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  1. Huh, got you beat, I got 2 MSFFB for 7 CAN bucks each, perfect working condition, mind you I paid 140 for my first one. I have 3 so far, So 7 Canadian dollars is worth what in USD, .50 cents. Hellbender, By summer time this year I should have my first home built FFB stick working If I can work out the driver software. I'll either put the plans on here or sell the sticks or both.
  2. Hope they leave the camel as is, face it, we'll have 5 central to every 1 allied again like in ROF, I'd fly something else other than the camel if we get something that resembles the real thing like a se5 that won't fly apart at the sniff of the enemy's rounds coming at it. Dolphins wings that actually used to fly the plane other than debris to throw at the enemy. Don't think the central need to worry, you'll get your D7F soon enough and that's all that you will fly, Doubt the camel will catch you and hell, you'll have a 5 on 1, sure you can handle that.
  3. Sorry CB77, I've been so preoccupied lately I haven't been paying proper attention and didn't pay attention to what HillBilly posted. Sorry, Billy. I didn't even notice if we get scarfs and pistols yet, I never selected them so I just assumed we didn't get them yet, Plus I thought I read somewhere they weren't implemented in the game yet. Hmmm Oh well I'm sure I'll get attacked soon for this. Say does anyone have problems with posting in this forum? I don't know why Cybermat47 quote comes up on my post and every time I hit enter to create a space to start a new sentence it deletes everything I type.
  4. Takes time bud, To build a game, Luke.
  5. Sorry, Sokol but I believe neither of those sticks is in production, There is no FF stick around that the normal guy can afford.
  6. The reason I'm asking is some of you say having a large monitor/TV is almost as good as having VR. Having 3D turned on should be even closer to having VR would it not? Not sure if you need a 3D tv if your video card supports it do you? At the moment I use a 21-inch monitor and well it sucks and thinking of a big screen TV. So has anyone tried the 3D glasses?
  7. That's what I was thinking, hell the ms ffb has very limited buttons.
  8. https://code.google.com/archive/p/adapt-ffb-joy/ someone is working on a FFB driver software plus I have a programmer that will have a go with this, add what needs to be done. The reason they might drop FFB is that no one is building a stick for a good price. I have been doing my search and came up with some good prices to get started on driver boards and DC motors. If someone produces a FFB stick then they may keep things going, Once one person starts the Chinese will build them at half the price. All the parts so far come to around 200 bucks. And that would be for a better FFB stick than MS FFB. Meaning larger motors and more FFB. My goal is to have a stick body you can place under your chair, so there won't be many buttons on the handle, will have to have a separate unit for throttle and other controls.
  9. I do, Gunner in each porthole few up top, maybe a bar and smoking lounge. wonder if it's any good as a turn fighter 😁
  10. FC will be far better than ROF down the road, especially if you have better resolution. content is lacking but that's because it's only early access. once we get the rest of the planes and a map of our own it will replace ROF quickly. I do hope the editor will be better than what we have in ROF. It' will be so much better to fly in. I still love ROF and still fly it often and will not stop until it's completely done. So if you have the money get FC, will help the developers, the more that get it the more we will get and quicker.
  11. There, Al explained it, so it's not weird how he got 10 coupons. Good on you Al for doing this.
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