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  1. but he have disenable yz_axis and his pov was very Similar to me oh he disenable roll_axis also
  2. My POV was very Similar to his POV, But look at the 109’s air intake bent tube, it seem like he can move aside further than me on the X-axis, my Trackir setting is defaut so there is No X-axis limits, i have disenable YZ-axis also, but no matter, this isuue definitely can not be solved by enable YZ-axis, actually i can move aside further more if i jettison the canopy. I belive it also prove this isuee is nothing about the X-axis settings, it seems like a in-game view limits. why many others break the rules? And if i want to move aside further more for a better view in this game what shall I do? By the way this guy can move aside more is a very good player, this question is not about cheating, i think he is not a cheater, perhaps a in-game setting is unnoticed? help me.
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