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  1. Sorry if i missed it but do you plan on doing Alden Rigby's ride Eleen and Jerry?
  2. We use the transport plane all the time in our squad run Campaing. It is for more useful than any plane. Without it, front line airfields do not get resupply. Most MP server are just about I and not being a team. It just feels odd flying a ju-52 to resupply while being escorted by 2 spitfires. So there is your explanation.
  3. There's more than just me that would love a flyable C-47, just sayin.
  4. @pfranceswhy confused, only 214 were produced and the allies really need a transport plane. The Ar-234 was rarely used for it's intended roll. But it's a cool plane for being the world's first jet powerd bomber.
  5. Really see no need for the Ar-234, would much rather have a flyable C-47.
  6. Spitfire Mk.XIV, great, now we will black out even faster. Hell, probably just black out starting the engine.
  7. Where can i get the Putt Putt Maru skin, looks killer.
  8. I made a recording last night of my groups formation flying and checked the track after done and no names appeared above the plane. That track was checked 10 minutes after our session.
  9. AKA_Big10

    [MOD] Icons

    I will ask here. I do in game flight recording and play the track back in game and record that footage. I just started doing this and when I first started with icons on, you could see the name of each pilot in external view. Now all I get is just the plane type and distance, I must have toggled the pilots name off and for the life of me, cannot get it back. What I'm I doing wrong. Here is a before and after pics of what I am describing.
  10. Yes, I will bring the icons up but not the name of pilot like is has before. This is very strange
  11. Is there a key command to toggle icon mode or type? I've looked there and can't find anything to bring the name of the pilot back.
  12. I am doing some recordings using the in game flight recorder and playing back with icons on to help my friends identify themselves. A few I made you could see the name of the pilot above the plane with icons on. Now all i see is the plane type, how can i get to where I can see the name of the pilot again. I am including an example about what I am talking about. . this is all i get now? what did i do wrong
  13. lol I am loosing my mind, glanced over it so many times, dang. lol
  14. I guess i must be loosing my mind as I cannot find this skin. Do you have a link. Thanks.
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