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  1. Thanks for the help Luke, I'm planning to try creating an alternate career as a test to see if the award parameters still apply to the player properly. I'll let you know if I find anything else that seems out of whack. To be honest I don't know if I have the dedication to write out an entire narrative for the three year career thus far, however I have written out a couple of short stories in my free time about incidents which have occurred in the career. Here's a brief excerpt of one from Weizsacker's point of view west of Moscow in October 1941.
  2. Well, its me again. Sorry to yet again revive what should be a dead thread, its just that I seem to have noticed something a bit peculiar in the awards system and was wondering if any changes had been made. In short, while =Weirdsacker= is now pushing 200 kills, currently sitting at 191, he has yet to receive the Oak Leaves to the Knights Cross that he was retroactively awarded at 120 kills. Furthermore, since the time that I last posted on this topic, I had another pilot receive the KC- this time Hauptmann Bernd Berger who got it at 100 air kills. Since this award was received after the update which had fixed the allotment system I assumed that 100 kills was now the bar in Kuban for pilots to receive the medal. However, a couple weeks (and a few updates) later I had another pilot reach the century mark- in this case the current deputy CO Anton Schulte. Upon achieving his 100th kill he was not awarded the KC though, something which he is no doubt extremely upset by (See pic related). My first thought was that perhaps the passage of time had moved the bar for the KC upwards a bit and he was just lagging behind, so I've just continued flying as is. But Schulte is now sitting at 119 kills on June 27th, 1943 and has yet to receive anything, and that combined with another pilot I now have at 68 kills without receiving the Cross in Gold, and Weizsackers lack of the Oak Leaves at 191 kills makes me at least somewhat suspicious. I noticed some time ago that the duplicate flying wings had been removed from the inventories so that it now shows only the highest tier wings awarded to a given pilot, though I doubt that would have messed with anything related to other awards it is at least indicative of changes having been made in the awards area. In an effort to find out for myself what was up I've dug through some of the config files, but in doing so found the bar for the base KC in Kuban to be at 50 kills which doesn't seem quite right considering Berger had 100 when he was awarded it and also that Schulte now has over twice the supposedly required amount. Kuban KC Requirements: If anyone has some ideas on what might be up please let me know. Current Scores and Highest Awards: Hauptmann Schulte:
  3. I've always found spotting in IL-2 to be much easier than in reality, especially after they reworked it with that update last year. Though I've got a fairly high resolution monitor so that definitely helps. I got a Valve Index a few months ago though and I've found the spotting in VR to be far harder and far more realistic, funnily enough after spending a number of hours in VR IL-2 I've found that my real world abilities to spot aircraft have seemingly improved. Not sure if this is because I've been focusing on spotting much more than I used to, or if the challenge that is tracking camouflaged aircraft through forest ground clutter has just made spotting white 172s relatively easy. Regardless, its always nice to already have traffic in sight when tower tells you to start looking.
  4. I'm most familiar with the Luftwaffe callsigns for the career, and I can tell you that they're generally just as confusing. However, there is a bit of reason behind them in the sense that certain callsigns generally only apply to particular types of aircraft. For one thing, in the case of the Luftwaffe the player flight is always Eagle, and any friendly fighter patrols encountered around the map are always called Swift. As such there can be more than one Swift flight in an area, and in some cases I've had over 3 or more Swift flights present in particularly hairy engagements over Kuban. Raven is the Soviet equivalent of Swift effectively, which is why there are so many. Attack aircraft and bomber flights operate on a similar principle with callsigns based off of their aircraft type. Since they only spawn when you have to escort them their flight will have a unique callsign which does not change even if a different unit if flying the sortie. In the case of the Luftwaffe its generally Oriole, and for the Soviets its Hawk. For ground spotters in the Luftwaffe they either go by Storm, or Volcano as their callsign, not sure about the Soviet equivalent there. As for ground controllers at airfields, generally your home base will operate off of a consistent callsign, at least for my current Kuban Bf-109 career Anapa tower is always referred to rather basically as "Linden". If you fly to a different field you might get something else though, it seems random to be honest. All in all, in any given sortie you only ever really have to keep track of your own callsign, and in the event you're escorting a flight their callsign as well. Swift/Raven flights are a dime a dozen and generally patrol a singular area, and while it might be good to know if they're engaged or not, they will never be mission critical. As for airfields, in the case of two airfields having the same callsign, I generally just read the tagline above their message which gives you the field name to go off of. Hopefully one day we'll get an in depth communications rework. Edit: If this has to do with getting a coherent callsign system down for the purposes of the Aleksei Kozlov narrative, I'd say your best option would be to either get creative or try to do some research on actual VVS callsign systems. I am extremely lacking in my knowledge of actual VVS organization unfortunately, but considering that AAR is set in 1941, it might help to bear in mind that the majority of Soviet aircraft at that time either had extremely unreliable radios or a complete lack of them entirely.
  5. A recent change I've noticed in the behavior of AI wingmen on intercept missions in particular is that following the initial engagement of a target they seem to become unwilling to press the attack any further. In the past you could practically force your squadronmates to engage an enemy bomber/ground attack flight by giving the "Return to Mission" order when in close proximity to the mission target on an intercept as the bombers were seen as the critical objective which they would immediately try to fulfill. I recently flew a bomber intercept several times however, and this seems to have changed. While so long as the mission critical objective has yet to be fulfilled, giving a return to mission order will result in your flight immediately engaging the target, as soon as they have either damaged 2 of the bombers or downed 1 of them, they will break off their attack and attempt to rejoin formation. I assume this is a result of the mission being considered finished and compounded by changes in the AI focus on maintaining a cohesive formation more often (Which is definitely a good thing). After this point is reached however, nothing I do or say (with the exception of 1 odd trick) can persuade my wingmen to reengage the often still plentiful bombers cruising around- to the point that I've flown in formation with the enemy while repeatedly spamming the "Engage Nearest Air Target" command to no avail. The odd workaround to this issue I have found was rather surprising but is actually rather effective- its to give the "Cover Me" command, and then fly in front of the bomber formation you want to die. It seems as if this triggers your AI wingmen into believing that the bombers are on your six o' clock, and results in them immediately bouncing the apparent threat with extreme aggression- to the point that I was able to coax my flight into downing 10 A-20s with this method over the course of a single flight. All in all this doesn't seem like too big an issue- and the cover-me command certainly helps to rectify it more than a bit even if it is an odd tactic, I just thought I'd share what I had noticed.
  6. Well this is somewhat uncanny: Same theater in the same unit and position as well lol. Except I'm only in June currently. I will endeavor to reach the vaunted 1,069 kills by the career's end lol.
  7. That was an entertaining read, I'll be sure to check back later for more! Its good to know I'm not the only one whose played around a bit with IL-2 inspired writing, I might have to give posting some a shot once I finally stop compulsively reworking my wording.
  8. Its made for the G14, thanks.
  9. You can download and use custom skins at will, enabling mods is not required. Just download them and drop them into the proper directory at: PC>Disk>Program Files(x86)>Steam>steamapps>common>Battle of Stalingrad>data>graphics>skins>Plane Then when choosing skins for an aircraft in game go over to the custom skins tab. Not sure if these skins in particular are up for download, but you can check some others out here: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/forum/91-skins-and-templates/
  10. As Black Six said, the finger four was more or less fully adopted by the VVS by the Spring of 1943. Also around this time the Soviets also began to adapt their tactics to allow for more initiative and aggression in their fighter units, allowing for free hunt flights to be flown and developing the Kuban Stairs formation of interlocking top cover flights, which was done using pairs and flights of four. From the book Soviet Lend-Lease Fighter Aces of World War 2: "Porkyrshkin had been busy developing and perfecting his new tactics during the spring and summer of 1943. The old pre-war tactic of flying formations of threes and sixes, either in line abreaest or in a 'V', and then rigidly maintaining formation throughout any aerial battle which ensued had proven obsolete. Seeing the effectiveness of the enemy's open formations, Pokryshkin reduced the size of his flights to four fighters, which he split into elements of two.... During the summer Pokyrshkin introduced the 'Kuban Stairs' tactic, in which the strike flight flying at a lower altitude would be covered by another flight behind it, and at a higher altitude, ready to surprise any enemy fighters that might try to bounce it. And this second flight would in turn be covered by its own flight higher still... Pokryshkin also developed the practice of 'free hunting', in which 16 GIAP pilots were allowed to execute fighter sweeps... in late 1943 Pokryshkin attended an 8th Air Army-sponsored conference concerned with the wider development and use of free hunting, and this tactic gradually became popular throughout much of the Soviet Air Force."
  11. After a bit of tinkering and verifying the game cache like 8 times I have managed to alter the number of missions per day as well as the number of pilots in the unit if anyone is interested. I'm about the furthest thing from a mod maker and haven't written any code since I took comp sci back in high school but its fairly easy. Along the way I stumbled into the asset files for the autogenerated pilot photos though, and I was not prepared for this nightmare fuel:
  12. I might be missing something entirely here, but for whatever reason my scg folder is missing only the number 15 career ID for Kuban- it just skips from 14 up to 16. All the others are present however, which is rather odd. Any idea why this might be? Edit: just found it, I had to extract the Missions GTP and that got it to appear for some reason.
  13. Out of curiosity, do you know where one might find those files?
  14. Huh, I always thought the definition in aviation was the same as it was when referring to infantry. I'll remember that lol. So, with the reduction in missions my unit has gone from flying an average of 16-24 sorties per day to around just 8 to 12.
  15. Understood, I'm inclined to agree in the sense that flying 2 missions per day as the player is a fairly good benchmark- and as a unit CO I generally put myself on 2 sorties per day in most cases. Having just done some cursory testing I see that fighters now start career phases off flying 2 sorties per day, I assume this change was made in the most recent update and I mistook it for some kind of scheduled shift in the career itself by mistake. My bad. I entirely understand the Soviet bomber groups flying a single sortie per day, as they fly in large groups and their overall unit size of 12 men fits that margin well, and in the past when the fighter squadrons consisted of only 12 men flying 2 sorties per day was a rather good fit. As of now though with fighter units being 16 men at full strength, I can't really divide my squadron into two flights of 8 for a given day. I'm definitely somewhat unusual in this sense, some might say obsessive, but when flying in the career mode I like to focus on the unit overall and my AI pilots rather than myself. (To the degree that each time one of them dies in combat I write out a detailed casualty report and keep logs of major engagements and actions- yes its extremely nerdy, but what else is a bored history major/pilot supposed to do in quarantine) Under the system where 4 sorties were flown per day with an overall unit size of 18, I effectively operated a quasi-historical staffel system where my unit was divided into 2 sub flights and a smaller command flight, with each sub flight flying 2 sorties per day, and the command flight supplementing them when necessary. Here's an illustration of how much time I have on my hands: The end result of this system was that I, along a few other select pilots, flew twice a day, while every other pilot in the unit would hypothetically go up at least once per day- and I had far more variety in the missions which I chose to participate in. With the reduction in the number of sorties per day down to 2, this system and the unit size in general has just become rather overkill- and while the new unit size of 16 helps this somewhat I think it would honestly be better served by just reverting back to 12. Otherwise as things are currently, I have a number of Feldwebels who pretty much sit around not doing anything as I consistently favor my more experienced pilots for each flight. Naturally this system is dependent on the player being the CO in order to effectively organize, but as dburne said, when not flying as the CO theres a chance that the player will get even less participation. I don't mean to sound overly petty and be one of the people who go complaining about every little change, but I can definitely say I preferred the earlier build with 4 sorties per day. Historically speaking, most fighter units in WW2 flew far more than 4 sorties in a given day, with single Luftwaffe pilots in particular often going up several times in a day. While I can admit that its plainly not practical to have so many flights in a day, I can't help but feel that the realistic speed setting should maybe reflect this a bit more. It might be a bit to ask for, but if an additional setting could be created pertaining to the number of missions flown each day separate from the overall career speed setting I would be eternally grateful.
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