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  1. Hi, after another year of use I decided to make larger adjustments on a Lego throttle. I extended the overall base for the greater comfort of the wrists and the board Mjoy16 I hid nicely inside. Modified the ergonomics of the grip tape, plus added the hat and other buttons on the base device. Another change is the angle of deflection of the main lever, which is used as a better collective control of the helicopter.
  2. The negative effect is for the eyes so unpleasant to get a headache within two minutes.
  3. Works several years you'll be pleasantly surprised...
  4. The last query I didn't understand?
  5. Change the value in the file startup.cfg. [KEY = input] old_trackir = 1 on old_trackir = 0 The development of the head tracking has progressed and today is used modern OpenTrack. Releases · Opentrack
  6. When are the ffb effects vjoy off, the joystick can center, but as I turn on Bos effects ignores. If somewhere I am doing mistake, can you please make a few images or short video of your settings, thank you very much.
  7. A year ago I experimented with Vjoy and internal functions of the ffb. After the remapping is a virtual device Bos is detected as a lever without the support of the ffb. What I remember even the force of the centering doesn't work.
  8. Each Windows has a different version of this library. I can confirm that the problems have all friends on W7, W8.1 and W10 on both MSFFB2 variations.
  9. More and more it seems to me that this thread read only users.
  10. Turn off FFB, and you will be surprised, and then now you add to an insider group.
  11. During the intense testing of the FFB off, I have to agree that the movement is still not smooth.
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