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  1. What kind of VR is that that you are using
  2. Four skins for P-51Ds of the 332nd Fighter Group based in Ramitelli Italy. Here are four skins of P-51Ds of the 332nd Gighter Group. One for each squadron. Skins can be found at Missoion 4 Today.com. 332nd FG P-51D Bunnie 332nd FG P-51D Creamer's Dream 322nd FG P-51D Little Freddie 332nd FG P-51D Meatball Rap II
  3. I dunno.. I disagree about BoX not being a sim.. Back in the day .. the original IL2 flyers thought that IL2 was the only real sim on the market.. everything else was a game and Great Battles is better in my opinion than the original.. I know the bar has been raised considerably but BoS has a lot for me that adds to the immersion .. and for me that is a large part of what makes a sim.. the immersion factor. I kind of went off on a tangent in my previous post and didn't really address the OP.. but I agree with you about improving the MP experience but remember back in the day .. as hot as HL was .. there were also many SP fliers that never hit the boards.. never came to HL.. and never flew MP at all.. I think that if this sim could get something like Hyperlobby .. as far as ease of use and functionality it would go a long way .. There were nights I came on HL and did not fly.. but the way it was structured the social aspect of this thing we do became a component itself in the growth of the sim.. I have not been online in this sim in years so I have no idea how it is as far as the actual online flying but if things are as you say .. yeah ... that is a problem.. the spotting issues.. and the rendering.. the capacity .. That used to drive me nuts in the original and started me on that hardware upgrade merry go round.. In coops often servers are dependent on the rig of the host right? So that will always be an issue to a degree.. as long as there are folks with varying rigs..
  4. This ^^^^ I think is the main answer.. that and times and people have changed. Gaming has changed. There will never be another WWII sim with the level of popularity, diversity of plane set and map set .. as IL246 .. and by that i mean everything from 2001 with the original IL2 through FB .. Pe2 and up to 1946. That is a 5 year stretch .. where all the stars aligned... If you factor in the whole modding community it just becomes GINORMOUS. In 2001 .. which let's face it guys .. was two decades ago.. there are guys on these boards who were ten or younger ... when IL2 first came out.. the gaming industry and flight sims in particular were nothing like today. In 2001 "the competition" for WWII simming was what ..? CFS1&2 and the two online MM platforms Warbirds and Aces High .. that you had to pay to play... ? You had some other sims out .. but they were minor players when compared to those sims ... and in that mix IL2 came along and blew everything out of the water.. it just took a little while to catch on.. but I guarantee you there were not too many people who went and left IL2 to go somewhere else and did not wind up back, especially after CFS3 was released. In fact it was usually the other way around.. folks would come from other sims beating their chests and whatnot.. and after a week or two on HL .. they were hooked.. You have to factor in Hyperlobby too.. I think if IL2 had stayed on the UBI servers it would not have grown the way it did.. Today the competition is Warbirds.. DCS .. and yeah Cliffs as well.. but basically that is it.. and the cost of all of this scares off a lot of people. I remember a lot of folks I tried to turn on to sims that did not want to drop for ANY joystick .. let lone one over $40 .. and a Saitek X-45 at $80 fugheddabouddit.. I spent literally hundreds trying to get folks into this.. with some even buying them entry level sticks.. when I worked part time at Best Buy from 2003 to 2005.. I even set the sim up on a PC so I could play the tracks.. and I hooked quite a few that way.. I think this sim is still the greatest bang for your buck in 2020 as far as a WWII flight sim goes.. especially if you can catch a sale for the earlier stuff.. and pay top dollar or close to it for the later stuff.. You can't beat it in terms of what you get and what you spend. Getting Stalingrad, Moscow and Kuban .. for the price that 1CGS offers when they go on sale is priceless.. As has been said so many times ... this is a niche.. and this is why I try to support every part of it when I can.. I have all the major players on my PC and I have not been able to fly much in years .. but I love the genre.. For me it is a fascinating thing to be able to hop in the virtual cockpit of the planes I used to make models of as a kid.. and many others.. It is a great thing to be able to converse with people I have known for almost 20 years .. some I have met in person or on the phone .. and then there are the many .. who are no longer with us.. This thing we do is not for everybody and I don't care how much people whine and complain.. or how well a given developer will do .. someone will always come out with a complaint about something.. when what we really should do is be glad we even have what we have and enjoy it while we have it.. I take each sim on it's own merits and warts .. and I look at each sim a s a segment of a different multiverse if you will.. so you adapt to the physics and the graphics .. and the sound .. and dive in.. Heck I still fiddle with IL246..
  5. This thread will get no more responses...
  6. Yeah .. I get your point... and to a large degree you are right .. but... I don't recall everyone being happy in any sim at any time.. and I was not posting much but I was lurking .. and everyone was not happy... everyone is never happy .. and I stand by what I said.. people complained and whined in every flight sim I have ever owned over the past 21 years .. from CFS1 to Flaming Cliffs... and this one.. and RoF and FC... I am not saying that your complaints are unfounded.. what I am saying is that it is what it is.. and you can spend time trying to enjoy it .. or not .. but all the short twisting will do nothing.. and I have been saying this exact same thing since the UBI days .. even about Oleg's IL2 .. As someone who has to clean up the tears and snot off the floor.. in here.. I can have an opinion on the crying .. and believe me.. when I do get up in it.. which will be soon.. I am almost done with my move and all that ... I will be the first one to tell you I understand.. but my opinion of the reactions will not change.. because that is the way I see flight sims.. and this team has been the most communicative that I have ever seen..
  7. Look guys... Some of us have been doing this for over twenty years... This is what it is... and frankly , for someone who had to step away from the day to day for quite a long time and is now inching my way back here.. seeing some of the same old stuff floating around like turds in a pool .. is kind of disconcerting. From the very start of all this I don't think this team could have been more transparent and since Jason took over it has gotten even more so.. Eight years ago when all this started .. remember the atmosphere? Yet here we are.. with more than any of us at that time envisioned.. I also think that particularly during this whole COVID thing.. which has affected everyone.. people need to just Relax... The team is small.. To be totally honest.. I think that every time some of us start to get our shorts in a knot and decide to do a rage quit.. about one issue or another .... perhaps it would be a good idea to look back through the past 257 Developer Diaries... and then consider that other sim that does what this one does.. Yeah I still have that CD too .... mind you though that endeavor pales in comparison to this one.. Remember in the beginning of RoF you could not play without a internet connection .. I guess all I am saying is... I always took each sim on it's own merits.. since IL2 was the big dog back in the day and all other sims were a step down in many ways.. (WWII sims anyway..) we really didn't have much of a choice.... I look at each sim as it's own universe with it's own physics laws.. and unless they are way off... you just roll with it.. (no pun intended) ... I bought FC .. and I am not really a fan of WWI flying.. but I caught it on a sale.. and truth be told I have yet to fly it.. but this team has shown time and time again that they want to make a good product .. and that they need to eat .. and I think they have done a pretty decent job of straddling that line under the current conditions in the industry.
  8. EXCELLENT! I remember in DCS it was very similar.. The model was so much more detailed than in IL2 and I had to really work to get the eyes and all lined up .. but I was able to do it. That would be a great feature in this sim... I know it seems minor to some.. but being able to see yourself.. in your virtual aircraft ... or even someone who looks like you ... is a good feature. I think that eventually they will get to that but it just isn't a priority now.. So far I have not been disappointed in this sim at all..
  9. Normandy and 46 are two different things.
  10. There was a utility in the original IL2 called IL2 compare I think it was.. I am not on my main PC so all my links are not available.. but it was on M4T... It would be great if that could be ported to this IL2.
  11. Yeah buddy I am still here. Trying to get Patches (who is doing great by the way .. after his Agent Orange inspired liver transplant) and crew to get over here but they are high on DCS at the moment.. Life has been interesting for me over the past 5 years which is why I have been so scarce around here but like the Terminator.. I'll be back.. and I have been keeping up. I got my Warthog but have not set it up yet .. so much going on ..I'll shoot you a PM.. Looking to get the 332nd VFG back up relatively soon... Good to see you man .. every time I make a skin you still pop into my head ... Thanks again bro.
  12. I have done MeatballRap and Little Freddie and Creamer'sDream... They are on my PC but I am not home.. I will upload them as soon as I get home..
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