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  1. 1. Your videocard model. Radeon RX 480 20.2.2 driver Now 20.4.2 Driver 2. Your driver version. First 20.2.2 then updated to 20.4.2 3. Have you artefacts like on attached screenshots or not (answer "No, I haven't these glitches" - is very important to know too!). Yes I had artifacts like on attached screenshots but only in external view. No artifacts while in cockpit view. 4. Does FXAA to MSAA swithcing solving this issue for you completely? Yes with MSAA -- solved completely. 5. Does driver settings reset to Factory settings with choosing default GAME profile after that helps? Didn’t try 6. If you're using some kind of graphics mods (migoto, re-shade or something) does turning them off helps you? Mods on but not active.
  2. OK -- I fixed it! I played around with input settings -- which didn't help. Then I finally just defaulted everything and that fixed it. I assume the 3.012 update changed something in my input settings which might be why default fixed it. I'm a happy camper now!!!
  3. >Have you always used CH Control Manager for mapping buttons? Yes, I've always used CH Control Manager for mapping buttons. It's worked fine until this latest update. However, I seem to remember, in the recesses of my mind, that I had this issue once with RoF -- but for the life of me I can't remember what I did about it! I usually keep a copy in a folder of whatever advice I got that fixed past problems but I can't find anything about this issue!
  4. Love the game and updates -- however -- CH Controlers not working after 3.012 update! See Technical Issues and Bug Reports/CH Controlers not working after 3.012 update – posted 3-18-19 Please help!
  5. After the 3.012 update my USB CH Controlers aren't working in the game. After I click enter in the sign in screen, a box comes up that say's this - "New Controllers found" "CH Control Manager Device 1" "If you want to use the key mapping of an old device for the new controller. please select it in the list and all the bindings of the old device will be moved to the new one." "CH Pro Throttle USB" "CH Pro Pedals USB" "CH Pro Combatstick USB" "Cancel" "Accept" I can only choose one, either the Throttle, the Pedals or the Combatstick but not all three. I've chosen the Combatstick then clicked accept and the Combatstick isn't recognized in the game. I've clicked cancel with the same result. How do I get the game to recognize my keymapping for CH Control Manager Device 1?
  6. I saw this on Techspot dated Feb 11 and wondered if it was true -- and how it might affect us playing the game -- other than not being able to log on? The article said it was going to be a test and would happen in the coming weeks but no date has been planned. Apparently all internet providers have agreed to participate. Here's the link to the article: https://www.techspot.com/news/78689-russia-plans-completely-disconnect-itself-internet-see-what.html
  7. I tried to buy early access of Bodenplatte tonight using my Costco Credit Card and a second page popped up that asked for more card information -- some of which I'd already given -- such as the card expiration date. It also asked for the last 4 digits of the social security number of the primary card holder – which I thought was strange –except that it appeared to be trying to verify it was me using the card. After filling that page out, I got the same message as CB77Don246 -- which was: "Your payment was declined for security reasons". I also tried twice before quitting. So I sent a ticket to customer support and will see what they say about it. I think it needs to be easier to pay by credit card.
  8. The flight sim community is a small one – so in order for us to get the flight sims we want, we’ve got to support the developers with our money and our faith! So -- yes -- have faith! Jason has never failed us in the past and there is no reason to think the future will be any different.
  9. BB5000 -- you solved my problem. I ended up deleting the "devices" txt file and started BOS and my controllers worked just fine! I flew several missions with the Spad, Dr1 and a Yak-1b! Had a blast! Thanks for the suggestion!
  10. I have a CH Combat Stick USB, CH Pro Throttle USB and CH Pro Throttle USB and use CH Control Manager for key mapping. However, it’s no longer working properly in the game since I downloaded an update last night. It’s been several months since I’ve fired the game up but the last time I played IL2 Sturmovik Kuban it worked fine. Last night I started the game and it began a very large download of an update – so I went to bed while it updated. Tonight, before playing the game, I bought Flying Circus but I don’t think that’s the problem because CH Control Manager isn’t working in Flying Circus quick mission or in Kuban quick mission -- so it must have been the update! Just to be sure, I fired up RoF and CH Control Manager worked as it should. When I realized I had problems in IL2 Sturmovik Kuban, I checked “settings/input devices/ joystick” and joystick was selected – so that’s not the problem. When I start the game, a screen pops up that says – Attention New controller found CH Control Manager Device 1 If you want to use the key mapping of an old device for the new controller, please select it in the list and all the bindings of the old device will be moved to the new one. CH Pro Pedals USB CH Combat stick USB CH Pro Throttle USB Cancel or Accept The first time I saw this, I selected CH Pro Pedals USB and started the game and CH Control Manager didn’t work correctly. When I try the quick mission in Flying Circus or in Kuban, the trigger in the Combat Stick fires the guns but the rudder pedals don’t work, nor the ailerons or flaps using my Combat Stick. My Throttle doesn’t change my engine speed but the views on it work. So parts of Control Manager works while other parts don’t work. However the up/down/right/left keys work the ailerons and rudder. So I restarted the computer, in case a reboot was the problem and re-started CH Control Manager and then the game. This time I chose CH Combat stick USB and had the same problem. The next time I restarted the game and when the “New controller found” screen popped up, I didn’t select any of them but the CH Control Manager was still acting the same. How do I fix this?
  11. Although I never flew multiplayer -- in my experience with RoF, the Pfalz D.III was my favorite plane and I'm looking forward to flying it in FC! It didn't shed its wings in a dive like the Albatross and it out-turned the Albatross. Its strength was in turning and diving as it could out dive most planes without the structural damage most other types would experience. I also liked the Pup but unlike the Pfalz D.III, it was under gunned and underpowered -- even though fun to fly. Both planes were very forgiving to fly, unlike many of the planes in the sim but the Pfalz D.III could go toe to toe with most of the planes during it's time. It wasn't very fast and that's the only thing I could criticize -- but the Dr1 wasn’t very fast either and many people loved that plane!
  12. 9./JG27golani79 – Yep - I found it! Thank you, Crockett
  13. I bought everything in RoF except 2 mods -- so I assume I spent enough to get the additional discount. So -- I’m an existing ROF customer and meet the certain criteria to qualify for an additional discount. I logged in to buy Flying Circus for the early access price of $69.99 plus my discount -- and didn’t see anywhere to apply for the extra discount. On the “pay” page, it looked like I’d be buying it for $69.99. How do I get the additional discount?
  14. Pfalz D.III for me by a long way. The Pup for a distant second.
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