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  1. That's right, they work perfectly. I use them to give more realism to my personal missions (with authorization from Veteran66). Since I don't understand anything about German, I can "create dialogues" and add the audio in German😀
  2. Hello Devs: Greetings from Chile: Type of improvement: Graphics Explanation of proposals: Be able to fly over Moscow on the 'Moscow' map. Given the graphical improvement with Rheinland, it should be possible to fly over the area marked in red on the map of Moscow. From a distance it has a very good impression, but it would give one more point to the game being able to access that area (flight and also be able to use the aerodromes) Benefits: It will improve the flight experience and enjoy the game. Thank you
  3. Thank you for your great job! Now, thinking new mission and campaign for the Rheinland map!
  4. ATTENTION PILOTS! ************************************************************************************************************************************** RE-UPDATED: PANZERNACKER 3.101 Date upload: 26 - September - 2019 IMPORTANT INFO: - Corrected bugs in mission 10 and 11, programing and issues (recomend to download again for those who have it before and less progress in campaign) - For advanced progress in campaign, you can download it apart and copy the mission 10 and 11 archives (except .png images (10.png and 11.png). Then paste it in your game location campaign: data/Campaigns/Panzerknacker ************************************************************************************************************************************** For new downloaders this is the last version of the campaign. You can download it in the page 1, first post.
  5. Mission 10 corrected and tested. Now, working in mission 11. Then, will re-upload all
  6. Unfortunately I will have to change the configuration of each 2 last mission. I gave them more time between each to circulate smoothly on the taxiway, and that solved the problem of crashes. But when this mission was created, the time was right and it was tested with good results If you look, some pilots have finished it without problems. Yesterday I checked them and it is an erroneous behavior of the AI. The plane attached to the leader plane, must do what it does, well, here the leader takes off and the other is stopped on the runway without taking off. (mission 10). In mission 11, everyone takes off without problems and the last one does not, but before this it did it without problems.
  7. Hi pilots, greetings from Chile, From this weekend I have a problem with multiplayer missions created in the editor: I create the "Deathmatch" mission and then upload it to test it and all OK. The problem is the next day when I want to try it again to review it and before starting the mission the game crashes (windows notification of IL2 close). I've tried other multiplayer that I have created in the past, and the game is OK. It only happens when creating new missions/maps. I did the test for "Single" missions and in this case the map loads OK, but when I start (go to plane cockpit), the game crashes again. The game is updated. I started with this problem on the weekend. Any idea what it can be? My computer: EVGA GTX 1070ti Core i5 7600K / 32GB RAM / MOBO Asus Maximus IX / Win 10 Pro 64bit Samsung 970Evo SSD M.2 Thank you!
  8. When the first warning to attack is given, you go down to the attack. There are 4 P47 that will come one by one. At the second P47, the rest of the D9 will go down to attack. It is not necessary 3 D9 to fight 1 P47. Salute!
  9. Thank you for your splendid work. Just looking at the photos of the airfields I already imagined several themes for my future campaigns. Collector plane? I hope it's the Me-410 Regards!
  10. Hi devs: In another post in "Mission Making and Mission Editor,", I commented that a formation of Me 262 did not fly at the speed indicated in the "Waypoint" command. Finally testing and testing, I think the problem is the "formation" command. The following was tested: (I follow in a separate plane) - "V" Formation command of (4) Me 262 with Waypoint at 600kph at 4000m - Right Edge Formation command of (4) Ju88 with waypoint at 400 kph at 4100m In both cases, they begin the mission at the indicated speed but reduce it drastically. The Me 262 fly after reducing it, at 300 kph and with the flaps down (approximately 35% down) The Ju88 fly at approximately 250kph tilted up slightly. Second test: The "wingmans of the formation" were eliminated and the Formation command was eliminated, leaving only the leading airplanes. Result: both planes fly at the speed indicated in the waypoint. This problem also occurs with the FW 190 D9 in some of my missions with "formation" command in my Langnase Dora Campaign. A formation of 4 FW's with waypoint at 500kph, fly at 280-300 kph. Finally, what I have to do is "build" a formation with independent airplanes and independent actions. Each with their respective waypoint. But it’s very slow to build the formation like this. I added a Test Mission to check. This is with FW 190 A3. Waypoint at 500 kph. The 190 with formation command reduces speed to 420-440 kph. The lonely A3 set correct at 500 kph Thanks, greetings from Chile Test.rar
  11. Hi pilots! I'am developing my last mission for a new campaign in 262, but again some troubles with the 262. This time I tried to solve it, but can't: -The planes start the mission in the air, at 4000m. - Group o 5 262 in "V" formation - First waypoint, at 4000m and set 600 kph and so on maintaining height and speed. But all the planes fly at less 370 kph all the trip with flaps down. Any idea why this? Thank you! Salutes
  12. ********************************************************************* Updated and corrections logs: - 08 August 2019: Campaign updated to last version of IL2 game 3.102 - 10 August 2019: Corrected programming error in mission 10 ********************************************************************* _______________________________________________________________________ Download campaign from last update/correction: https://www.dropbox.com/s/hsz0puyjankltsy/Campaign 190D9.rar?dl=0 _______________________________________________________________________ Corrected , thank for your comments Corrected , thank for your comments Corrected , thank for your comments
  13. Hi JimTM: I did the test, added a new plane 262 with same route: I added to me a bomb (I don't carry on the original mission). More fuel is consumed, but a little less. Fuel is almost full anyway when reach the objetive. What solved the problem is that uncheck "Return to base decision". Perhaps the "decision to return to base" is too exaggerated. Thank you for your comments .... I am moving forward in the future campaign of 262 ...
  14. I have done the route at 600 kph and I reach the objetive with lot of fuel. I have also made another map in Kuban more extensive and have not had that problem
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