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  1. Interesting. I deleted the F-4 snap views but no change. Delicately using/gently but quickly tapping the Page Up, Delete, and End keys, I got respectable crosshairs although a little low and off center. It was good enough to aim and kill. But, when JG3 moved to Pitomnik and received G-2s, the gunsight reverted to it's normal view.
  2. IL-2 Sturmovik Great Battles\data\LuaScripts\snapviews Where is this file? BTW, pressing Number 5 key used to reset but does not now.
  3. 1. I did not inadvertently modify anything in settings. Instead of deleting the dead man's career, I restarted it. My Kuban and Rhineland views have not changed, only in Battle of Stalingrad has this occured. I have since deleted the "restarted" career and started two new careers but the "bug" is still there. 2. " (Or the update did the same.)" Eureka, you nailed it. I either left the game on overnight or was playing BOS during the update a few days ago. This was discussed in the Steam forum a month or two ago after a large update. Yes, I recall going into settings and changing the pilot head position to correct the problem. But I cannot remember how I did that. I'll try doing it again. 3. If returning to default views doesn't work, where are the snap view files saved so I can delete them? Thanks, Doc
  4. No VR. I was (mysteriously) killed on my 17th mission. When I restarted the iron man career, without touching or changing any settings, the reticle was gone. This happened after an update 1-2 months ago, and I was able to switch it on from key settings. But now I cannot find the "toggle gun sight on/off" on the Weapons Control page. I have started new BOS careers but still no sight. But the reticle is present in Kuban and Rheinland careers! Hmmm.
  5. No, something else has happened. I corrected/raised the seat position with F9 but I still don't have aiming crosshairs. My Kuban and Rhineland views haven't been affected. Before Now
  6. Thanks Ghost, I'll give that a shot although I did nothing but delete one career and start another.
  7. "Clostermann is as close to being full of crap as you can get." Perhaps if we had combat experiences such as his then we would be in a position to judge him. Every move was a close call with Death. He describes writing from memory at the end of horrifying days in the sky. I choose not to cast the first or any stone. doc
  8. This is strange because up until now, for a year and a half, everything has worked well. Not only do I not have a working gunsight but I'm sitting very low in the cockpit as though I'm not sitting on my parachute. The seat needs to be cranked up.
  9. I started a new single player career and cannot reset or turn on my gunsight. I've forgotten the keyboard setting. Shift-F1 does nothing. Please advise, and thanks, doc.
  10. I, being a simple man, just don't get it. I once had a Spit Mk XIV "stimulator" that could be instrument-operated by using mouse controls. I recall moving the cursor and right clicking on buttons and levers for the cockpit controls, and that gave me an essence of actual instrument control. Actual flight was with my stick and rudder pedals. But using key mapping is crazy and nowhere close to realism. Why not just set your game to "Normal" instead of "Complex" or whatever and push the E button for start up and shut down?
  11. Yep, it's a game and it's fun. Been laughin since it happened but curious as to why and how. Back from the gulags, I started a new campaign in the November phase, flew 5 missions and ran up my kills. Then, while on a free hunt, I tangled with too many Yaks over the city and they got my engine. I was careless. Captured!! But no more Iron Man and gulags for me, and I went back for a second try and nailed a bunch of them. Flew a "ground troops cover" mission and got 3 fighters and badly damaged 2 A-20s (they shot the hell out of me and I bailed). I'm sure one of those Havocs wouldn't have made it home but the mission ended after I bailed out. Poof! Normally, I can watch the action after bailing out or landing but the show spontaneously ended. Maybe that's because I paused for an hour to do something insignificant. Maybe there's a built-in time limit? Maybe I wasn't supposed to shoot down 2 A20s. After relocating to the west, we went on another free hunt and my leader got us mixed up with a swarm of Yaks and La5s. He went down, I got one of them, and split-essed for home. Eight of them chased me all the way! Flaps at 50%, throttle slowed and flying in circles at zero elevation around the wind sock (AI can't get me when I'm on the deck), we went around until we were all low on fuel. One by one they finally left. I was exhausted! When the last one turned for home, I was p-oed, raised my flaps, put the pedal to the metal, chased him and blew him apart. I landed, taxied to a hardstand and the engine ran out of fuel. By then I needed a martini but the pub was closed...Yep, we should all laugh. Doc
  12. I see some revisionist history here. If I recall correctly, he tried to get Hartmann to go to the dark side after their incarceration by the soviets. Unlike Graf, Hartmann refused to cooperate with Antifa (the soviet anti-Nazi group) under all circumstances, and Graf, who received better treatment after that, was shunned by Hartmann. Now, was Graf a bad person because of that? No, but they broke him. Conditions were horrible and the soviets were brutal. I suspect all of us here would have capitulated as did Graf. Cujo, I'm not lookin for an argument but there are a lot of guys here who don't know anything, and I mean nuthin, about the past. Maybe we'll get them to read for themselves. Anybody here ever read "Honest John" by Walker Mahurin? Doc
  13. Very informative, and thanks. But returning to the OP's subject, just get closer!
  14. Several of you have commented about setting enemy experience at "Ace" or other levels of proficiency. How or where does one do that in a single player campaign? I only see "Options" which include things such as 1) starting missions in the air or on the ground, 2) difficulty of Easy, Moderate or Hard, and 3) Density of front line activity. I start in the air to save time, and "fly" at the hard level with the maximum density of opponents. Some of those guys go after me as though they are aces with a personal score to settle but I'd like to know if I'm missing something in settings. Just curious and thanks, B
  15. That's probably because he went to the dark side when in Soviet captivity! 💘
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