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  1. I don’t own that game but if you can get me the map tiles I can give it a shot! I don’t see any reason why I couldn’t add any flat game maps, as long as I have the tiles. I haven’t tested that feature in a while but I will take a look! Can you please share your Operating System and Web Browser types/versions (e.g Windows 10 Chrome, Windows 7 Firefox, etc.)
  2. Thanks to Nocke and others for donating to the planner after my recent request for support. I really appreciate it!
  3. Alrighty, I've got Arras, Rheinland and Prokhorovka maps added, and Kuban updated. You can select from the available maps in the Settings menu, which is accessed by clicking the button with the gear symbol on the bottom right, near the help button. If you don't see the changes, you may need to force refresh your browser, which can be done with Control+Shift+R on Windows Chrome and usually something similar in other browsers. Please let me know if anything is broken or any of the distances and scaling are off. It's been a while since I've done this Finally, let me take a second to ask those that are able to throw a few bucks towards the planner on Patreon. While I haven't spent much time on it lately, besides today, hosting and server costs are about $30/month these days, which isn't covered by the $11/month I currently receive from the generous backers on Patreon. If you have discretionary income and enjoy the planner, your support would be appreciated. Regardless, I am sticking to my previous promise to keep the planner running for the community. At least as long as I have a job And with the begging concluded, cheers and enjoy the new maps! PS: I couldn't have done this without help from JG4_Deciman, so a big thanks to them as well!
  4. Hey all, Making great progress adding the Rheinland and Arras maps this morning. I realized, is there a tank map now too? I thought I remembered seeing one. I can add that too if @JG4_Deciman or someone can send it over?
  5. A big thanks to @JG4_Deciman for getting me the tiles I need to add the new maps! My goal is to get them added this weekend. I will let everyone know once I've done so. And perhaps this will be the kick in the butt I need to get working on the planner again!
  6. Hey there! I might have Kuban already but in case it changed again, all three you mentioned would be great. All three directories of dds files for each map would be perfect. I *think* I only use the most zoomed in directory (04) but I forget exactly how I used to do this, so having all three would prevent me having to ask again. If you can upload them to google drive or something and share a link I should be off and running! Thanks in advance!
  7. Hey folks- Sorry this took me a while, I haven't been active here much lately. I also haven't updated the maps in ages, but I really do need to, the Kuban map has been out of date for like a year Can anyone provide me with the new map tiles? (I have someone I can ask, but I've asked them a million times and I think everyone can access them now that mods are a thing...?) Once I have the tiles in hand, it's just a matter of finding some time and remembering some things and I can hopefully get them added. Cheers folks
  8. Folks, a quick update on my situation: Apologies for my absence and neglect of the mission planner over the last few months. The truth is, I haven't played this game since last summer, and as a result, have not been motivated to work on the planner. I debated cancelling the Patreon, but since the app still costs me about $20/month to operate, I have left it running and appreciate the contributors' support despite my neglect. They pay for about 75% of the costs at this point and truly appreciate it. The reason I haven't played lately is twofold: First, I've been very busy since changing jobs and moving up to Boston, but second, my VKB Gunfighter version 1 stick broke as a result of lack of documentation around spring limitations. At this point, I miss simming enough to buy another $400 stick, but neither VKB nor Virpil sticks have been in stock. Contacting VKB support about this failure was met with silence. Despite this, I will likely buy a new VKB stick if they are ever back in stock. At that point, I will hopefully be motivated to work on the planner again, since I'll actually be able to play the game again. Apologies if this seems selfish, but the reality is, it's hard to be motivated to work on an app for a game I don't play anymore. I also preordered BOBP and am yet to play with a single piece of that content. Looking forward to fixing my stick situation and getting into it. Sorry if this isn't great news, but it is the truth. Given my hourly billing rate for freelance work, it is hard to justify working more on the planner for a loss until I'm back in the air and can actually use the thing myself. I still have close to 2,000 users per month, however, so I will not shut things down, don't worry. Cheers, happy flights, and here's hoping stupid VKB will get their act together and take my money again soon 😂 Edit: As a final note, I do keep track of this thread in case of outages, but am yet to reproduce an outage whenever folks report them. Things seem to be working for me. Please continue posting if this is not the case, but if I cannot reproduce the issue, it is hard to correct. The more details the better, as I certainly want existing functionality to continue working, despite my lack of additional feature work.
  9. Hey folks- I don't normally like to talk about the money side of the planner, but I was recently looking at my Patreon dashboard and wanted to thank two members of the community for their contributions. Stephen P. and Petter G. - Thank you both so much for your contributions over the past year. You have each paid for six months of server time for the planner, and I cannot thank you enough! I've had a few beers here, and don't know the IL-2 usernames of these two individuals, but I wanted to thank them publicly for their support in the small way I am able 😁 Happy flights, folks!
  10. I’ve fixed it. Sorry about that folks. Same damn service keeps falling over every couple weeks, really bizarre after so long without issue but I still need to put in time to figure out the underlying issue. Thanks for the reports all. I’m not flying at the moment so I often don’t realize if there’s a problem unless you guys tell me. It is appreciated!
  11. I've had this extra EVGA SuperNOVA 850 G2 power supply in my closet for like a year and a half, still sealed: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00IKDETOC/ Honestly I was gonna say $50 and its yours but I'm never going to use it and its being wasted, so its yours for the cost of shipping if you want. My profile says Richmond, VA but I'm actually in Boston, MA now, so not too far from MI. PM me if you're interested. On topic, I have a very similar build and it's served me well for almost two years now, though I haven't tried with VR yet.
  12. You may have noticed it broke, but I fixed it. One of the services is unstable lately, was the same cause as the last outage. Not sure what it's problem is after years of stability, but generally the whole planner needs some TLC. Some version upgrades and other things... Someday I'll actually start playing this game again and put together il2missionplanner version 2, i swear
  13. Hey Carleo, sorry for blowing you off... ran into some broken stuff with the planner that prevented me from merging your PR but its fixed now and I've added your server: https://il2missionplanner.com/#obt https://api.il2missionplanner.com/servers/obt Things are all over the place with that app, I really need to give it some love this winter. I haven't fixed the Kuban map yet but will get there!
  14. Thanks for the report! I'm aware of the issue, the map just got updated sometime in the past couple months, but haven't had a chance to fix it yet (I left a note above, basically just busy moving and changing jobs) Anyway, I haven't been playing the game but a friend sent me the updated map tiles, so I will add them to the planner soon. Perhaps this weekend or the next. Apologies for the delay but I haven't had much time to play the game or mess with the planner recently as a result of real life being busy (not to mention my Gunfighter acting up before I moved).
  15. Lol yeah single player is much more realistic when the AI can see through its plane...
  16. Thanks for the feedback Gruber! I will have to give your suggestions some thought. I dropped in to the thread to make a small announcement: Kathon was kind enough to inform me that the Kuban map has changed a bit, so I need to update the map tiles. Unfortunately, I’m in the middle of an interstate move and a series of business trips, so all my gear has been packed for a while and I won’t have a chance to address any of these bugs for at least a couple weeks. I appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding and I’ll get to some fixes as soon as I’m able!
  17. Agreed, and I made it haha I don’t have the game on Steam, but you can add it to Steam as a “Non steam game” if you poke around the options and point it at the game executable. This lets you use the overlay if you start the game via steam, which means you can open the planner in the overlay browser. You still have to hit a hot key to pull it up, but you don’t leave the game so you can still see the game behind the overlay and don’t run into alt-tab problems some folks see.
  18. The term soccer originated in the UK, FWIW. They stopped using it eventually but we never got the memo.
  19. Yeah, the Patreon for il2missionplanner pretty much covers my server costs, it’s great. I can afford to run the site myself, but given I already donated my time, I appreciate the patrons that take care of the financial side. If you look at it that way, they aren’t donating to me, but rather we are both donating to the community.
  20. “To rest your chin on” haha Its quotes like this that tempt me to take raaid off my ignore list.
  21. Lol yeah but the title has a dope math reference so I still love this thread
  22. As your title alludes, the problem is impossible to solve, someone will always complain. (for those that aren’t aware, squaring the circle refers to the ancient problem of constructing a square with equal area to that of a given circle, using a compass and straightedge.. an impossible task given the transcendental nature of pi, proven in the 19th century, thousands of years after the problem was initially proposed in Ancient Greece)
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