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  1. He doesn't enjoy the game and wants to tell us about it. I wouldn't enjoy it either if I used re-shade to make it look like his screenshots.
  2. We've got a B-25 pilot within the community.
  3. Tuesday

    DD today?

    Shocking surprise, that...
  4. Tuesday

    DCS news

    You've tried the Through The Inferno missions before? There is one for WWII on the Normandy map. Available for single player and co-op use; you can spawn various types of missions and air threats on the fly. Great for the sandbox approach without having to go into the mission editor.
  5. Tuesday

    Do any of you have a relative that was a pilot in WW1 or WW2?

    Not my family, but a friend and colleague of mine, his second cousin (family trees are fascinatingly bizarre) was an ace killed in the First World War. I haven't had a chance to research him further yet, but we did go visit his grave when we were in France a few months ago. Interesting experience (to say the least) to know that he was shot down likely very near the farm where he's currently buried.
  6. Tuesday

    Are their any Canadians here?

    Really? Dang. I was just in Edmonton for a few days visiting friends - had no idea.
  7. Tuesday

    When the P51 will be available?

    1.98 ata in the K4
  8. Tuesday

    When the P51 will be available?

    I think they are making the Flying Circus aircraft, IIRC
  9. Tuesday

    DCS news

    Yep, plenty of excellent campaigns already available through DCS for the single player. Also several multiplayer missions, which allow you to generate - on-the-fly - whatever sort of threat you want to engage, are available for single-player use or even small coop with friends. Not to mention the plethora of PvE and PvP multiplayer servers and scenarios out there. All easily ignored if you don't look/care to begin with. A dynamic campaign akin to BMS is, of course, the one thing I really wish it had.
  10. Tuesday

    Tactical Air War

    Well that was a dumpster fire of a read. Hope everyone here takes a breather for the holidays.
  11. Tuesday

    DCS news

    I don't think the label system works, but the dot system is in place and works well for spotting at large distances. The damage modelling is still bogus, particularly for warbirds, but it is still enjoyable if you are able to avoid dwelling too much on that for the time being. I look forward to seeing how the dedicated server handles with complex missions and eventually jets.
  12. Tuesday

    DCS news

    It is very fast loading with excellent in game performance. It has also boosted WW2 numbers noticeably - the 3-4 times I was able to try it was a full server. No stutters or latency issues at all.
  13. Tuesday

    The IL2 store

    I get the impression you guys are actually having a problem with your banks and are instead blaming it on the web store. 1CGS can't help you with that...