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  1. Riksen, sorry man, but right now the app is sort of frozen in its current state, so whatever behavior you observe is the best I’ve got, unfortunately. I’m guessing the sharing and streaming export/import bits of code don’t handle escaping/unescaping of HTML codes gracefully. In a non-streaming situation, where you manually export and import the map state, it might be possible to repair the file if the bug occurs on export, but it’s also possible the issue is in the import, which does t offer many options for a hacky fix. I regret I don’t have a more helpful answer
  2. @coconut Sorry my inbox is full! You have my full permission to use the tiles API for any of your projects! Serving those doesn't cost much so please don't feel obligated to make a donation (most of my costs are related to the "streaming" / mission sharing function- serving static assets is cheap). One caveat is I can't guarantee they will stay full up to date, but any of the assets at http://tiles.il2missionplanner.com/ or in https://github.com/gavincabbage/tiles.il2missionplanner.com are available to you!
  3. @HairyBrenndog and everyone else, I have some bad news unfortunately. Long story short, for technical reasons, I am unable to make any changes to the mission planner at this time. Long story long: When I set things up years ago, I used a tool called TravisCI to automate the process of taking my code from GitHub.com, packaging it up and deploying it to my cloud provider. The service was free for small-scale, open-source users like myself. About a year ago, TravisCI was purchased by another company, and promptly dumped most of their engineering team. Then, since I updated
  4. Thanks @JG4_Deciman! @HairyBrenndog apologies but I haven't had a chance to get your server added yet. I'm traveling again over the next few days but hopefully next week 😓
  5. Cool! Sorry I just saw this now. I'm going away tomorrow morning for the weekend, but I will try to remember to get this in next week.
  6. @FlyingNutcase IIRC that's correctly, I don't think I ever added a total time. Seems like a silly omission in retrospect. Sorry about that! @HairyBrenndog I think you're referring to the feature where the mission planner will automatically load a server's state, like this example for combat box: https://il2missionplanner.com/#combatbox? The basic idea is your server needs to expose a piece of JSON, which you can update as often as you like (once at mission start, or periodically, up to you.) You give me an endpoint from which to grab the JSON and I can add a mapping fro
  7. Hey there- To answer your questions @[NOSIG]Salsam, 1. The stream function is actually designed to update in real time, however I have gotten many reports like yours (sorry you also suffer from this @JG4_Deciman). You can see it working in this video I made when I first added this feature: https://youtu.be/ScCG0I5_Q68. That test is on the same computer, of course, but it still goes out to my server and back, despite that. I just tested it a moment ago and it does still work... for me 😅 Unfortunately I used a pretty antiquated way of doing this sort of things
  8. I don’t own that game but if you can get me the map tiles I can give it a shot! I don’t see any reason why I couldn’t add any flat game maps, as long as I have the tiles. I haven’t tested that feature in a while but I will take a look! Can you please share your Operating System and Web Browser types/versions (e.g Windows 10 Chrome, Windows 7 Firefox, etc.)
  9. Thanks to Nocke and others for donating to the planner after my recent request for support. I really appreciate it!
  10. Alrighty, I've got Arras, Rheinland and Prokhorovka maps added, and Kuban updated. You can select from the available maps in the Settings menu, which is accessed by clicking the button with the gear symbol on the bottom right, near the help button. If you don't see the changes, you may need to force refresh your browser, which can be done with Control+Shift+R on Windows Chrome and usually something similar in other browsers. Please let me know if anything is broken or any of the distances and scaling are off. It's been a while since I've done this Finally, l
  11. Hey all, Making great progress adding the Rheinland and Arras maps this morning. I realized, is there a tank map now too? I thought I remembered seeing one. I can add that too if @JG4_Deciman or someone can send it over?
  12. A big thanks to @JG4_Deciman for getting me the tiles I need to add the new maps! My goal is to get them added this weekend. I will let everyone know once I've done so. And perhaps this will be the kick in the butt I need to get working on the planner again!
  13. Hey there! I might have Kuban already but in case it changed again, all three you mentioned would be great. All three directories of dds files for each map would be perfect. I *think* I only use the most zoomed in directory (04) but I forget exactly how I used to do this, so having all three would prevent me having to ask again. If you can upload them to google drive or something and share a link I should be off and running! Thanks in advance!
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