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  1. no mustang on map one but the tempest...sound weird
  2. you talk about the strategic bombing campaign. thats true for this point. but we are in a tactical scenario. i disabled all game messages and the hud because its more confusing than helpful (follow messages around and always coming to late, instead of flying a particular mission). recon and communication is king to intercept bomber formations. i really like the delayed messages. it give only a hint but it never replaces hide&seek game of any tactical scenario. thats some kind of realistic tho. no ground unit was able to directly communicate with the fighters, so it needs time to get messages up. most off all the bomber pilots on taw need the deception and the protection of attacking an target unseen. they have the hardest job and they are the most vulnerable. @Riksenis right most players hanging around over the target and do nothing. and when they have a contact you can see a shitload of fighters attacking one target and sometimes ramming and teamkilling themself to death 😄 when you dont fly on taw please stop criticize the dev for their decisions. i mean you are the admin of cb. ask yourself: would you like kathon coming in your forum and talking shit about your server without taking any round there? and yes the 262 needs more balancing. everybody can see that. this was just the first run of an western front taw. i'm pretty sure we all will experience a lot of improvement in the next campaigns.
  3. i rly dont look forward. you cant see shit there. in the front is more then 50% plane. i only look through the front window in my final approch seconds before the shot. for the rest of the time my eyes are always on my wingman...and yes i start the same way looking at my wingman. only for landing i look forward...but from time to time i train that too i dont want to be THE ACE and i dont want to proof anything. i dont want any title or award or something else. i just want to lead my wingman in to battle and out of the battle. i am neiher greedy for kills nor stats...but i am absolutly greedy for landings. i just want to fly and i am stuned by the results of the campaign by myself. i never expected these results.
  4. it means a lot to me to hear that from you. S! keep your six clear and i see you in the skies! O7
  5. then you are just a fool. i check my 6 95% of the time. from start to landing!
  6. you're just looking for excuses...and so you cant get any better. i trained for years to get results like that. a few times i wanted to give up on online flying because i wasnt able to improve...but i didnt gave up. i began studied a f#cuking lot of books about air combat therory and pratice and none has ever mention the plane as the decisive factor. i trained with my wingman (i never fly alone! beacause a lone fighter is as good as dead!) for 1 1/2 years straight nearly every day. please look at that: source "In Persuit - A Pilot's Guide to Online Air Combat"
  7. no airplane is better or worse...it is and will be always the pilot that makes the difference! And this game isnt and will never be historical arrcurate. most of you forgot one thing: ITS A F#CKING GAME! We dont have the battle stress, we dont need to fly just after our friends got killed and our families got burned, we dont feel the exhaustion of constant battles etc etc. IT IS JUST A GAME! and no one of us will ever experience what it is to fight in the airbattles of wwII...so no one of us has any right to say whats historical and whats not. you want something historical accurate...ok then accept that in the real wwII most of the time one side was just hammered and destroyed and flew with heavy heavy disadvantages. so play the game or leave if you are not happy. and most importent let the taw devs do their work. and they make an awesome job!! they are the only people with the right to decide which planeset and scenario is used nor not. if someone of you isnt happy with their decisions you are free to open your own online campaign...*irony on* i'm sure it will be awesome and much much better than taw! *irony off*
  8. thats true. only a handful of 262 were allowed to fly as fighters/incepters. the majority were used as so called schnellbomber.
  9. mimimi its called recon and interdiction. and yes i attack lone contacts over enemy territory if the situation is favourable.
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