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  1. I think the guys that made the PO-2 are the ones working on the tanks and ROF planes so maybe they have no capacity for th Li-2 right now.
  2. tried to join the server and got kicked and banned, whats up with that?
  3. Hi, thanks a lot for making a new server for the community! I think the concept of the server is really good, offering a middle ground between WoL and more Hardcore servers. I hope to see this server grow in player numbers, since there really is demand for more non-ultra-hardcore servers. I completely agree with this, the yak7b is the perfect choice, both historicaly, balance wise and also so people who maybe only own BoK can fly fighters on this map. For the same reason please keep the 109g4 in the lineup for the stalingrad map.
  4. I agree we really need more LaGG variants, we are currently missing a lot of relevant soviet fighters, we might have one mig and one lagg but we need very early and very late versions of both of these planes. Right now in a moscow scenario we only have the least prevalent types the russians flew at that time, which makes the WoL admins force rockets onto these planes to bring them closer to the types that actualy flew then and there.
  5. Thx okay in this case I have another question, lets say I buy a spit MK.IX and then the planeset goes back to the first set, will the award points be "refunded", will the spitfire be waiting for me once it reaches set #5 again, or how is this handled? I have many airfield and factory numbers memorised by now. :D
  6. Hey, after some absence from the server Im now back and glad too see how positively it has evolved. Especially the introduction of the award system and the removal of AAA pieces from the "health pool" of factories. I have one question though, the plane set cahnges once every week, so its 6 weeks until all planesets are cycled through. What happens if those 6 weeks have passed without one side winning the map, will it continue on with the last planeset until it is won or will it restart and end in a draw?
  7. thats what i say to myself when flying the Mc202 and i spot a 109.
  8. didnt know I was living in a third world country, well you never stop learning. Credit cards are pretty much only a thing in Britain and its former colonys, in the rest of the world most people dont have a credit card.
  9. In case you are looking for a cheap alternative to trackir check out delanengineering.com, I am very satisfied with it.
  10. starvation in prisoner camp maybe 4) replays dont work anymore for me, I get a black screen after they have finished loading.
  11. Did you restart the game after buying it, if not that should fix it. Maybe you need to activate the key in your profile on this website?
  12. Hi I have seen it mentioned anywhere so I wanted to bring this to the devs attention. Since the patch looking around with my delanclip and opentrack became extremely unintuitive. Its borderline unplayable, is this intended? (i hope not)
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