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  1. Months ago I purchased an early release for BON and the Hurricane II. The Hurricane II series is very good in Battles Over the Desert , so it is out there. Map of Europe is out there. Seems like everything is close to being presentable. Advise
  2. I have loaded Desert with Blitz, both appear in my library, both Steam purchased. I start the game, graphics for both games appear, I click on Desert. I select Battles over Blitz, hit enter. Just Blitz is displayed and and Blitz is run. What to I do to select and run Desert?
  3. Fw 190 D-9 Collector Plane purchase ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** Send gift Fw 190 D-9 Collector Plane This module should not be seen as a gift, please change. purchase MC.202 Series VIII This is a duplicate purchase made in error, please advise. Regards Enter recipient's nickname or email who is registered on our site/forum Send
  4. I have ordered FW-190D and Mc-202 . They are indicating a "GIFT" which is not my selection. I purchased everything as for myself and not involving Steam at all. Do I need to cancel and try to re-order? Seems pretty inconvenient. Help please
  5. Failed to load back end library. , from Launcher. Thanks again
  6. My game does not appear to update / upgrade. Is the update done when signing into the game automatically, or do I find 'Update' in my computer and perform the task? If so, tell me exactly where to find the option.
  7. What is the correct procedure in uploading an update? How do I insure that I have the latest update installed? Many thanks
  8. Thanks for the response. Will try this when I get home.
  9. Where can I locate updates? The game is not from Steam. While loading the game, with the hanger screen displayed, I cannot proceed because the current update #10005 is required. I have searched Il-2 forums without luck. Regards
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