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  1. Yes, the speed thing makes sense. Do you have any sources on flight tests done with early Il-2 models and on Il-2 engaging and shooting down 109's? Not that I don't believe it but it would interest me and I would like to read further into that. Good point. So, then it's the flaps that give the plane it's weird flight characteristics? Especially after the initial bank into the turn the plane snaps around like mad and after about 180° it starts to slow down a bit. It just....feels weird and unnatural when I'm flying it for a plane of that seize to be able to do that. Feels more like a War Thunder flight model. Yeah no I corrected myself further down, the 3 seconds was for 180° reversal that I tested (what I meant with "snaps around like mad"), not a full on 360° turn.
  2. what a valuable contribution to the discussion
  3. http://il2stat.aviaskins.com:8008/en/sortie/log/4757606/?tour=52 Funny how you complain about me not having "facts and data to prove it", yet you pick out of all the sorties that I flew on that mission that evening ONE and without further information about the flight you go: "Yup, this must be the one that he was talking about". FYI, the sortie I was referring to was the one where I DIDN'T get shot down and landed back at the airfield, because after being chased by an Il-2 for about 4 minutes without being able to outrun him, we DID manage to shoot him down eventually (had a friendly 110 with me who did most of the heavy work since I was out of 20mm). It just took a whole lot of effort to do so because of how many insanely tight turns he was able to pull with this 4,5 TON HEAVY aircraft. (The "damaged - 0,1" you see in the flight log is me shooting him with my puny 7.92mm) Did you even test it yourself? Did you, like I suggested go into a Quick Mission, with minimal fuel and tried the Il-2 yourself? Well if you did you wouldn't try to defend its flight model. I can't be bothered to edit together a bunch of replay files just to prove my point to you when you can have a first hand experience yourself (mainly because I am too lazy and have no idea how to edit a video or replay file for that matter). So I just tried it again (and I also realize now that I did a mistake in my original post, it should say 180° turns, not 360°!!, apologize for that) and by doing the good old 1-Mississippi-2-Mississippi I came close to my original turn times. About 4,5 seconds for half a circle. I then even went ahead and tried the same thing in the Spitfire IX, you know, that quite agile WW2 FIGHTER plane. Alas, It took me sometimes even longer to perform my turns, between 4-5 seconds, and that was after many times of stalling the aircraft and spinning to my demise because I was pulling too hard because I was trying my best to beat my turn time in the Il-2, you know, that 4,5 ton heavy GROUND ATTACKER. Both tests (if you could call it that) were performed on a Moscow winter map on the deck, using flaps. Not only does the Il-2 manage to complete a full circle faster than the Spitfire (9s for one whole turn), thanks to its very high wing load it stays extremely stable during that turn and can continue on into another turn after completing the first, whereas the Spitfire takes about 9-10s (sometimes even 11 when I was pulling too hard), starts to become unstable and shaky and will have lost so much energy that you wouldn't be able to continue into another turn, not without faceplanting into the ground. I started my turn in the Il-2 at 450kph and left it at about 250kph, I started my turn in the Spit at 260mph and left it at about 160mph. Now at speeds above 280mph the Spit WILL turn faster than the Il-2 (your pilot will also black out) but let's be realistic, if you were doing dogfights on the deck you wouldn't go into your turns with 280mph or more, unless you had meteor engines strapped to your fuselage. Since you are talking about "data" here, could you kindly provide me with historic flight data, that shows that the Il-2 was in fact a better turn fighter than the Spit, a plane almost half the weight. If you can do that, I'll shut up about the FM and I will praise the devs for the historical accuracy in their game and for having taught me something I didn't think was possible. Cheers
  4. Unfortunately I didn't record the that particular instance, however I was not damaged in any shape or form by a LaGG before the Il-2 gave chase (not sure how you came to this specific conclusion). I just couldn't get him of my 6 since I had to wiggle with rudder and elevator to not get hit which lead to me staying at around 460kph and not further accelerating. Still, at the time I didn't know that the Il-2 can go that fast in this game which left me flabbergasted as to how I'm not out running him. This also wasn't intended to be a “Damn I was shot down by an Il-2 in a German fighter, now I'm pissed off and I'm going to make an angry forum post”-post. I play both blue and red and when it comes to the 110 I would make the case that the flight model is just as nuts as the one of the Il-2, particularly with low fuel load.
  5. So, I was flying on Wings in a 109 E7 and there was this guy called RedStrapONs_Trofimov. He was flying an IL-2 1941 version and was shooting down fighters left, right and center. I fought with him a few times and the way he was flying was beyond ridiculous. Top speed of an IL-2 is around 430 kph, he was chasing me and catching up to me while I was doing about 460 kph. He could perform a 180° turn in less than 2 seconds. I know the IL-2 has a high wingload but that is just out of the realm of physics. So I went into a Quick Mission to test this out myself. I used 70l of fuel, lowest you can take and nothing else. Indicated top speed according to the stat card is 430 kph, well I got it all the way up to 460, which explains why I couldn't outrun it in a 109 E7. I could also perform a 180° turn in about 3 seconds, using flaps, and perform a 2nd 180° turn in another 4,5 seconds, only after that had I lost enough speed to where I couldn't continue the turn. Now, I have never flown an IL-2 in real life but I would have thought that a plane, which weighs 4,5t empty, shouldn't be able to turn quicker than a Spitfire, or a Hurricane for that matter. The way the plane handles is more akin to a WW1 fighter than a WW2 ground attack plane. Maybe there is something wrong with the flight model, but then again, if somebody knows more than me, feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. You can test it yourself as well by just doing a Quick Mission.
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