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  1. Yes. I am still surprised when after a good dogfight, being bested and damaged, trying to belly land in an open field, to have your opponent strafe you as you slide along the grass. I think, “ Why? He already got me!”
  2. Can you better describe the shakiness?
  3. Interesting! I tried with 7zip and it didn't work. Will try again today to see what happens Edit: Worked! Old 7zip seemed to be the trouble. Reinstalled and all is well. Thanks.
  4. Tried the download but seems to be broken, It will download but cannot extract! Any chance it can be fixed? Looks great and would like to add it to pilot notes. Thanks!
  5. This looks fantastic! Have you created ones like this for other planes too? Would you be willing to share?This quality work would look so good in each cockpit. Thanks
  6. Can anyone recommend a good web site that has good reference material and information on many WWII aircraft? I have many books but I was hoping to find a site with some technical data and other interesting content Thanks.
  7. Queen portrait is from 1955! 😉 This would be correct, But this would be more appropriate. Or this
  8. Fantastic cooperation on comms for the red flight today. We had almost 10 aircraft in a flight against a target. Mostly Lightnings and fighter support. This coordination is what makes online play so great and enables us to destroy an entire target in a single sortie. Great fun and thank you all in the flight. Let’s keep this up
  9. This is some information I found about the turbo-supercharger. A discussion in chat on a mp server the other day, resulted in a search for this information. The talk was regarding weather certain aero engines were turbo charged or supercharged. There was mention of a turbo-supercharged engine and some members dismissed it out of hand saying they are different and had to be one or the other. Here is some details about how it can be both. http://rwebs.net/avhistory/opsman/geturbo/geturbo.htm
  10. If you have not already, try Antialiasing - Transparency Off in game it seems that the trees are affected by this. I used to get all sorts of micro stutters of different levels on and offline. Some servers seemed smooth and others not so smooth. I started tinkering with settings one at a time. When this setting is off, ALL my stutters were fully eliminated.
  11. Are the fine creators of this great server from Canada?
  12. The addition of more twins is exciting. Especially since one is the DH-98!
  13. Thanks everyone for the replies. I downloaded Nvidia game experience and gave that a try. It works perfectly and is quite easy to use, once you navigate around the interface to get familiar. I did notice that there is nothing called shadow play anymore, but capture is easy as pushing a button. I did a test and captured video and comms audio no problem at all. True about the file size though. The video of the game startup, and a spawn into multiplayer and then end was a 1gig file! Should expect I will upload and delete! Thanks again.
  14. Is it possible to create multiple key mapping profiles? Could one create one for specific aircraft, or one specifically for flying offline and another for multiplayer? Playing offline, I have designated some control buttons for external views etc. These controls are then occupied when flying MP where no externals/padlocks are available. If I could simple choose a profile depending on my arena, I could maximize all controls better. Even if it was simply moving swapping inputs folder in and out of place. Anyone done this with success?
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