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  1. I ve fixed it already. You need to change the old_trackir = 1 parameter to old_trackir = 0 in startup.cfg which is located in "data" inside your main BoS folder (I set it to "1" for FreeTrack before using OpenTrack). After that just do what Gramps wrote about hiding Freetrack protocol few posts earlier.
  2. Thanks for input, but it still doesnt work for me and I have the most recent version of Open Track. Note that I am also a massive noob when it comes to tracking software.
  3. Witam, z chęcią polatam z rodakami na serwerach expert. Gram wieczorami po pracy, głównie na WoL po stronie Luftwaffe. Nie mam na razie umiejętności, ale szybko się uczę. Kontakt forum/steam. Team Speak też nie stanowi problemu (o ile znajdzie się serwer). Pozdr P.S: Gram (a raczej grałem) też w 1946, IL2:CloD i DCS:FC3. Falcona BMS niestety jeszcze nie opanowałem
  4. Hello, I have the same issue as described above. Open track seems to not be recognized by BOS anymore
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