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  1. That's the one! Beautiful. Glad my failed attempt at a "mention" still got your attention somehow! I do think you're the most helpful person I've ever met on a forum Jim.
  2. Hey there, welcome! Lots of guides and videos to be found around the forums. Folks will be along suggesting their favorites soon, be sure. @JimTM can you copy paste that incredible summary of guides and resources I saw you post somewhat recently? I remember thinking it should be stickied, had Requiem's vids, Chuck's guide, etc etc...
  3. From what I've read, the psychological aspect of constant bombardment and loitering planes was achieved by a stream of Po-2s, not any one aircraft hanging out over the target. From the accounts in Dance with Death I have a hard time imagining any of the Po-2 pilots loitering over target any longer than necessary. The were incredibly vulnerable if caught by the search lights, so attempting to loiter would have been suicidal. Have you guys read any accounts of them intentionally hanging out over target after dropping bombs, except in the case where they were attempting to help another aircraft or something? That said, there will still be plenty of cat and mouse with search lights just getting in and out for that one bomb run, I'm sure! Pumped to try a career in this aircraft.
  4. I messed around with AWS for hosting a few years ago, which I use quite a bit professionally, and was unable to get anything close to acceptable performance within a reasonable price point. This was in a time when the DServer application was arguably more stable than it is now. This was all virtualized, as renting dedicated hardware from Amazon was definitely too expensive. I think the TAW guys use a provider in Germany, which should be close enough to the UK for your purposes unless you have non-technical reasons for preferring a UK provider. They posted a link to whoever they use a year or two ago, but I forget the name- I would ask Kathon. If I remember right, it seemed reasonably priced.
  5. Normally I use a website like GitHub or BitBucket to host my source code, but if you aren't a coder and thus unfamiliar with source code versioning systems, a .txt file is perfectly fine Thanks! Looking forward to checking it out.
  6. Cool! Any chance you'd share the source code? I'm interested out of pure curiosity, not having done much Matlab coding, but also because I'd like to add wind calculations to il2missionplanner someday and am always interested in checking out another implementation. (Long time users of il2missionplanner will note I've been saying I want to add wind calculations for like two years now... so, who knows if that ever happens lol... would still love to check out the code!)
  7. Bubi there's a thread where I've posted some high res versions of the map, search for "map PDFs" and you should find it. I'm sure I'll add Bodenolatte when it comes out. (the full maps are artifacts of the processing I do to turn them into tiles for use by il2missionplanner, so I have them handy anyway)
  8. To elaborate on Disarray's answer, I've tried closing rads and putting RPM and mix to full, and it was no help. So far my only solution is to try 2-3 times.
  9. Tangential question: Can someone describe this guns bug in more detail? I've had situations lately where I go to fire or drop a bomb and it doesn't work for a couple seconds before returning to normal. I'm not positive it began with the recent patch, and had assumed it was an issue with my hardware. Is that the bug you guys are talking about, or do the guns refuse to work for the entirety of the sortie in your cases? Would be nice to learn I'm suffering from a known bug and there's no issue on my end. They'll fix it eventually.
  10. Yup. In a tail dragger, the center of gravity is behind the main gear, making them more difficult to control than a tricycle. Interestingly, a similar phenomenon is present in racing, where the position of the engine fore or aft leads to a trade off between maneuverability and stability. I'm no expert on either of these situations, but I wonder if the two situations are similar from a physics standpoint. Another benefit of the tricycle gear is forward visibility, since the nose isn't pointing up while on the ground. And as you alluded to, one drawback is the risk of tail strikes on take off and landing. I was just reading about how modern passenger aircraft often have tail skids that deploy with the gear to protect from that situation, like the 777 apparently.
  11. But I like to live dangerously! Thanks Kathon, looking forward to it.
  12. @SCG_Riksen 19// should be 5 instead of 10, realistically. That's pretty much the max we get online at once. Thanks for your effort maintaining this list.
  13. Just search the forum for "engine limits" and you will get all the answers you want and more. Finkeren is just trying to avoid rehashing that discussion again in this thread.
  14. Not the control surface, but the entire stabilizer. To clarify, the horizontal parts of your tail have two parts, the stationary stabilizer, and the movable elevator hanging off the back. Generally, "control surfaces" refers only to the elevator, not the entire horizontal. So the one clarification to your statement is that yes, the stabilizer adjustment is effectively doing the same thing as trimming, but it moves the entire stabilizer, not just the control surface. Trim, on the other hand, uses a small tab to deflect the just the control surface itself, not the entire stabilizer. A picture's worth a thousand words: http://aviation_dictionary.enacademic.com/pictures/aviation_dictionary/f0292-01.gif
  15. Oh, really? Same problem as loading the server then, feeling silly I didn't think of that and give it some time... I like coffee, this is great news I can't wait to watch myself get caught in a search light and nailed by flak the other night! Also gotta echo Darbzy's compliments coconut. Really great to see the server gaining more popularity lately, it's pretty awesome. I know the patch has introduced some frustrations for your campaign so thanks for all the hours debugging that.
  16. The Nineteenth will go Red! So help me God, if Red ends up with more pilots because of the new planes, I'm going to jump out a window... (I live on the first floor so its not quite as dramatic as it sounds)
  17. As it stands, 0% of pilots in game are female. Since 0% is less than the 3% figure folks have quoted above, women are currently under represented and their great achievements are belittled. If you have such an issue with that, then have zero female pilots in game should bother you just as much as having too many. And if I didn't love you before Rekt, I do now... my essence is all yours
  18. Warm fuzzies Reminder to folks its integrated into all those servers (thanks to fantastic cooperation with all the respective admins, been a pleasure) so you can get all the targets imported automatically, e.g. https://il2missionplanner.com/#coconutexpert I inquired about adding fuel calculations to the planner a while ago but folks in the know explained it was probably too complicated to be worth the trouble- using flight time or distance from the planner as solid input to a fuzzy estimate on actual fuel load usually works just fine, if you're familiar with the aircraft's range. To answer the topic question, I always take 80-100% in a fighter and as little as possible in a fighter or bomber, estimating enough to survive a moderate fuel leak.
  19. @216th_Jordan - Any solution to this? Had an awesome Coop last night and wanted to make a video this morning and I see the same bug
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