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  1. Sorry for the very late response. My metal effect is achieved by the use of RunNBuff, what I have left of discontinued Model Master Alumina buffing metallizer. I do not use Alclad. The silver paint for the wings is Tamiya Lacquer XP-11. Just finished up another Eduard P-51D Chattanooga Choo Choo.
  2. Sorry if i missed it but do you plan on doing Alden Rigby's ride Eleen and Jerry?
  3. We use the transport plane all the time in our squad run Campaing. It is for more useful than any plane. Without it, front line airfields do not get resupply. Most MP server are just about I and not being a team. It just feels odd flying a ju-52 to resupply while being escorted by 2 spitfires. So there is your explanation.
  4. There's more than just me that would love a flyable C-47, just sayin.
  5. @pfranceswhy confused, only 214 were produced and the allies really need a transport plane. The Ar-234 was rarely used for it's intended roll. But it's a cool plane for being the world's first jet powerd bomber.
  6. Really see no need for the Ar-234, would much rather have a flyable C-47.
  7. Spitfire Mk.XIV, great, now we will black out even faster. Hell, probably just black out starting the engine.
  8. Where can i get the Putt Putt Maru skin, looks killer.
  9. lol I am loosing my mind, glanced over it so many times, dang. lol
  10. I guess i must be loosing my mind as I cannot find this skin. Do you have a link. Thanks.
  11. Raptor, that is a gorgeous skin. I don't know how you guys do it. I have Photoshop and each time I look at the template I am just overwhelmed. Would love to recreate this old photos. Thanks so much for doing it. I would ask for another but i don't want to be a beggar. lol
  12. Wish you would consider doing more 78th Skins. Such awesome work you do.
  13. Is there a tutorial on how to do the artwork for the nose. I might would like to try skinning but it really makes my head spin. Great skin. Definitely will be used a lot.
  14. Raptor, your skins are great. Would you consider doing a few more from the 77th and 79th Fighter Group. I would love June Nite
  15. Great Skin, would you consider doing Twilight Tear?
  16. Your skins look great but I have one question. Is there an option in game to turn down the shine?
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