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  1. Does the game even output 5.1 sound? I haven't played with 5.1 sound too much so maybe I missed something, but when I did hook it up couple times to my 5.1 receiver I believe the game was outputting only stereo signal.
  2. Just received my new VKB Gunfighter Pro with the MCG Pro grip. Wow, what an upgrade compared to my old Microsoft Sidewinder Precision 2 (without FFB) - I feel like I'm flying a completely different airplane. Now I just need to figure how to best map the various buttons as I've never had a stick with this many buttons. I'm looking to ideas from those of you that have the same grip. Few thoughts/questions: I fly primarily FW-190 A5. I use TrackIR I own MFG Crosswinds pedals with toe brakes and therefore don't need to use the MCG break for breaking. For now I mapped it to zoom, which works really nice. I squeeze the brake and view zooms in depending on how far I squeeze. I release the break and view zooms out. I don't own throttle system. For now i mapped throttle to the left 4 button ministick (up, down) I mapped cowl outlets for FW-190 to the left 4 button ministick (left, right) I mapped bombs to the bottom right button. I mapped engine boost to the top left red button. I mapped external views to the middle down ministick. Up - external view, Down - flyby, Left - friendly aircraft, Right - enemy aircraft. Push - bomb view. I use mouse to move external camera. Left pinky button: Snap to custom cockpit view. Or when in external view switch from external to cockpit view. I haven't setup trim or stabilizers or flaps or anything else. I'm not sure how I want to use the GateCont ministick and the top Master Mode ministick and its two modes. I can obviously try different things, but would appreciate to hear how you are using it, especially the two analog ministicks. Thank you.
  3. Just got the same email and quickly made a purchase. I was scared the whole time that I'll get Out of Stock message before I get to type in my credit card and click submit.
  4. Hi guys, thanks for all the advice. I'm making some good progress. I've been back to Berloga multiple times in FW-190 and so far am staying alive. I'm taking it real slow, gaining altitude to about 2000-2500m, observing and trying to survive. The biggest difficulty is still recognizing enemy from friendly. I only dive down when I'm fairly confident it's an enemy, but so far I haven't made any kills. I think I dive down only about 3-4 times in the entire mission and then land when I'm out of fuel. I've had numerous occasions where I picked a target, doved down on him and didn't take a shot as I really wanted to make sure it's not a friendly. I think out of those 3-4 dives per mission I shoot only once, the rest of the time I simply zoom out, disengage and go back up. I do have one kill though where a Yak climbed up to me to 2500m, I dove down, he followed me and hit the ground - funny I didn't shoot a single bullet in that mission, but it felt good. Today I had a 2nd semi successful mission where I had a Yak on my 6 for a while trying to get an angle to take a shot at me at about 2000m while climbing and he didn't notice there was a friendly who pulled up behind him and took him down. After the missions I replay the recordings and it's interesting to see who was who and how that compares to what I thought when I was trying to identify the aircraft. I still can't identify aircraft based on the color of tracers. So far I've picked up on the following regarding the identification of Russian airplanes: 1) They have a light blue glow/paint 2) When not engaged in a fight many of them seem to fly straight and close to the ground 3) Their shape is unique - but it's hard to distinguish from far away. Oh, and I'm good with TrackIR now, no more headaches.
  5. Can anyone please educate me on how to use Oil Temp gauge on FW-190. It seems that no matter what throttle I apply the gauge stays around 60-70. Even if I go full throttle the temp doesn't change. If I go too long, the engine gets damaged, which is what I expect, but the temp gage still doesn't move. Should it or are they unrelated? If they're unrelated, what do I use the oil temp for? I was thinking that instead of timing how long to go on full throttle, I could make a judgement based on oil temp.
  6. Thank you all for your advice. For the moment I stopped with multiplayer and decided to go back to learning against AI before I jump fully against real people. I'm trying to learn few things. 1) Using TrackIR. I'll give it a chance to see if I can get used to it. Today I lasted an hour and half before I had mild nausea. This is better then my previous attempts. I'm hoping I can get used to it because it does feel much better than using mouse for looking around and keeping eye on target. 2) I'm still using HUD map to navigate to target area, but once I'm on target I switch it off to get used to flying without object markers. It's hard, I feel like I'm starting from zero, but I'm slowly getting better at it. 3) And to make it little bit more complicated , I switched from Yak1 to FW190. I think it may help me learn how to be more patient and plan my attacks instead of just jumping on someone's tail and following them around. Once I feel good about the skills above in AI, I will try multiplayer again. Regarding multiplayer servers, what's the easiest way to find out which multiplayer server does what? Is there any reference webpage that lists the servers, their difficulty level, objectives, etc.? Thanks again, Pavel.
  7. I finally decided to try multiplayer for the first time this weekend and totally failed I joined the Berloga server and flew 109F4. On Saturday the server was pretty full and I got shot down within a minute or two - six times in a row, couple of them might have been crashes as I was frantically checking my 6. I'm not used to not having a map and not having object markers identifying friendly/enemy targets. Without the interactive map I had trouble checking my 6 and someone always pulled up on me and shot me down. On Sunday I joined again, this time the server was less full. I decided to gain altitude, observe and survive. That worked pretty well, I also started learning how to use my mouse to check my surroundings. Next thing I tried was to get close to some action and pick out friendly from enemy. This was very difficult. It was hard as the action was very fast, seemed much faster and more chaotic than playing against AI. Couple times I was able to get behind someone and as I got close I would find out it's a friendly. In the end I flew couple missions for about an hour, got shot down couple times and once my engine overheated and died. Overall it was better than Saturday, but I still didn't get a single enemy airplane in the cross-hair. So besides the advice of fly more, do you have any specific advice to help with the following: How do I quickly determine who is friend and who is enemy. The action happens really fast... What's the best way to check my six? I've tried couple things and I think the best so far is hit F2 to trigger external view and then rotate view until I see behind me - that gives me a nice wide view. Is there a way to snap into that external view looking behind the plane - not from cockpit but from external view? When I'm at high altitude to either escape the action or gain energy I can't tell who is who below me. Once I dive down, I fly by others so fast that I can't tell who is who. If I hang out down low checking out out the traffic I loose energy. Btw, I have TrackIR, but it gives me nausea so I'm instead using mouse in my left hand to look around, seems to be working just fine if not better for me. Thank you, Pavel
  8. Thanks for response Sokol1, it look very interesting. Do you own the Gunfighter Pro? What's your opinion on the benefits of the 8" extension?
  9. I'm trying to decide between VKB Gunfighter and VKB Gunfighter PRO and need advice. I play only IL-2, but may try DCS World in the future. Currently I use Microsoft Sidewinder Precision 2 (without FFB). It works fine, I never tried any other controller so don't have anything to compare it to - besides crappy joysticks from my Sinclair ZX Spectrum gaming in the 80s - Anybody remembers Top Gun or Tomahawk sims? Reading reviews it sounds like having higher quality controller makes a difference and so I want to try it. I pretty much settled on either VKB Gunfighter or Gunfighter Pro, both with the modern combat grip. The Pro is the version with 8" extension. I'm intrigued by the Pro as I can imagine it providing finer level of control. The only problem is that I can't simply sit it on top of my desk and play, I would need some sort of floor structure to mount it to, which means another expense and another piece of equipment I need to store somewhere and move. I don't have a dedicated play area, which means when I play I need to set things up from a closet and then take it down. So basically I'm trying to decide if having the 8" extension is worth the extra effort of dealing with bigger equipment - any thoughts? And to add, I placed order for MFG Crosswinds pedals that I could place under my desk. The Gunfighter is the next upgrade. And whenever VKB releases throttle controller, I may go for that as well. Thank you.
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