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  1. @-DED-Rapidus attached, maybe the .list file have my pc config route. Also now I have a issue with Velikie Luki summer map. Map works fine, but when you get out the game, it freeze and this message is displayed: "Config errors found. Saved to 'CFG Pool.log' Checked this file and displays this info: luascripts/worldobjects/blocks/static_boxnb_3.txt: Invalid arguments number (3 instead of 4) of var: energyloss luascripts/worldobjects/blocks/static_tanknb_5.txt: Invalid arguments number (3 instead of 4) of var: energyloss luascripts/worldobjects/blocks/static_platformemptynb_3.txt: Invalid arguments number (3 instead of 4) of var: energyloss luascripts/worldobjects/blocks/static_tanknb_3.txt: Invalid arguments number (3 instead of 4) of var: energyloss luascripts/worldobjects/blocks/static_platformnb_3.txt: Invalid arguments number (3 instead of 4) of var: energyloss luascripts/worldobjects/blocks/static_pass_5.txt: Invalid arguments number (3 instead of 4) of var: energyloss luascripts/worldobjects/blocks/static_pass_3.txt: Invalid arguments number (3 instead of 4) of var: energyloss luascripts/worldobjects/blocks/static_platformnb_5.txt: Invalid arguments number (3 instead of 4) of var: energyloss @-DED-Rapidus do you need new bug-Issue report for this Velikie Luki summer map or with this info is fine? Thanks, regards, Venlo_Mision.rar
  2. Hello devs: Brief description: In Rheinland map, Venlo airfield, ghost icon (or something) over taxiway Detailed description, conditions: When you taxi in this taxiway there´s some strange thing that broke your plane (if going fast) or move your plane like a crush when taxi low. Maybe a ghost tree? Checked in clean Rheinland map with no icons, cities, bridges (template) Your PC config data (OS, drivers, specific software): Win10, i5 7600k, Asus Maximus IX, 1070ti, 32GB RAM, 500GB M.2 Additional assets (videos, screenshots, logs):Attached
  3. This campaign, as indicated in the introduction, is not historical. In later missions there are B-25s and Spits. About mission 1, yes, it's true, it's obvious, predictable. As in war, there is not always a lot of action or such complicated strategies and I like to place them in my campaigns. But if you keep moving forward, you will see that there are others that are more difficult
  4. Reshade has a adaptative sharpen that you adjust and you see how work in the moment. Then you set the valor you like most. The color is real but you can use colorfullness to enhance some colours. Greener pasture, more blue sky. In general more vivid colors. You can adjust values that you like too in the moment.
  5. Sad for me too. Instaled reshade only for aesthetic because i have a 55" screen. And was wonderfull. Using only 2 enhancers, colorfullness and sharpen. Maybe devs add in a future something like colorfullness because the change is awesome. But, as you say, not all ppl use RSH in correct ways. Anyway the graphics looks excelent too without RSH.
  6. 4K Skin based on version with FuG212 Radar (V056) that crushed in testing. https://www.dropbox.com/s/vsnyn167dblteft/Me262A.rar?dl=0 With and without haken. Instructions: Copy both DDS archives in: data/graphics/skins/Me262A/your new archives Enjoy
  7. Subi de adelanto una skin que ira en la campaña. Basado en un 262 (V056) con radar FuG212.
  8. Preparing a Me 262 Campaign. Soon new notices about this.
  9. Hi Jim, no, that happened to me on the Reinland map arriving at Ijsselmeer over the city Harderwijt, that's inside the map. No message about the limit of the map. That happened to me a while ago. I should check it again. Just a few minutes ago flying with the 262 in Moscow map, the cockpit flew out of nowhere. I was being attacked by several AAA without hitting me, but the plane was moving entirely because of the explosions. Yesterday flying the 262 making a not so tight turn, the cockpit also flew away.
  10. Yes, everytime that I open this file and make a mission, I "save as" with the name of new mission.
  11. Dear Mission Editor builders: I am GOA_Walter_Nowotny from Chile. I am a regular user of IL2 and I have done some campaigns for the simulator and also have a dserver that I upload from time to time. Some of you helped me with mission editor issues sometimes. The situation is: To save time I keep templates of the maps with the cities, airfields, etc. and I am arranging them according to the mission I build. I save the templates as a map and not as a group, so, I load the map that I want (example: Stalingrad-summer with all the icons pre-loaded) Occasionally I have some weird problems after updates when doing missions. Currently I also have strange missions problems since the last update. They usually pass me with Reinland maps. A while ago I had a problem with the Me 262 that when flying in a certain area, the game take me out of the cabin and show me my plane from outside (as if I were seeing it from an external camera (F2). It was impossible to return to the cabin until after about 20 seconds. It was solved I don't know how. I am currently working on Reinland map with the Me 262 and some strange problems happen now. They are random problems such as unfix and out the cabin, showing the map without pressing the button to see the map, showing the external artillery camera without pressing F5. All with nothing apparent. Having to go back to the cabin as fast as possible and not crash. I have looked for these problems in the forum and cannot find them. Sometimes I report them. Thinking and thinking I have concluded that it can be a problem of the templates of the maps that I keep. Although I save them with the new update when I use them, I am thinking that they could keep some error that cannot be solved by re-saving them. My question: Is possible that the map templates keep a certain "cache memory" that gives issues when opening them with a new update? And the solution is to start from 0 every time I create a mission in the editor? Or better is to save in groups all the icons and add in a new map? If you have any suggestion I appreciate it. My English is not the best, I hope you have understood. Thank you, GOA_Walter_Nowotny
  12. Hello devs: Since the recent update I have random issues that I can't log because they are random and sometimes don`t happen: At the moment all registered in the Me 262 Reinland map. All in single mission make in the Mission Editor I have flown other planes (Yak 9T stalingrad map) without those problems. It has only happened to me on the 262 Reinland map the times I have flown it. Random problems: - The cabin comes out for no apparent reason. - The map appears without pressing the map button - Ground artillery view camera is activated. (I have activated external cameras because making a campaign) I don`tt have how to register it because it happens randomly. Yesterday I did not have issue on a flight in the afternoon, but it happened on flights in the morning. Today it happened again. My information: - i5 7600K - SSD 970 EVO - Win 10 64bit - EVGA 1070ti - Button box Leo bodnar -X-55 Rhino throttle, X45 stick, CH Quadrant and Saitek rudder pedals Thanks
  13. Thank you very much, I will add your translation to russian for the next update ! With this values, the bridge is destroyed if you put 2 x 50kg or 3 x 50kg bombs into each bridge. I tested after last update. Good day!
  14. CAMPAIGN LANGNASE DORA: ****************************************************************************************************************************************** Updated and corrections logs: - 08 August 2019: Campaign updated to last version of IL2 game 3.102 - 10 August 2019: Corrected programming error in mission 10 - 01 May 2020: Updated to game version 4.005. resave all. Added some items and corrected some bugs and programing ****************************************************************************************************************************************** _______________________________________________________________________ Download campaign from last update/correction: https://www.dropbox.com/s/c1lcpjzzlmbaeog/Langnase Dora.rar?dl=0 _______________________________________________________________________
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