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  1. You just need to make the template smaller if you are ready with your paintjob. Just scale it fom 100% to 50%. Just mark every layer or merge every layer and than scale it down. Maybe then you should duplicate the merged layer into a new File, for having the correct outlines. If you dont do that you will have a problem with exporting the template. Hopefully you understand this. Sorry for my bad english. Cheers, Simon In my opinion it would only make scence if you need more than 200 skins in your folders. Like ACG campaign. 😄
  2. Thanks Jason, and thanks to ICDP, for your nice work. By the way I have a problem with the PSB format. I cant open it. Is it possible to upload it as a PSD File?
  3. Guten Tag, Ich war so frei und hab dir eine PM gesendet.
  4. Thank you for your great work guys. And thanks to updating the old templates into 4K
  5. Hallo, Ich habe dir eine persönliche Nachricht gesendet. Kannst sie dir gerne anschauen. Gruß Simon
  6. Nice work! Thanks for giving the Henschel that love.
  7. Big thanks for the quick answer 😄 This was fast. And thanks for sharing
  8. The PSD File is not uploadet anymore. Is there a way to get it again? That would be awesome. Thanks in advance. SimSonius
  9. thankyou Zargos, thats really helpfull. And keep on doing your nice work.
  10. Very nice work. The colours of the Yak are nice. Where can you get that font of the number?
  11. Im using the alternative way. It works. Thank you for the quick answer
  12. I have a big problem if I liked to open the PSD file with Gimp. I have made for you 2 Screenshots to show you a picture comparison. As an example the La-5 Template Thus it looks in Photoshop: And thus it looks in Gimp: The fuel lecks and stuff like this are gone. It seems to me, that some layers are destroyed if you open it with Gimp. But I need Gimp to Export it as DDS Image. Has anyone a solution for this problem? Or can someone show me how to Export it as DDS Image with Photoshop? Im using Photoshop CS2. Thank you for reading this.
  13. Die La-5 funktioniert super mit den Radbremsen. Und die Focke lässt sich auch gut mit den einzelnen Radbremsen lenken. Mit der 109er hab ich es noch nicht ausprobiert. Ich hoffe mal, dass die Lagg-3 so leicht wie die La-5 ist.
  14. Ein Dank an Don und Stuka. Eure Tipps waren sehr hilfreich. Ich werde das dann mal üben.
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