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  1. Vander, I have been using your utility to create dogfight servers that myself and a few squadmates so we can collectively work on teamwork and other wingman aspects. Great utility and I love the updates that V29 brings to the table. A couple of questions about the file saving features. I have a number of missions that I created using the older versions, and now that the latest version is out, I would like to open them up within the new version of the utility. Make minor changes and adjustments, rename and then re-save them within the utility. Is this a possibility or a feature than can be added?
  2. I'm getting the same message. Someone drop a bomb on the master server or what?
  3. Update on the repair/rearm/refuel feature on the Dogfight Servers. Myself and a few AKA squadies tested it out more comprehensively on 2 DF servers last night. On a previous test it worked flawlessly and as you described in one of your informative updates. That time we used the two specific aircraft types when I set up the Dogfight mission. Just the P-38 and just the P-51. Last nights mission I set both missions as dogfights, using the first Kuban map and then the Rhineland map. I selected any aircraft for both sides in both missions to get more of a variety of aircraft up during the missions. The issue that occurred was regarding the refueling. Guys that took the P-51 on their 1st flight took only 60% fuel and expected that was what they would receive when they did the repair/rearm/refuel feature but they wound up getting 100% fuel. which became problematic as all that extra fuel throws the 51's balance off. Not sure if it's a bug or not. One of the guys actually found that if he did a R CTRL + F that it would stop the refueling process. Not sure if thats an added bonus but you may want to check on it.
  4. Ok, went back and re-read all the previous posts and saw you added the option to select any aircraft when creating a dogfight mission. Haven't tested it yet but intend to this afternoon. This should allow for adding more aircraft types. My squadies and I tested out the repair/rearm/refuel feature on a dogfight mission on Kuban map. Works great. However for those point hoarders this is a double edge sword. Fly first mission get good score then rearm refuel go off on second mission and get killed. You never Finished the 1st mission so your big score payday is gone.
  5. S! SYN_Vander, Fantastic add-on to the game. Quite a few guys in the AKA Wardog's squad enjoy flying co-ops again. Thank you for all the hard work you have put into this app's development. Couple of questions, not sure if anyone asked this before or not. If it was asked and answered before I apologize for bringing it up again. 1. Is it possible to add more than 1 aircraft type to a single airfield, like mixing P-38's, P-47's or A-20's from the same field used for launching ground attacks. Same as mixing fighters such as P-51's and Spitfires from the escort airfield? 2. Is it possible to expand the number of operational airfields in a dogfight mission from the current limit of 2 per side to more such as 4 or 5. And again provide for expanding the number and type of aircraft at each airfield?
  6. Here's a thought. Give the allies its own transport plane. Would be a great addition to campaign builders and coop builders. The C-47 Skytrain is long overdue in this sim. Put the gooney bird on the collector plane list.
  7. Hey Coconut's, I have enjoyed your dynamic campaigns for awhile now. Nice work with them. Just wondering if you are going to come out with an update to your Campaign Manual that reflects and maybe explains some of the new in game map changes that the designers recently added?
  8. Haza, Yep multiplayer servers all appear to be down. From the posts I've seen it appears to be going on for some time. Think somebody fell asleep at the switch for it to be going on for this long already with nothing being said by IL2 people. My guess is we are going to be getting a patch very soon.
  9. Same here BOS multiplayer servers not showing up. Someone posted they had a fix and no one knows whats up. Is there any upcoming new patch for BOS or has the Master Servers been lost in the real world?
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