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    Served 8 years in the US Army as a UH-60 Blackhawk Crew Chief / Flight Engineer / Gunner. Got out of the Army in 2008 and have been a Police Officer ever since. I enjoy flight sims and aviation. Nice to be flying IL-2 again.

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  1. The only person that guy killed was himself. Only a few scratches on the IL-2. Made it back no problem.
  2. True story. Just have to be at the right speed bringing the nose off the ground and be smooth on the controls during rotation.
  3. I’ll go back to VR someday.. Big 4K monitor is making it hard though.
  4. Glad to have you on the server. It’s a great community. Look forward to flying with you again, tell your buddies to join us on Combat Box
  5. Had a weird gut feeling once you guys rolled in. My left engine was on fire, ended up dying trying to get back to friendly territory instead of bailing out. Mission ended with “0, friendly fire.” Only thing I could do was laugh. Definitely not one of our best moments, but it was exciting.
  6. That was funny. Well played by you guys. That engagement was super confusing lol. Both Russian & German positions very close to one another and we got turned around. Felt like we were in a turkey shoot right when we were arriving in the target area. Definitely a first. 😂
  7. 1.) Looks like you gave yourself that, “One good reason.” 2.) Get a hold of yourself.. It’s embarrassing 3.) It’s just a video game.
  8. All you have to do is make the changes to your username and click update. We just added “-LW” to our Axis TAW profiles, makes it quick and easy. Waiting 600 seconds to change teams (for server balance) is the only downside Really not that big of a deal though.
  9. Yeah, the PE-2 AI Gunners are super deadly, both top and bottom positions. The JU-88, HE-111 and ME-110 AI Gunners are nowhere close to being on the same lever as the PE-2. It’s a super fast twin and can take hits, unlike its German counterparts. Best way to kill PE-2’s is having two or more aircraft working together. Zoom in, hit the PE-2 from the front, sides, top and underneath, etc. Being offset 45* (high or low) works well, especially if you have 2 or more aircraft making passes on it. We (Flight of three 109E7’s) knocked out 3 of them in one sortie last night. Have to be disciplined with the tactics though. Can’t target fixate or their gunners will tat you up. Two or more fighters slowly chipping away on a Pe-2 works.. Forcing them to maneuver and get slow seems to work the best so far. The Pe-2 is still a tough aircraft to shoot down, even with two or more aircraft working together. Engaging a Pe-2 solo in TAW is a gamble with a lot of risk involved. Working as a team without worrying about who gets credit for the kill is the best way to destroy these bombers. One of the best qualities of TAW is the emphasis on teamwork. It’s not about individual stats, it’s about the entire team working together to win a map. Cheers
  10. Easy to underestimate the MiG-3. It’s a stable platform with a decent amount of firepower. It’s a decently fast aircraft (for time period) at most altitudes and retains energy well if flown right.
  11. Just wondering if anybody else has been having issues with insanely slow download speeds with recent IL-2 Updates? My internet speed is 100+ mbps. Has the IL-2 Updater been set to a super low UL / DL speed?
  12. 8.8cm-Flak-36 Awesome pics dude. Thanks for flying with us. You're always welcome to fly with us buddy.
  13. Sick video dude. Love the mass PE-2 strikes. Lots of fun. Lol, Forgot about the mid-air.. Great recovery.... "Wiggidy, Wiggidy, Wiggidy, Whack!" Haven't heard "Kris-Kross" in years. Good times.
  14. Probably lots of reasons. I'm sure the TAW Admins know what they're doing... Everything will be fine.
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