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  1. "As a blue 109 pilot that only flies Gustavs (prefer G-4) and only turns left with a 20 degree climbing attitude (I bail out when I reach 10k) let me tell you about the Pe-2 gunners..."
  2. Change list looks sweet Kathon, can't wait! Here is a video I made a while back that quickly shows off the sharing feature of il2missionplanner, for folks that don't know about it. Video says its beta but it's outdated, the feature has existed for a while.
  3. There's New Wings, basically WoL-like missions hosted in NA... but nobody ever joins it, including myself :/
  4. Same here. This is my prediction... "Hello Kamerad, err, Tovarisch! What a nice Lavochkin you have there..."
  5. Hey now guys, let's keep in civil. The Wings of Liberty thread is total mayhem right now, let's not bring that craziness here. That's awesome Kathon! Just about another week then!
  6. Yes, incredibly disrespectful Kathon and I have had a perfectly pleasant interaction working on TAW integration with il2missionplanner.com the past few weeks, I'm confident he knows I mean no disrespect. (the mission planner is entirely open source, by the way https://github.com/gavincabbage/il2missionplanner.com ) Continuing with the parser example, we've got ten different parsers written for the log files by as many people. It would make a whole lot more sense for everyone in the community to work together on a single, rock solid parsing library instead of everyone having to start from scratch whenever they want to build something for the community. I'm encouraging folks to open source some of their code so myself and others can help. Open source code is one of the most powerful ideas in software engineering today and has allowed countless communities like ourselves to thrive through collaboration and team work. That doesn't take away value, quite the contrary in fact. I'm not going to push the issue further, it is ultimately each developer's choice. As for myself, every line of code I ever write for this game will open sourced, every tool will be free, and every API will be public (anyone need some map tiles for their next project? here ya go, served by a secure, global CDN, for free https://tiles.il2missionplanner.com/moscow/2/2/2.png
  7. I understand you're kidding, but I do wish you guys and other folks would open source at least some of your code. This community could really benefit from some core shared tools, like a log parser for example, instead of everyone reinventing the wheel every time they want to build something cool like this server. This isn't meant as a dig at you guys, TAW is awesome and we all love your work. Mostly just a general sentiment I've felt for a while in this community and I'm not sure how to encourage change.
  8. Hopefully with Flying Circus such a thing will be possible! Imagine a "survival mode" mission where you fly a 190 with unlimited ammo against an infinite horde of WWI kites...
  9. Holy crap this is the funniest one in the entire thread! Thanks for sharing, I'm rolling over here haha
  10. "curiousGamblerr leads the Nineteenth on an attack run"
  11. I'm really not looking forward to you having even bigger guns
  12. Landing on a forward airfield on WoL is plenty risky with the way people behave on the ground on that server, trust me
  13. My squadmate 19//SAG builds his own throttles and stuff, he might have some tips!
  14. FNBF is the flagship event like this. It's about 3 hours long and if you die, you're done. Lots of fun if the time works with your schedule, check it out.
  15. Jacko, if they they ever actually release such a capability someone can create a server to run on user's PCs to expose the numbers on their local network, so apps and the like can be created for all sorts of devices, not just PC. I'm hoping they they do release this eventually but we haven't heard anything about it in quite some time so I'm not sure it's high on their list of priorities unfortunately.
  16. Yeah, this is why people are pissed at Mac's use of the word paywall. It brings to mind the absurd, pay-to-win models of games like Star Wars Battlefront 2 that aim to suck every penny out of their customers. That's not what's going on here- the G6 is an additional product, only announced well after the Kuban project started and completely separate, despite the coinciding release coming up. As further evidence, if you only bought BoS years ago, you've been enjoying constant improvements to this game. Yet you don't see the devs demanding you pay for the latest FM improvements or the improved graphics and so on.
  17. To bad you don't disco from this forum as often as you do in game. Stop trying to start trouble.
  18. I hesitate to get into this again with you BSR, because we've both made our opinions clear and there's no use beating on each other but... doesn't this cut both ways? Seems this statement works as justification for unrealistically short R&R times, lack of animated trucks and ground crew, etc. which you've argued make this feature moot. I really don't understand your commitment to arguing against this anyway. It's not like the devs jump at our beck and call- they're going to make the sensible decision as far as prioritizing new features, and obviously this is not at the top, so I don't understand why you're so against people simply discussing the possibility. It makes this whole thread really unpleasant when we could just be happily fantasizing about a thing that may or may not happen in time.
  19. Preach! At work we're told to assume a 7th grade education, when none of our products are even legally used by anyone under 18 (Before you ask, I work in finance tech, not porn )
  20. I can rescue you after I let you get shot down Tuesday!
  21. As I've been reading about the Night Witches, it seems if we ever hope to recreate that scenario this feature is necessary. Those pilots would begin the night by flying to a forward auxiliary field from which they would perform 10 or more short sorties per night before returning to their rear airfield to sleep during the day. They describe sitting in their cockpits while being rearmed and refueled, often dozing off for a few minutes before taking off for another bombing run. They were not, however, repaired, and I continue to think this feature would be great for fuel and armament but repairing an aircraft is a step too far. In any case, that's just one scenario, but if the Po 2 project is a success, it makes this feature all the more attractive. PS I agree with Arthur on one point tho: if you ever find yourself typing "should be easy" in regards to a new feature, stop, and hold down the backspace key. None of us have a clue without seeing the code.
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