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  1. I was wondering what seatbelt I should get for this?
  2. You can limit any of the axis also. So you can set it for a tiny bit of yaw of you don't have the room.
  3. Thanks for all the fun guys. It was a great way to spend my Saturdays. Everyone brought their A game and it sure makes the event more enjoyable. Welcome to all the new faces also.
  4. Thanks I just picked it up. I got the pro arcade.
  5. I love the skins. I'll be downloading them for sure. Good luck recruiting and have fun.
  6. I have the crosswinds. They are great. I haven't tried the slaw pedals so that can't compare them. I have the extra cams but I just prefer the standard stuff.
  7. I have the warthog throttle and the bravo. I use them both at once, the quality of the bravo is very good. If you're flying multi engine planes you could use both of your throttles too. I just use the bravo for single engine throttle and my water and oil stuff, gear flaps trim, feathering
  8. Yeah I see them. But I was thinking of just changing things up. I would also love to see some dusk missions with spot lights. Tracking enemy planes.
  9. How about random spawning trains as a target? It would be fun to hunt them down. Say you need to kill a set amount of them to clear the goal.
  10. My condolences, I wish your family the best.
  11. Can a fighter escort be added? You would have to escort an AI plane or planes for points. Combat Box has a fun escort mission. I also like the trench mapping too. Could any of the event stuff be added?
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