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  1. Thanks for the skins but i'm sorry it doesn't work for me even with mods enabled. Everything copied as adviced. Other skins work.
  2. He-111 + Ju-88 with torpedos loaded.
  3. Brief description: can join a multiplayer server but after i've choosen the ac or tank and hit "start" it doesnt go to the cockpit. if i hit "start" again it shows "error:already spawned"
  4. Yes. No Nocke it's the "DB" emblem called "the cookie". Today 55 3354 is located in railway museum Bochum-Dahlhausen. But its not far from Erlangen to Nürnberg where the "DB"-museum is located - u will see it there.
  5. First of all - i love this sim - thank your very much. Second of all - i know it's mainly a flight sim. The attached image shows a type 55 (pruissian G8.1) with the logo "DB" (Deutsche Bundesbahn - 1949-1993) which is historically incorrect. In WW2 time they belonged to the "Deutsche Reichsbahn" and usually carried the "Pleitegeier" emblem (Eagle with swastika). It's a small detail of a very detailed sim - not important but nice to get fiexd 😉
  6. weil darauf der Hotkey für TrackIR - "Precision" liegt.
  7. Da fragt man(n) sich für welches Clientel die ihre Produkte entwickeln !? Star Wars ?
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