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  1. I've got somewhat of an odd explosion as well. This A-20 was violently gunned down by one of my AI wingmen in a Bf-109 G4 (I can be seen observing from the 109 just behind him). A few moments into his firing run there was just a massive explosion which seemed to emanate out from the fuselage of the A-20. By this point I believe they had dropped any bombs that were on board so I assumed it was some kind of fuel explosion but it was certainly more violent and extensive than most of the fuel tank hits I've seen. Maybe some of the gunner magazines got set off? I doubt that the powder ch
  2. Had what I thought was just a very near miss in a 109, didn't realize something rather important was gone until I got back home and tried to use it.
  3. Between the current build and the prior 4.505 I have noticed more persistence from both enemy and friendly AI's in pursuing targets as appropriate. Which is good, its very good. Gunnery in my opinion has also improved somewhat- but only with regard to certain aircraft, and I think this has to do with weapon configurations. While aircraft with guns which all more or less match eachother in projectile speed have benefitted, the AI for aircraft like the pre-G6 Bf-109s and the P-39 have yet to see the same perfomance increases because they seem to base their aim off of their low caliber bu
  4. Tell me about it, getting caught by one at low altitude in a Heinkel is a death sentence, they look so damn good though. I didn't know there was a night career for the FW-190, I'll definitely look into that.
  5. I fly exclusively in VR at this point to be honest. I've had the chance to run both the VivePro and the Index on the same night bomber career and haven't noticed that much variation though. Granted, I am nowhere near as versed as others when it comes to subtle rendering/display differences and the minutiae of VR hardware.
  6. Try flying a night bomber career for either the He-111 or the U-2VS if you have it. Some of the most immersive flying in the sim is at night.
  7. Ammo and gas tank explosions do happen, they look something like this: My personal favorite is probably this IL-2 which had a lucky MG round detonate one of the rockets slung under its wing, to disastrous results. Despite my best efforts, I have yet to manage a repeat of this shot.
  8. I did not, it was on full fuel and ammo, as was the MC 202. Also, watching the videos you posted you might want to try moving the initial engagement level upwards to say 3000 meters or so. The 202 seems to do better at higher altitudes, and incorporating verticality to the fight seems to bring out some of the capabilities OP is talking about. While it does seem to me like the AI can outperform human pilots in the MC. 202 in certain specific situations, I don't think I would call it utterly unrealistic. While I do see what you mean with regard to the AI quickly shifting
  9. I also tried to make things somewhat fair but in the other direction, I was using the Bf-109 G4- though I also spent a decent amount of time toying with the AI to see how they would respond to different maneuvers. I would imagine that the F4, while at parity in terms of service introduction, would probably be easier to take up against the 202. I had a harder time taking out the Macchi in the P-38 and only managed to do so by diving down low and getting the AI to overshoot while pursuing me. (It should be noted that I am definitely not a P-38 pilot) The most difficulty I had was flyi
  10. That was a pretty nasty surprise I must admit. Flying the MC. 202 myself I've always known it as fairly responsive and relatively quick for its time frame but you are correct, the AI gets way more out of it than I can. I was able to beat the ace AI in it in every aircraft I tried, but in every case outside of the Spitfire Mk.Vb it wasn't an easy fight (In AI terms). There was a moment when I had it pretty dead to rights in a fairly low energy state flying a Bf-109, and then it started out-turning me and I had to drop flaps to keep up. I might have a theory as to why the AI might be a
  11. Does this count? The A-20 is a little confused but its got the spirit: Might be a bit off topic but has anybody else here encountered this weird buoyancy glitch? I've only ever seen it twice and only with A-20s, its pretty strange.
  12. I don't think I've ever flown against an AI 202, I'll give it a shot and report back.
  13. Living in Florida as a pilot, if I could own any plane in the world it would hands down be a PBY Catalina. If one were added to the sim I would happily cruise the North Sea for hours on end hunting for U-Boats.
  14. In doing a bit of research on Marseille's aircraft I found several conflicting paint schemes, all of which were Bf-109 F4s from early to mid 1942. I don't recall hearing any stories about him burning through planes left and right but he seems to have had quite the variety, I also found no real consensus on the proper color for the under cowling. While Osprey has all the North African 109s featured without the yellow cowlings, a number of paintings and photographs I found had the opposite, so I wasn't quite sure which way to go. From Osprey Aircraft of the Aces: Bf-109 Aces of North Afri
  15. IL 2 GB skins all have the .dds extension. I've never done skins for Cliffs of Dover but I assume they also stick to one file type.
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