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  1. Sorry, but the truth really is that nobody understood what you were trying to say. He isn't forcing you or telling you to buy anything, either.
  2. What a guest appearance!
  3. Use that little adapter thing that came with the FCS rudder pedals to plug it in directly as USB - this will allow it to be recognized as an axis. Do not plug it in through the throttle, or else it will be recognized as a slider.
  4. Here are missions currently available on launch: https://imgur.com/LO9LO1p https://imgur.com/S26U4xK https://imgur.com/rqyWCmL https://imgur.com/B36tCbt Here is what Cobra wrote regarding content to come on the early-access release post: And from the purchase page referenced in the previous quote: As far as flying, like previously mentioned it is really enjoyable if you're a fan of warbirds, as it is stick'n'rudder - no the fly-by-wire stuff. RIO handles the "hard" stuff, and you are able to interact with him and he interacts with you. It makes call outs, actually looks around (you can see him moving and where he is looking), etc. I got home late yesterday and was able to start it up and start flying right away without having to read a huge manual (just looking at the checklist for start up). Landed a 4-wire on my first carrier attempt. Really enjoyable as a module and we don't even have single player campaigns for it yet. Multiplayer will be a whole other beautiful ball game for it.
  5. He doesn't enjoy the game and wants to tell us about it. I wouldn't enjoy it either if I used re-shade to make it look like his screenshots.
  6. Shocking surprise, that...
  7. You've tried the Through The Inferno missions before? There is one for WWII on the Normandy map. Available for single player and co-op use; you can spawn various types of missions and air threats on the fly. Great for the sandbox approach without having to go into the mission editor.
  8. Not my family, but a friend and colleague of mine, his second cousin (family trees are fascinatingly bizarre) was an ace killed in the First World War. I haven't had a chance to research him further yet, but we did go visit his grave when we were in France a few months ago. Interesting experience (to say the least) to know that he was shot down likely very near the farm where he's currently buried.
  9. Really? Dang. I was just in Edmonton for a few days visiting friends - had no idea.
  10. I think they are making the Flying Circus aircraft, IIRC
  11. Yep, plenty of excellent campaigns already available through DCS for the single player. Also several multiplayer missions, which allow you to generate - on-the-fly - whatever sort of threat you want to engage, are available for single-player use or even small coop with friends. Not to mention the plethora of PvE and PvP multiplayer servers and scenarios out there. All easily ignored if you don't look/care to begin with. A dynamic campaign akin to BMS is, of course, the one thing I really wish it had.
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