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  1. ATTENTION PILOTS! ************************************************************************************************************************************** UPDATED: LOST HOPE to version 3.101 Date upload: 14 - June - 2019 Download link in page 1, begin of the topic ************************************************************************************************************************************** Acknowledgment: - Thanks to Olaf (Veteran66) for his help and autorization for use some explosions effects! -Thanks to Lothar (durruty) for his help in german translation.
  2. ATTENTION PILOTS! ************************************************************************************************************************************** UPDATED: PANZERNACKER 3.101 Date upload: 14 - June - 2019 Download in page 1, beginning of topic **************************************************************************************************************************************
  3. Hello and thanks you for your message. Truly, the issue of AI attacking tanks in motion has been an important issue for me. The updates modify some values and therefore the behavior of the AI. And I had already fixed a similar problem in a previous update of this campaign. I am currently testing other ways for the AI to attack efficiently and not be "all day" trying to kill 1 tank. In the event that you are the one to attack, you could kill a tank on the 3rd or 4th attempt. But the same does not happen with the AI. In the case of mission 6, they have a time to attack and after that, they return. Greetings,
  4. Hi Alonzo: Today , GOA Squad was attacked by a friendly Focke Wulf flying by (PDX_Pilot) over our base in Ivanovskoe AF. MAP: Operation-Eisenhammer-Feb-1945. Waiting our land and attacked us. With two of our pilot downed by him. Is too sad to finish a group mission like this. This type of people should not be welcomed in this simulator and should be banned for more than 6 months. It does not work a couple of hours because he does it again. Only exemplary punishments will keep these excellent servers with good reputation. I also entered the Combat Box page to check "online pilots" and PDX_Pilot does not work the link to the profile. All other online pilots can see their profile by clicking on it. Then it is a bot or it is a hack I think. Thank you Alonzo
  5. Today the GOA squadron while flying in formation with BF110G towards target in Kalinin, one of our pilots (GOA Karaya) was shot down because someone entered to take his rear gunner and strafed the elevator. All our planning went to the garbaje and it was very annoying. It would be great if the adminis can find who did it. I have reviewed the flight itinerary and the incident appears but it does not figure who was in the gunner's turret. Thank you Alonzo
  6. This was compressed with WinRar. Maybe 7Zip is not compatible.
  7. Can`t fix this issue. It only happens in this campaign since a time ago. In no other. I don`t know what it could be. With the same configuration does not happen in Lost Hope (my other campaign) and no other that I have installed. Before, it was not like that. I put a post on 'Mission making and mission editor' about this but not get an answer. This spoils the campaign, but I don`t have time to make another one so quickly at this time.
  8. Report post Posted June 18, 2018 (edited) ATTENTION PILOTS! ************************************************************************************************************************************** UPDATED: PANZERNACKER 3.011 Date upload: 08 - March - 2019 Corrected bugs, programing and issues (recomend to download again for those who have it before) Added German translation: A lot of thanks to Lothar (@durutti) for your help in translato into german this campaign and Lost hope ************************************************************************************************************************************** For new downloaders this is the last version of the campaign with the new version of game 3.011. You can download here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/exmnqnqw4wfavka/Campaign Panzerknacker.rar?dl=0 Any question, issues and comments please post to help. Was a issue in programming. When the HS squad attack the tank column, all the tanks die at the same time and no more to attack, so, when you arrive to the zone, the other squad don`t have any tank to attack and fly in circles.
  9. Thanks to everyone for your replies. I have a clearer situation now. Will test Complex Trigger then. Salute
  10. Hi Syn Vander, But some multi maps uses this command. I remember Taw, KOTA. I think the same that you think too and checked. And works with check zone command. Maybe in Lapino map dont work because it size? Salute
  11. Dear Mission editors team: Greetings from Chile, I have a issue with the Check Zone command. I want certain AAAs to be activated from the Lapino base when a German plane enters the Russian area, and these AAAs are deactivated when the German plane leaves the Russian area. In addition, other AAA will be activated when the German plane is even closer. And the same for these AAA, will be deactivated when the plane leaves a certain area. The problem is that when you try a German AI plane everything works. But if I go flying, it does not work. It's crazy because it works with German AI, but not with German Player. I'll be ignoring something? It is for multi-dogfight https://www.dropbox.com/s/pnk96lypzrbtny3/Dogfight.rar?dl=0 Thanks for your help.
  12. Set the same altitude of IL2 (1000m) to the WP 1, because WP1 altitude is set on 600m and when you activate a plane (or mission begin) you must set both (plane and first waypoint) at same altitude. (all planes linked to the leader must be at same altitude). Otherwise the plane will never link to the WP-1 Salute!
  13. Dear Missions devs: Hello and greetings from Chile. I have issue with friendly planes that are set on in the map and you can view them. Before the update they don`t see in the map in my campaign as. After that, yes. I thought it could be a problem about update my campaign as well, and I proceeded to re-save all the missions. But the problem continues. Even I have disabled in the game everything and left as expert mode. Can any of you help me in this regard? Attached image of the problem. Thank you very much for the help
  14. Hi Alan, will check this at return to home. I think is the recent update. Salute! Hi swing, will check this at return to home. I think is the recent update. Salute!
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