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    Served 8 years in the US Army as a UH-60 Blackhawk Crew Chief / Flight Engineer / Gunner. Got out of the Army in 2008 and have been a Police Officer ever since. I enjoy flight sims and aviation. Nice to be flying IL-2 again.

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  1. Would be pretty cool to have an in-game E6-B 😬
  2. Don't get me wrong, I’d love to see all of those aircraft and then some. The Invasion of Italy would be a cool area to cover.. Especially with more twin engine, (and one day 4 engine) bombers. There are lots of fantastic aircraft and theaters of operations to cover. Each area of operation having really cool aircraft, terrain/locations, ground vehicles and everything that goes along with it. Regardless of where they go, I’ll still be excited to buy their products and enjoy the game. Hoping for the Mossie as well. Along with aircraft like the A-26 Invader, Do-17, Ju-188, Me-410, etc, etc.. I’m sure one day we will have tons of aircraft from every theatre.. Regardless, whatever is announced next will be another exciting time for all of us who enjoy this sim.
  3. Sure, I don’t think people would suddenly not buy the next IL2 installment(s) because they didn’t move on to the PTO. That being said, 1C has a business to run and have to make money. 1C has stated they really want the PTO just as much as the overwhelming majority of their player base. That’s were they’re going to make huge chunk of their profits the quickest. Outside of a small group of players, nobody really wants to fly Italian and French aircraft, most of which were terribly outclassed and outmatched by the Luftwaffe, Etc. I’d imagine that’d be an area / campaign to cover down the road when 1C actually develop some medium / heavy bombers.. No point in flying the Italian Campaign if the only aircraft type available are outdated Italian/ French fighters and early model Luftwaffe aircraft. If that’s the case, there’s really no point in IL2 moving away from the current theatre. Nothing against those aircraft, but that’d be a huge gamble financially. It would take a long time to recover development costs and make a profit because you’re not going to have the overwhelming majority of players pre-ordering or buying the game initially after release. Best move is bringing in a few more aircraft types, (Hurricane, Yak-9’s, etc) to hold people over while they’re developing the PTO. The great thing about IL2 is it’s not a study level sim like DCS. You don’t have to be 100% on every aspect and detail of Japanese aircraft. They can nail the exterior designs of these aircraft and get pretty close with the flight models, interiors, etc, etc. They’ll make it work just like they have already done on the Eastern Front. It will never be 100% perfect, we all know that’s not possible with these kind of games.. But, it’ll be close enough and will only get better with every update. Whatever comes next, I’m sure it will be in a direction that allows 1C to push hard into the PTO (Carriers, Carrier-Ops, ships, Naval Logistics & warfare, etc, etc). 1C really wants the PTO and I’m positive they’re taking the necessary steps to make this a reality.
  4. The Hurricane and Yak-9's are just parting gifts as 1C moves to the PTO
  5. Yawn.... Definitely is time to move on to the Pacific though.
  6. [TWB]Reagan

    $320 us

    “I want a Golden Goose daddy and I want it now..” Easy guy
  7. Love the team balance on TAW... Amazing the Allies are winning when it's constantly a huge mismatch.
  8. Nice video Sketch. You have the rest of the engagement? Wondering if you got that Flak 37 hit on camera.
  9. The only person that guy killed was himself. Only a few scratches on the IL-2. Made it back no problem.
  10. True story. Just have to be at the right speed bringing the nose off the ground and be smooth on the controls during rotation.
  11. I’ll go back to VR someday.. Big 4K monitor is making it hard though.
  12. Glad to have you on the server. It’s a great community. Look forward to flying with you again, tell your buddies to join us on Combat Box
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