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  1. Playing since beginning. Still playing , but offline. Hyperlobby and SEOW time is unbeatable. Now, old game looking great with all this new mods and extensions .... Of course it can’t be measured with BoX, but it still has that something. Hayate vs B 29
  2. Set: width=1920 height=1080 SaveAspect=0 WideScreenFoV=1 -Go to Il2fb, right mouse click "Properties" -Change High DPI settings/Override high DPI scalling behaviour. -Scalling performed by Application (check)
  3. "Would you be for having the eyes of the pilots animated" I just hope this is some kind of sarcasm.
  4. 1. RX 460 2. 20.4.2 3. yes, black squares and flickering 4. no 5. no 6. not at all
  5. I tried the map yesterday, looks really nice! Great job !Thank you very much!
  6. 👍 Thank you very much! Finish your projects, this can wait.👍
  7. Great skins! Can you please make a skin for the FW 190 A3 as a Grumann Wildcat?
  8. Thank you very much it's absolutely GREAT !!!
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