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  1. Gotcha, I'll keep an eye out if it happens again. I'm not really sure what the altitudes were set at, but I guess it's possible the Egress waypoint was set at 8397m and the Approach was set at 500. If so, the flight would have not had enough time to descend before hitting the waypoint. Here's the flight plan, it was a weird one.
  2. oh and here's a pic of landing lights at 7km altitude. lol
  3. Had a strange mission the other day... working as intended? Bomber intercept wherein the climb waypoints took me to 8400m (in the MiG-3). Saw no bombers all the way up there, but got some pretty pictures. Total 50 minutes round trip. I also note that the climb waypoints had speed listed at 230kph which seems to me an unsafely slow speed for a MiG climb. Is that the proper cruise climb speed? I saw there was a separate question about default cruise speed for the Hurricane, maybe they are related. Thanks as always Pat, brilliant app.
  4. I'm a little unclear on the organization of this forum, so sorry to Pat in advance, it must be a bear of a time to track user issues across all the threads. I came here to post about this issue as well, Hurricanes in RAF markings over Moscow. Had a confusing time with target ID! (They're 157 IAP) @[Pb]Cybermat47 do you own the planes? I thought maybe the issue was that I don't own the Hurricane (or any Axis collector planes either). It's a minor thing but would love to see the Red Star on these guys. Here's my photo of the cryptid. (like seein
  5. Sorry for so many questions, I'm continuing to explore the limits of this great software I note that the currently unmaintained il2missionplanner.com by @curiousGamblerr is a great map resource, and I was wondering if there was any way to import a PWCG mission as a flight plan on this website. Potential pitfall: To import in IL2MP, the user must upload a file format (JSON?) that is output by Gambler's app, not a typical .mission file from the game itself. Can PWCG output a JSON of the selected pilot's flightplan, to import into this website? Or alternately, I'm cu
  6. This is helpful, thanks. Very flexible to be able to re-fly or regenerate the mission at your leisure. @Varibraun Thanks for your tips also, I have switched it to runway start for now, until I get to a new airfield.
  7. Quick question. I'm still new to PWCG and created+flew a mission that got bugged. (AI teammate didn't know how to start engine or taxi on Sloboda, 27 IAP, 1941-10-03). Ended up crashing into the ground a bit later, it was sort of a bust all around, from pilot selection on down. Do I have to do anything special to scrap this mission and create a new one? I already flew it, I just don't want it to count. I want to create a different mission on the same date and continue campaign from there. What is the thing determining whether a mission is "counted"? E.g. if it's a file, can I
  8. Thanks for this info, I'll try that. My CPU isn't terribly far behind modern spec, but my GPU gets outclassed by far.
  9. Thanks for these... I have a lowly i7-4710HQ and GTX 850M... So needless to say I will be running quite a bit lower hardware than you. I'll just change the Odds and the Max Virtual Escorts and see what happens.
  10. @Utopioneer Potential bug for you. When I try to load the Yak-9T campaign it wants me to buy the standard Yak-9 s.1. (I only have the 9T purchased and not the Yak-9.) Thanks for this great resource!
  11. Thanks for this topic everyone. It's giving me some ideas on how to use PWCG. Me, I'm just with the one MiG-3 pilot for now... starting on Moscow (Oct 1941) and plan to go as long as possible, wound level set to serious wounds. Not averse to switching to a Yak or La-5 at some point when they become available. I am planning on setting "Missions credited" to 1:3 or so, to get realistic pacing for the number of kills in theater. Or maybe I should just create an IL-2 pilot in the same campaign, to alternate missions and get the pacing right? I think I will fly this pilot unti
  12. Thank you! This thread looks very interesting and valuable. Appreciate it.
  13. I was just playing on Finnish last night. Why do you insist on butting in with your unneeded advice about how to do a thing I am already doing, unrelated to the topic of the post? Your services are not required. Absolutely, I had some Iron Man runs die out pretty fast already lol. I'm going to try PWCG with "Major Wounds" enabled, hopefully it will keep my career going longer while still inflicting a penalty for sloppy flying.
  14. I have already started flying in Multiplayer, thank you very much. That's not the topic of the post. I even thought to include a disclaimer in my original post "Please don't recommend I fly Multiplayer as I already know and am..." Then I thought nah, who would 'helpfully' suggest multiplayer when I am asking about something completely different? There's always one... (she/her pronouns btw) Thanks, I took the leap and installed it, it seems quite impressive albeit I'm left wondering why this functionality is not incorporated in the base game. I'm tryi
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