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  1. I find it weirdly beautiful seeing my side almost getting to the outskirts of Moscow only to run out ot tanks and slowly but surely withdraw under Red counter-attacks who are also running low on tanks but still managing. Kind of like it was in winter 1941/42, just a couple months later.
  2. I wish we had the "Gneiss" radar option for Pe2 and A-20 and "Lichtenstein" option for Ju88 making them night fighters. Wilhelm Frankl disapproves.
  3. Pretty sure Goering's complaint re supplying the 6th army by air was along the same lines)) Having said that, I'm all for providing such tactical opportunity for the Reds on the Stalingrad winter map (if you manage to encircle Stalingrad, the fallback line for the Blues should be far enough to make the relief difficult to achieve.
  4. The current Kuban map may not be perfect, but I really loved how Blue by destroying and then taking Akhtyrskaya was then able to reach the sea east of Gelendzhik, encircling it and taking it with tanks. It really felt like WW2 tactics-wise, and as Luftwaffe we were able to both initiate and support the execution of that maneuvre. In my opinion, the possibility of such outcomes makes the game much more exciting vs the "attrition" gameplay where the side that has better overall product of pilot numbers and skill slowly but surely takes the terriritory from the other.
  5. There are two kinds of recon in RoF: visual and photo. Mechanic is simple: get within the pre-defined vicinity of the target, and in case of photo recon, you also need to be at the designated altitute and flying the designated direction. Then, an in-game menu option will appear - a camera button for the photo recon or an eyeball button for the visual recon. For camera, you just click the button. For visual it is more interesting - you need to identify the target by selecting the relevant menu option. There is even a guide in the game manual for target identification: I guess there may be workarounds in the game engine to implement such recon, but I'm not an expert. Perhaps the radio commands can be customized?
  6. Bombed Skvorin with 2xSC1000, got 4 accidental AK but no GK despite hangars intact before and destoyed after - any reason for that?
  7. Blue doesn't need tanks to capture objectives)) My salute to our brave paratroopers and Ju-52 pilots!
  8. Doesn't flying in vicinity of enemy airfields trigger a text alert for the enemy side? I always stay way clear of all airfields not to trigger it, as well as not to be seen by anyone taking off there. Flying on auto level directly to the target should get you exposed, unless enemy is not paying any attention. Also not sure how you navigate to target this way - sure, dead reckoning works with constant speed, and you can get AFK for the first half of your flight, but then you still need to pinpoint yourself on the map well in advance of flying over the target. I have another explanation - they guy was flying in sight mode with view angle at 70% and was tracking his position as he approached the target. When I fly Ju88, I do this as soon as I set my plane on the combat course to the target. I guess a lot of bomber pilots would prefer to approach the target either into the wind or with the wind to minimize the impact of changing the wind correction setting as they change the course while aiming - this gives the defenders two most probable sectors of approach, and the one offering the shortest distance from the bomber's airfield will be the one most likely used (bomber pilots are also lazy :). Finally, unless AAA is destroyed, approaching a depot from a 0.5km altitude should be a suicide - I'm surprised the guy managed to get over the target without being shredded to pieces by AAA.
  9. Strategically chute killing makes sense - you advance the enemy's pilot cap, deprive them from the most advanced planes they may have in their hangar, affect their morale (could be hard to start all over again). Showing mercy is the privilege of the strong - those who are confident they can win without resorting to this.
  10. In my experience, the server doesn't tell you that the ping is high. But when this happens to you, what other players see is server message "Player X has ping over limit" followed immediately by "Player X has been kicked".
  11. Short answer: ping too high, server kicks you. Happens to many of us from time to time. Also seems to happen more often when server is full. Makes me fly long-range bombing runs at off-peak times only.
  12. Was auto-kicked due to bad ping 3 times flying bomber runs in the evening. Each time at 28-30 minutes from engine start. Don't get me wrong, auto-kick due to consistently bad ping totally makes sense. Still, flying for half an hour, successfully infiltrating enemy rear only to be kicked 5-10 minutes to target... doesn't feel good. I understand that there may be hard-coded auto-kick multiplayer mechanics at work here, but just in case it's scripted: is it possible to make the bad ping kick condition more cumulative? I.e. you are only allowed X many ms of lag per minute and as you fly the server track total accumulated lag vs total flying time. This way players how only encounter occasional ping spikes are given the chance to go back to normal, while those who systematically lag (due to a really bad connection or intentional traffic throttling) get auto-kicked.
  13. If you look at http://taw-server.de/missions.php you can see that the last few missions on Stalingrad_South map featured consistently high numbers of GK by LW. A big thank you to Kathon for adding this feature - allows those of us who missed the action to get some idea as to what happened.
  14. Thoughts on the campaign: Map victory conditions: Map should only be won through occupation by ground forces (both LW victory via AF shutdown and VVS victory by hitting tank kill cap not realistic) Stalemate possible both for if neither side achieves victory before running out of resources Tanks and airplanes: Limited total number per map - once exceeded, no more generated (realistic owing to wartime limitations of raw materials/trained personnel)Airfields: Can be rendered inoperable by air raids but can only be captured by advancing ground forces Limited number of airplanes per mission per base (based on the supply level) Differentiated front-line and rearward airfield supply and defenses - less on front-line, more in the rear (due to realistic supply limitations) Advancement/withdraw mechanics needed - if AF is closed, rearward airfields get extra supply/AAA (retreating troops + less bases to distribute resources between); vice-versa if capturing (moving resources forward) Previous point should result in the last remaining airfield to become immune to closing down (all supplies directed to it, even 100% damage should be repaired sufficiently to keep it operational in the next mission) and very heavily defended by AAA (imaging if all AAA that is normally re-supplied to all airfields goes to a single airfield) Attacks on enemy infrastructure: Damaging airfields should contribute towards the total plane losses limit (planes destroyed on the ground) Damaging factories should contribute towards the total tank losses limit (tanks in production and assembly materials destroyed) Paratroopers: Can sabotage airfields to reduce plane supply and reduce remaining plane resources (but cannot capture airfields without advancing ground forces) Can sabotage factories to reduce tank supply and reduce remaining tank resource Can attack city defenses from the rear to assist advancing tanks Expected changes in gameplay: Both sides can achieve victory using a variety of tactics (CAS, bombing, air supremacy etc.) Both sides can win only if their ground forces capture the map (much more realistic vs tank kill cap or airfield shutdown) Both VVS and LW can reduce the enemy tank force by playing its strong sides - VVS by direct assault, LW by bombing tank production (and contributing to the overall tank limit as described above) Attacking, defending and adding to (by flying transports) supply lines is critical for staying on the offensive (flying from rearward airfields due to lack of supply reduces no. of sorties per mission) Advancing side cannot stage large-scale attacks from newly captured airfields due to limited supply, hence improving the balance (think of all German offenses that started as a true blitz but ground to a halt due to supply problems) Overpowered side can still achieve stalemate, hence improving the balance (think of the end of BoS campaign part 1 - Soviets pretty much driven back behind Volga but German army also stalled in the city).
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