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  1. I am only after the ability of the throttle to (upon a button press) supplying a 'ctrl key press' in the stream (as if from the keyboard IO.) There has to be a way to program this without ch manager.
  2. 12:34pm est Sunday 21oct2018 I am on eastern coast nj Server list is UP right now during daytime. Was UP Yesterday and today during daytime 12 ish. I'll bet it goes down by tonight again. Is there anyone not in USA that is affected affected by this?
  3. Same here 7:51 est east coast usa No server list yet again
  4. Yet again, we seem to be having a problem whereby the server list in both on line and COOP is empty! It was also down last night. It was however connecting during the day today, I live on the east coast, Its Saturday evening 7:42 pm eastern 20 oct 2018 No server list
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