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  1. Sorry, but the truth really is that nobody understood what you were trying to say. He isn't forcing you or telling you to buy anything, either.
  2. What a guest appearance!
  3. Use that little adapter thing that came with the FCS rudder pedals to plug it in directly as USB - this will allow it to be recognized as an axis. Do not plug it in through the throttle, or else it will be recognized as a slider.
  4. He doesn't enjoy the game and wants to tell us about it. I wouldn't enjoy it either if I used re-shade to make it look like his screenshots.
  5. Shocking surprise, that...
  6. Not my family, but a friend and colleague of mine, his second cousin (family trees are fascinatingly bizarre) was an ace killed in the First World War. I haven't had a chance to research him further yet, but we did go visit his grave when we were in France a few months ago. Interesting experience (to say the least) to know that he was shot down likely very near the farm where he's currently buried.
  7. Really? Dang. I was just in Edmonton for a few days visiting friends - had no idea.
  8. I think they are making the Flying Circus aircraft, IIRC
  9. Well that was a dumpster fire of a read. Hope everyone here takes a breather for the holidays.
  10. Tuesday

    The IL2 store

    I get the impression you guys are actually having a problem with your banks and are instead blaming it on the web store. 1CGS can't help you with that...
  11. I have not sat in a real 109 yet unfortunately, but I have been lucky enough to be in a Spitfire, and the Spitfire was bang on in this case. With how close the Spitfire felt in VR to real life, I will safely assume the 109 is there too.
  12. 28, Canadian (East Coast), and have the gear for voice recording.
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