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  1. Update , if I change the complex trigger to" on entered it works fine!
  2. Thanks for the feedback chap's Only 1 Spawner! Now I have it working off a complex trigger fired when a aircraft fires a flare , if I change that to a check zone and it works fine! And yes I made sure only 1 flare was fired!
  3. Just tired using the trigger spawner , and it's spawning 2 aircraft in joined at the hip! There's only the one aircraft on the map so don't know why it would spawn two! any ideas chaps?
  4. Done all that loads of times! This ones got me beat! like I say works in single / and on my multiplayer but not on the Dserver 🤔
  5. Cheers Sketch , that was all done and working, I could see them in if I create a server, or single player, but on the ACG Dserver nothing!
  6. Hi Chap's Any idea of how I can get the subtitles to show in a multiplayer mission? is there a setting in the SDS file?
  7. All good here , thanks.
  8. Thanks for both of your replies, it will be a bit of a immersion killer but if that's what you get then so be it.
  9. Hi all first post so HELLO to everyone. Don't know if this as already been covered but why are there no swastika's on any of the german planes?or will this change when the full games released.
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