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  1. Riveting argument! An interesting scenario with unique aircraft. As much as I'd love for a Spitfire... I'd rather see French aircraft. That LeO 451 looks awesome.
  2. Do not watch GR if you: 1) want to learn things 2) want to keep your brain cells That channel is a fire hose of bad tutorials and garbage content.
  3. You guys wanted us to do more ground attack, so... Personally I'd prefer it to slow down so I don't miss too much until I can play again!
  4. If you're referring to players - then clearly PTO because they will all fly American... and then only fly German when they buy into the earlier war stuff. If you're referring to aircraft - then clearly PTO.
  5. Slight aside - the nice thing about the DCS editor is that it is available from within the game and the UI is a little easier to navigate - not less, nor more complex than Il-2. The IL-2 editor being a separate program is handy if you're sitting down to only do that, of course. Some days it seems like we're watching a race and both runners are going backwards. In the meantime the F-14 and carrier stuff is pretty nice.
  6. Thanks, I had hoped this was possible. Hopefully if combined arms use in online play becomes more popular we'll get more chances to do this. Cheers
  7. Type of improvement: Gameplay Explanation of proposals: Allow Ju-52 cargo drops and delivery to resupply ground vehicles; tanks, flak, etc. Benefits: I believe this would create more opportunities and mission types using the Ju-52 (and any future similar aircraft, ex. C-47), both in singleplayer and multiplayer. It would create a more cooperative environment between air and ground forces. Examples: a group of tanks are pushing from one objective to the next, find them en route and drop a resupply; a group of AAA vehicles have set up an interdiction point
  8. Yes, I know - what I was asking is if it is possible to script a resupply of the flak trucks via cargo drop/delivery. I am not well versed in the mission editor nor its mechanics.
  9. How about a cargo delivery from a Ju-52 or the one-day-hopefully-flyable C-47 landing or dropping supplies nearby?
  10. A quick google: Sd.Kfz. 10/5 flak 38 was in use from 1938-1945 Gaz-MM 1938-1950 but with the 72-K for AA purposes was from 1942 on (if I understood correctly). If people respond to you with a non-answer to a question you didn't ask, I suggest you don't engage them here.
  11. I am having the same problem as you - disabling the firewall entirely did not work either, in my case. To date I have tried everything that you have, too. Still no luck.
  12. You likely didn't lower any of the pre-load radius settings. If maxed out, it is loading a great deal more than you need to play.
  13. Sorry, but the truth really is that nobody understood what you were trying to say. He isn't forcing you or telling you to buy anything, either.
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