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  1. You left out the most likely criterion: I am easily startled, and not in need of a stressful environment.
  2. Alternative suggestion for the campaigns: 3 lives for eager pilots in all aircraft, except 3.5 lives for sturdy pilots with >5 hrs AND >75% of flight time in Attacker(s) and Bomber(s) on current map, and 4 lives for heroic pilots with >5 hrs AND with >75% of flight time in Bomber(s) on current map. Minimum hours and percentage of flight time seem reasonable measurements for a 'lives' benefit, and the numbers are just starting points for consideration.
  3. Marvel Comics Universe has limited appeal to this ancient gamer
  4. Aminx 504 The TAW server requires your TAW player name to always match your official IL-2 game name, and a TAW player can't have the same player name registered simultaneously for both sides. To play both sides in the same TAW campaign requires you first change the TAW name used for the 'current side' to a temporary different name (which you cannot join the server with). That allows you to change to the 'other side' with your real IL-2 identity. Later you can reverse the change to both names to swap sides again etc etc etc.
  5. Were you trying to use an aircraft from Bodenplatte or Flying Circus, which the tags show that you have? You will get kicked from a multi-player server if you selected a plane that you don't own. You can fly over all the maps (on multi-player) at the controls of your own aircraft.
  6. JG7_X-Man did not mention uncertain build quality of many German aircraft in 1943-45. Try being the experte in an aircraft which reveals its unreliability long after take-off, courtesy of those who worked on it. Unlike the Swiss Air Force, a late-war geschwaderkommodore would be desperate for replacement aircraft, and so not all the unsatisfactory ones would be sent back to the factory.
  7. SCG_Fenris_Wolf wrote: FYI is the algorithm for balance not working anymore? It could happen that some squad or groups left the server about the same time. There is no rule to stay and keep equal numbers...
  8. Can't access il2au.sytes.net/info at the moment...?
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