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  1. I would like to ask for some help please. I have copied all of the files from the Moscow Sky zip into the data/Campaign folder. I see the scripted campaign, click on the introduction mission, click start, but nothing happens. Is this a compatibility issue or? Any help or insight would be really appreciated.
  2. Hey guys, Picked this game up after a looong time due to the career mode. Since I only own Stalingrad, will it be possible to transfer your pilot from Stalingrad to Moscow, that is backwards? I know it makes no sense, but just asking if it's a thing Wishing you clear skies and good hunting
  3. Thanks a lot for the vid Bearcat. When you look at it from this perspective, you sort of appreciate the work that has been put into the product. Yeah I am fascinated by this and had no idea the thing was sooo complex. About ww1 air combat. Yeah the thing is it is a bit difficult to get enthusiastic about such fragile kites and the main thing is I just don't see a very big role of the aircraft in ww1. Well not as big as ww2. However I am a huge aircombat fan so I am not bothered. I would just like to see the Career fixed up a bit. It's still a bit illogical and can be very frustrating. I am just happy that with the 1.29b hotfix the flak isn't as deadly.
  4. That's just silly, what if there is a glitch in your PC and you fail like the last mission in the campaign. In ROF you have 800 days of career. Can you imagine starting from scratch on day 100 for example. Plus there are so many factors that can kill you. For example in ROF your own comrade crashes into you. Plus it's just a game. With new patches settings change. First the enemy is agressive, then it isn't, then the flak is really accurate, then it isn't. From my point of view Desastersoft is too rigorous. The game would loose a lot of appeal if the Desastersoft system was implemented. The difficulty option is ok for me. But rastricting the game like that is out of the question.
  5. Why don't we just wait for the pics and more info?? And further development. I have a feeling that when the time comes we will be pleasently surprised. We all know that right now is not the time for a revolutionary sim of our dreams. But hey....why doesn't this become a nice stepping stone Similar to does not mean exactly the same. And it is a subjective measuring tool.
  6. The title of the poll was a bit misleading for me. I think it would be interesting to see what type of offline missions and multiplayer modes do players like. For example, reacon, intercept, CAP, bomb run etc etc, ground attack, airfield attack.
  7. I think a forum is a good idea. The simming community will never be as big as Assassins Creed or Skyrim and such. But flight sims as well as other sims require a special atmosphere to exchange opinions, knowledge, screenshots, files and such. The devs would have to have a big budget to have something like a social media teaser campaign. Because without any footage and things like that all you can have is a teaser. The key in my opinion is to make a game that will generate positive reviews accross Amazon, Ebay, Gamespot, Ign, at some conventions and so on. There's no way a Mass Effect type campaign would be profitable for this company. I really like polls. As long as they are made accurately they can provide a lot of infor to the devs. I like the ROF polls. So when the New Year kicks in I am hoping to see a more active dev presence on the forum and a lovely cooperation to take place In a nutshell.....yes.....communication is a key factor. Not the ONLY factor. But one of the key factors of a successful product. The narrower the customer segment......the greater potential of and need for communication
  8. Yes. This is great Christmas news. Big map, awards, career system.
  9. The thing is I love Russian games because of ambition and the attention to detail. It's just sad that some are still too buggy for comfort. I am really sad that Tiger vs T 34 got scuttled. I think Russia will make a nieche for itself as a precision sim game oriented country. Since the US and Most European markets are already overflown with fast paced shooters like CoD and BF and such.
  10. I am just waiting for someone to say....actually we were wrong, the Mayans ACTUALLY said that the end of the world would be 2021. Or Rasputin said the world will end in 2030. There's always an end comming. UNtil the world finally ends one day and someone in 100000000000000000 will say.... HA. I was right.
  11. I honestly don't really care what theatre gets made after Stalingrad. Personally, if BOS is a success then whatever.....we can get modules one by one. If the game is good. Hell, Spanish civil war, continuation war, flying tigers, invasion of Poland, Med, Africa, Pacific. Just bring it on :D
  12. I think that after winter came and the soviets surrounded the 6th army.....then no one was saying that. Before that time, I think some were excited
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