assuming you are running at full RPM (which you most surely are), then the gyroscopic effects of the propeller will cause you problems during sudden direction changes, such as in a turn. If you pull suddenly on the joystick, you'll spin all over the place. Be gentle and use progressive movements. Mixture is easy to explain, it's the ratio between air/fuel that goes into your engine. The higher you go, the less dense air becomes, so the engine suffocates if you use full mixture. You will notice a decrease in manifold pressure (or maybe RPM, if you're using manual pitch) . As you decrease mixture, you increase the air and the MP goes up. If you have more fuel than optimal, the engine runs slightly cooler. If you have more air, the engine runs hotter. This usually means that at high altitude, where it's VERY cold, you actually want a bit more air than normal. So decrease mixture until you get maximum RPM and it begins to drop back again.Also, you lose less fuel so your range increases. However, IL-2 doesn't care a lot about mixture, since it was mostly automated on warbirds. The Germans fully automate it. The Russians also automate it but allow you to decrease it for fuel saving. On some planes you engage Boost mode by setting mixture to full. The simulator doesn't feature engine clogging at full mixture or hotspot blow-outs at low mixture so you don't need to worry about those long term issues. This sim doesn't really need a manual, as it's way more beginner friendly than figuring out how to fly a Cessna in any civil sim. But by "beginner" I mean "someone who knows the difference between a controllable-pitch propeller and a constant-speed propeller". The info-cards are usually all we need, plus to figure out where the instruments are. I've never crashed a plane on my first flight with it. In my first ever career flight in an I-16 I even got a kill or two without knowing where the altimeter was (slight exaggeration). However I've been flying civ planes in sims since 1994. So you do need to read a bit elsewhere. I suggest the awesome manuals of Flight Unlimited 1/2/3 and Falcon 4, which deal with a lot of generic information. Don't let the 700+ pages fool you, just read about how to do the basic maneuvers such as turns. Also, learn engine controls in a Cessna 182, which is much harder than a Mig 3. The good old MS Flight Simulator is still the go-to-place for its amazing Flight School and it's just 24 bucks on Steam. Or, you know... cheat by watching it on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1TYxQB2hHFs
  13. I'm more annoyed by the lack of proper markings on model airplanes (some makers have them, most don't). It forces us to buy aftermarket decals. What's funny is that I don't like the full Swastika on planes, I always cut out the inner cross.
  14. You shouldn't think of it in terms of "latest". Stalingrad, Moscow and Kuban each come with their own planes. For example, if you are a Stuka fan, you need to buy Stalingrad, because that's the only one that has it. If you want the i-16 or Mig3, then you need to buy Moscow. But, as Adger said, BoBP is in alpha state so ignore it for your first step. My recommendation would be to buy Stalingrad on Steam. Why? Because then you can get any later pack from the website but still access the game through Steam. Also, I believe Stalingrad has a discount on Steam right now (I could be wrong).
  15. That's what I love about this community. Many thanks again mate. Yeap, I didn't realize I RoF had a separate site. This was a really pleasant surprise.
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