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  1. Christ we are a whining lot us simmers sometimes 😂 What an excellent choice of theatre though, this opens a lot up for us group flyers - fantastic plane set!! Lets just all breathe and take a look back at where Jason and the team have taken this platform from, lots of hard work and dedication. I am sure they will give us what we all want, all's we need to do is give our support and patience and enjoy the content they are giving us - no one is forcing anyone to buy anything! I will be purchasing Normandy tomorrow when I'm home as I have with every other released module, excited to see what will be next! but in the meantime, Boddenplatte is giving me more enjoyment than any other sim I've played. Thank you team Il2!!
  2. Wonder if they'll implement the aluminium filled bullets the Germans were firing in 1945....
  3. Yup! really cannot wait - what a brilliant direction to take the platform!! Especially looking forward to the P38L and the Tempest V
  4. I'd of told you it was "ok" nothing special, left a lot to be desired. But wow!! over the past year, the progress and vision has been incredible. I'm an avid aviation enthusiast, have been since I was a little soil eating - crying and shitting organism. I own pretty much everything out there platform wise, but wow has BoX impressed me! especially since I fly in VR now, such an incredible experience and exciting time for the platform. I honestly think if Jason and 777 continue the way they're going, they will have the monopoly on the market. Outstanding job so far! Woza.
  5. Hi Gents! Hands down my best flight sim experience to date 40+ of us on The Air Combat Group mission server We fly organised missions every Sunday 19:00 GMT ENJOY!
  6. Good comparison document on the Tempest V with various AC; http://www.wwiiaircraftperformance.org/tempest/tempestafdu.html
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