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  1. Your skins look great but I have one question. Is there an option in game to turn down the shine?
  2. Thanks for the explanation, you do very good work.
  3. Looking forward to downloading this skin pack. How do you know what font to use for the nose art lettering?
  4. Sorry to here that, I am not even going to try to skin but thanks.
  5. This skin looks so good in the air, thanks. Do you plan on doing Twilight Tear?
  6. Would it be hard to make two and have one with it on both sides and one with just the left and let the user choose? I have no idea if it would had been on both sides.
  7. It's Tamiya 1/48th and a very very good kit. Thanks.
  8. New here and just now found this topic so I will share some of my past and current work. Mix of 1/72, 1/48,and 1/32 Currently working in Tamiya 1/48 P-47 And cannot forget my 1/32 Wingnut Wings Gotha. Hope they will release this kit again some day.
  9. Still happening, has this problem even been acknowledge?
  10. Wish we could pick our mirror location or have 2 like on many Mustangs. Always liked this custom mirror job.
  11. Happens too me as well when hosting. It's random and can happensl 30 minutes to 2hrs.
  12. I think that video is way to skewed to favor pimaxx. Judging by the YT comments and here, I don't think I am too far off.
  13. Mine are close enough to war time that should give you what you want. The pics of Caroline, 2nd from top is actual war time photo before she got her buzz codes put on.
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