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  1. tnx everybody for replies, was thinking about buying the Ju-52 and wondering what the challenges in the transport career would be (weather among other)
  2. I need general information on alot of things,like how to use the rockets on IL-2, what altitude to dive bomb with a stuka,to dive bomb with pe2,to level bomb with pe2...that kind of stuff...how to skip bomb,how much to lead trains,ships...not a lot of info ingame or tutorials.Im aware of The Aircraft Combat tutorial youtube channel...but would still like to find somewhere the info how to use rockets like a normal person(pilot) instead of that top gun "fire them 20m from target till it fills the reticle style".Basicaly some kind of general info and tactics how WW2 pilots would behave and attack
  3. Just posted something similar...hate when i'm left not knowing what the hell my squad is doing
  4. Playing my first campaign (with il2) and as a number 6 in squadron i'm following the flight leader. But i'm finding that that part is lacking in some kind of polish. The leader doesn't declare ground targets or when to actually attack (they announce that "stork go find targets chatter" and then the AI, a couple of kilometers away starts the attack (knowing instantly where to hit) meanwhile i'm stuck searching for targets Also no declaration that you are under attack by fighters? Whats up with that? Its basically silence from flight leader i haven't yet heard a useful radio instruction in 4-5 missions. No repeat attack radio commands, no return to base commands, things just happen
  5. Croatian Air Force Legion flew them under german command...(from Wiki) Officially designated '15.(Kroatische)/KG 53'., the bomber squadron was equipped with Dornier Do 17Z aircraft. It arrived on the Eastern Front on 25 October 1941, after training at the Grosse Kampfflieger Schule 3, in Greifswald, Germany. Their first area of operations was near Vitebsk. The rest of the Bomber Squadron's assignments were in the Northern Sector of the Eastern Front, including the bombing of Leningrad and Moscow. On 9 November 1941, the Squadron was congratulated by Fieldmarshall Kesselring for its actions thus far. After flying some 1,500 sorties on the Eastern Front, the Squadron and its aircraft were re-deployed to Croatia in December 1942, to help combat the growing Partisan threat to the Axis forces in occupied Yugoslavia
  6. remeber panzer elite with fixed story missions and you could customize your platoon...something like that but with newer mechanics ofc
  7. Ok tnx...hope it will develop into something like il2 sturmovik 1946 but with tanks....wake me up when that happens
  8. Considering there are very little WW2 tank simulators out there...has there been any word from creators of IL2 sturmovik what are they going to do with them in their games...are they going to develop it, just leave it as a side feature of the game? Anyone knows?
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