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  1. Since the latest update, my 262 engine sounds are problematic. The high pitch whine disappears and returns sporadically. Has anyone else experienced this? Maybe it’s just mine but I thought I would ask if it’s a known issue.
  2. Me 262! I was doing high deflection mini burst snap shots last night and was very happy with the falling wreckage. There is just the right feel to the lead for me and I find I don’t need to use the sight in some cases while looking out the side window. The nose mounted guns probably help a lot.
  3. I had the 262 up for a first flight. What a gem that bird is. It is really fun with the startup procedure, and absolutely a joy to fly. Thank you for this wonderful aircraft.
  4. Experiencing stuttering on a powerful rig is frustrating because you know the capability is there but something just isn't right. I built a new pc and had a bit of stutter, especially when panning using TrackIR. I tried every combination of settings I could think of, and even resorted to lowering all graphics, but still the stutter was there. After some more testing, I found the right combination to completely eliminate the stutter with full max graphic settings. -In game vsync on -nvidia control panel vsync "adaptive" i thought these two settings would conflict but instead they have totally fixed all stutter and it feels like a whole new game!
  5. Had a chance to fly here a bit last night and I really enjoyed it. I hurt my hand recently so flying is limited but I will definitely return. Where in Canada is the server located?
  6. I have noticed that since the last update, the landscape and forest seems to “jiggle” or slightly “wave” like water. Has anyone else noticed this? I know it was mentioned that there were changes to optimization for better performance. I hope this is not permanent. I would rather have slightly less performance and static landscape.
  7. Not the kill markings! They are not reversed.
  8. SShrike

    ME 262

    We keep comparing the Jumo 004 to modern jets. The difference in power and fuel consumption are quite different. Also not totally sure but is modern jet fuel synthetic or is it a more diesel like composition.
  9. What does this apply to? We still have key for rockets and bombs. I tried a few configurations in QM and could not find a weapon that fires with this key. Is it for tanks or WWI? Thanks.
  10. SShrike

    ME 262

    This example is not running the Jumo 004 engines. They are a modern engine. Most likely the GE J85. The originals burned a fuel known as J2, which was a synthetic fuel oil very much the same as kerosene. I think they may have run diesel later when fuel was short. I do not think the J2 would burn dirty and would not leave a highly visible smoke trail. Perhaps a slight barely noticeable line.
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