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  1. I love the skins. I'll be downloading them for sure. Good luck recruiting and have fun.
  2. I have the crosswinds. They are great. I haven't tried the slaw pedals so that can't compare them. I have the extra cams but I just prefer the standard stuff.
  3. I have the warthog throttle and the bravo. I use them both at once, the quality of the bravo is very good. If you're flying multi engine planes you could use both of your throttles too. I just use the bravo for single engine throttle and my water and oil stuff, gear flaps trim, feathering
  4. Yeah I see them. But I was thinking of just changing things up. I would also love to see some dusk missions with spot lights. Tracking enemy planes.
  5. How about random spawning trains as a target? It would be fun to hunt them down. Say you need to kill a set amount of them to clear the goal.
  6. My condolences, I wish your family the best.
  7. Can a fighter escort be added? You would have to escort an AI plane or planes for points. Combat Box has a fun escort mission. I also like the trench mapping too. Could any of the event stuff be added?
  8. I had lots of fun trying to fly home after my bombing mission. No rudder and flying sideways at an angle home was fun. Unfortunately I crashed in my approach because my plane wouldn't stay in the air level. I really enjoy having flight controls damaged.
  9. Thanks for all the fun!!! I had a blast doing my first Bloody April.
  10. The 110 is amazing and very easy to fly. Everyone flys them in multiplayer. The 88 is nice for level and dive bombing. But it's harder to fly. You'll also see quite a few stukas too. It's lots of fun to fly but very slow lol.
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