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  1. One of the things that really made the original IL2 so unique.. was the ability to customize the faces of pilots. In my opinion this , while a seemingly mionor thing .. would be great if it could be implemented into this sim. I know it is doable in DCS.. the process is much more tedious than in IL2 though because the pilot model is different and more detailed and it takes more to line up the image so that it looks realistic.. but it is doable.. I have no idea what it would take or how problematic it would be in GB .. and I also realize that it would be a low priority given all the other great things that are going on .. but it would be great IF ... 🙂
  2. I have no info but i would not be surprised if one of the as yet unannounced collector planes was a Zeke.. or a Grumman ...
  3. This is unacceptable. Look guys... The sound is what it is.. If you cannot discuss issues you have with the sound or anything else.. without this kind of rhetoric.. then don't post here.
  4. Oh wow... I am so sorry to hear this..
  5. Those were the days.. I haven't spoken to Patches in a few months .. but the last time i did he was doing OK .. Papy, Worf, Obsidian, Cherokee, Merlin are all doing OK as far as I know.. You still pop into my head occasionally when I use photoshop.. Although I haven't made any skins in a while.. I think the last one io did was my own P-40 .. I agree... I remember when you had to wait to get in because HL was so packed.. Jiri had to bump up the capacity a few times.. I have always been Bearcat ... I had a 99 at the end of my name on UBI .. and a 99th_ at the front on Hyperlobby .. The IL2 community was actually my first online community to speak of.. I look at some of these names here .. and it amazes me that I have been talking to some of you folks for 17 years... I came to IL2 in 2002 .. I bought the big box original after I upgraded my rig for CFS 3 .. I came to UBI and was immediately taken with the whole atmosphere.. When I started the 99th I used Jason's 777 AVG and the BPs as kind of a template for the website ... after the guys came over from CFS the rest was history.. I still have IL2 on my HD .. I just don't have much time to fly much at all these days between the life changes and the music.. but I am caught up with IL2GB.. except for FC and TC ... and I still will most likely get them for S&Gs once my situation settles down a bit.. and I am still waiting for that Pony .. It is really great to see this community and what it has turned into 7 years .. wow .. 7 years down the road.. The early days of IL2GB were very ... tumultuous.. but I am glad that things have settled down and that this sim is shaping up like many knew from the jump that it would..
  6. Bearcat


    I am sure that most folks here share the sentiment and hope/pray for the best to the friends and families of the victims in this heart wrenching difficult time. I have edited out some of the more ... inflammatory comments. Lets keep political discussion out of this please.
  7. It freaked me out when I realized that that was Batman. That P-51 looks GREAT!
  8. Ralph "FA_Monguse" Gimenez passed away yesterday morning as a result of complications during chemo for lung cancer. I thought about posting this in another forum.. but I decided to post it here.. I know Guse was not an active member of this forum or this community .. but he was a huge part of the IL2 family and many of the old timers here will remember him .. and be saddened by his passing. It amazes me that almost two decades later .. the IL2 community is still growing and going strong and has morphed into this three legged stool that it has become.. The first time I saw Jason he was heading up the 777 AVG.. in fact when I went to built the first website for the 99th back in 03 .. I used his site as a guide.. and here we are today with this jewel of a sim. Guse... you will be missed by many ... I am certain that I do not speak solely for myself when I extend my heartfelt prayers and condolences to his famiuly and all those who loved and respected him during this trying time.. ~!Salute! FA_Monguse
  9. That's your story? It probably would have been an even far less pleasant time had things gone the other way .. WW2 happened for a lot of reasons ..... this post borders on apologist revisionism .. Let's just not go there at all ok or your posts will be removed if they continue down that direction.
  10. I am locking this thread. Thank some of the posters whose posts were edited or removed for that.
  11. That would be Yeager .. for one.. for sure.. I have cleaned up this thread a bit ..
  12. I never understood why this option was so offensive to people.. The way it was done in IL2 was perfectly done as a server side setting.. Exactly Again.. why the derision.. as an option it would only serve the sim. Exactly .. I doubt that .. The original IL2 is to this date the greatest overall flight sim ever made as far as what it does and the way it does it. There are newer ones of course that do a lot more ... better.. but pound for pound IL2 is the single greatest WWII flight sim of all time... in my opinion o course..
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