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  1. Type of improvement: Full Mission EditorExplanation of proposals: Separate description of map for each coalitionBenefits: With the ability to set separate coalition description to fly in multiplayer map, will make some critical objetives or activity that doesn`t want to know by the enemy. This will give more realism to the multiplayer maps
  2. Type of improvement: FULL MISSION EDITOR Explanation of proposals: Be able to add BIG numbers and lletters in the Mission Editor Map Benefits: You could build better maps and give more realism. For example, place various armed groups on the map, such as "225 rifle" or "6th army." I currently use the "ICON" command to draw numbers but it is quite slow to do and sometimes it doesn't look good.
  3. Thank you. Same problem here. With this same airplane (A20) and with object FW 190D9 too At this time for records, He111, Hs.129, P38, A20 (no raf), B25, Lagg, P39, P40, Ju88, Me 262, FW 190 A8, Ju87 no problem
  4. Brief description: Total aircraft control autopilot enables with no reason (and I have no key assigned to this) and AI plane disappear and appears again (can`t see with external camera option) Detailed description, conditions: In map Rheinland winter, mission made with mission editor. After take off about 3-4 minutes, total control autopilot enables with no reason (and I have not configured with any key) and I don`t have control of my plane. The same situation happens to the 3 AI planes that go ahead of me, they turn left and don`t follow the waypoint. The 3 AI Me 262 are independent, no with leader. All planes turn to left automatically. After some seconds, total autopilot controller off and I can control my plane again (and AI planes return to its route too). Another 1 minutes, all bug again. Additional assets (videos, screenshots, logs): Video attached (issue start about 19:00 minute) Your PC config data (OS, drivers, specific software): I5 7600K / Win 10 pro / EVGA 1070ti with last driver (441.66) / Saitek X45 stick / X55 throttle / Saitek rudder pedals Update: -Tested in a new map in Rheinland winter, and same issue. - Tested in map Moscow winter and NO issue. All flight OK
  5. ATTENTION PILOTS! ************************************************************************************************************************************** RE-UPDATED AND NEW RELEASE: PANZERNACKER V4.002 Date upload: 04 - December - 2019 IMPORTANT INFO: - Corrected all bugs from all game updates and now new release in IL2 version 4.002 with all new features in blocks and textures. - Corrected some subtitles, routes, and general development of the campaign - Also added 2 more missions (12 and 13) non-historical in winter map ************************************************************************************************************************************** For new downloaders this is the last version of the campaign with the new version of game 4.002 You can download here or in first post: https://www.dropbox.com/s/tycdh4azzx84om1/Campaign Panzerknacker.rar?dl=0 Any question, issues and comments please post to help.
  6. Hello devs: Type of improvement: Multiplayer Explanation of proposals: For the new multiplayer maps, where Airfields have much more extension and places to park airplanes, it is difficult or impossible to place current spawns. Rheinland airfields have very good places to spawn, but given the characteristic of the "fakefield" command, it is not possible. The same for other airfields in other maps, such as Kuban and some in Moscow. A new icon could be created for the Airfield command in Mission Editor, as well as a "fakefield 1P" (fakefield 1 plane). Now, how to prevent that spawn does not cause a player to appear in the same place while there is another, perhaps with a defined area. So while that player is inside the area, no other can appear in the same place. Or a defined time , it can be too. It would also be necessary to modify the drawing of the aerodrome on the map so that you can see the places to enter available. I refer to the multiplayer map when entering the game and selecting coalition. Or if that is difficult (re-draw the airfieldas in map), create a large icon that refers to a specific area of the airfield and spawn in the available places defined by the creator in the editor. The area could be regulated in advanced properties. Benefits: Enjoy and give more realism to the simulator. As well as those who like to enjoy all the stages of flying a plane.
  7. Hello pilots, greetings from Chile Is there a post that explains how these 2 commands work? Modifier: Add Value Modifier: Set Value Are they used to assign points for some completed action or am I wrong? Thank you!
  8. Hi, another new bug. The lead plane no longer takes off as before. Stand still. Will correct. Salute.
  9. Hi devs: related post above, but not in long distance, short distance too. Brief description: Different views, different rendering for a destroyed object. In ME, when applying "add event" - "on killed" the command works and takes it as destroyed, but it is shown intact in cabin / camera view from the air. Detailed description, conditions: Added a camera view from the air and show object destroyed not destroyed. Same thing from cockpit when flying around. Added ground camera view and show object destroyed, destroyed Additional assets (videos, screenshots, logs): Added below Your PC config data (OS, drivers, specific software): Win 10pro (Build 16299), EVGA 1070ti with latest drivers, I5 7600K, RAM 32GB Thanks
  10. That's right, they work perfectly. I use them to give more realism to my personal missions (with authorization from Veteran66). Since I don't understand anything about German, I can "create dialogues" and add the audio in German😀
  11. Hello Devs: Greetings from Chile: Type of improvement: Graphics Explanation of proposals: Be able to fly over Moscow on the 'Moscow' map. Given the graphical improvement with Rheinland, it should be possible to fly over the area marked in red on the map of Moscow. From a distance it has a very good impression, but it would give one more point to the game being able to access that area (flight and also be able to use the aerodromes) Benefits: It will improve the flight experience and enjoy the game. Thank you
  12. Thank you for your great job! Now, thinking new mission and campaign for the Rheinland map!
  13. ATTENTION PILOTS! ************************************************************************************************************************************** RE-UPDATED: PANZERNACKER 3.101 Date upload: 26 - September - 2019 IMPORTANT INFO: - Corrected bugs in mission 10 and 11, programing and issues (recomend to download again for those who have it before and less progress in campaign) - For advanced progress in campaign, you can download it apart and copy the mission 10 and 11 archives (except .png images (10.png and 11.png). Then paste it in your game location campaign: data/Campaigns/Panzerknacker ************************************************************************************************************************************** For new downloaders this is the last version of the campaign. You can download it in the page 1, first post.
  14. Mission 10 corrected and tested. Now, working in mission 11. Then, will re-upload all
  15. Unfortunately I will have to change the configuration of each 2 last mission. I gave them more time between each to circulate smoothly on the taxiway, and that solved the problem of crashes. But when this mission was created, the time was right and it was tested with good results If you look, some pilots have finished it without problems. Yesterday I checked them and it is an erroneous behavior of the AI. The plane attached to the leader plane, must do what it does, well, here the leader takes off and the other is stopped on the runway without taking off. (mission 10). In mission 11, everyone takes off without problems and the last one does not, but before this it did it without problems.
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